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Vaccine Reporting Systems - You Have Options!


Vaccines are pharmaceutical products. Like all pharmaceutical products, vaccines carry with them risks that can be greater for some than others. Vaccines can cause a reaction that resolves without injury or the reaction can lead to permanent disability or even death. Also, sometimes vaccines fail to protect or only protect against an infectious disease for a short period of time.

As more vaccines have been recommended and mandated by government health officials, NVIC is receiving more reports from Americans describing how they are being harassed for trying to make informed vaccine choices for themselves and their children:

  • Children are being denied a public education if their parents do not show state officials proof they have received all state mandated vaccines or have obtained a signature from a medical worker when they file a religious of personal belief exemption to vaccination;
  • Doctors are refusing to provide medical care to children and adults who do not agree to get every government recommended vaccine;
  • Health care workers are being fired if they do not get an annual flu shot.

On this webpage you will learn about the different reporting options NVIC has created for you to post your personal experiences with vaccination and publicly share your concerns with others. Choose one or more options below to share your experience.

Reporting and Searching for Vaccine Reactions

No vaccine is 100 percent safe for everyone. Vaccine reactions, injuries and deaths are real and by federal law vaccine adverse events must be reported to federal health officials. Click here learn more about reporting serious health problems following vaccination, how to view federal vaccine reaction reports, and the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).

MedAlerts is a searchable database that makes it easy to view tens of thousand of reports of vaccine reactions, injuries and deaths made to the federal Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) by doctors, nurses, patients and parents.

NVIC's Vaccine Reaction Registry has been operated by NVIC since 1982 and you add your vaccine reaction experience to NVIC's registry archives.

Click here to learn more about reporting serious health problems following vaccination, how to view federal vaccine reaction reports, and the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP).

Reporting Vaccine Failure 

No vaccine is 100 percent effective for everyone. Vaccines don't always prevent disease. Vaccine failures and vaccine strain infections do occur. It is important to understand that vaccinated persons can still get infectious diseases, as well as transmit them to others. Click here learn more about vaccine failures, and here to read stories shared by others.

» Click here to report a vaccine failure

Vaccine Harassment Reporting 

Have you been threatened or sanctioned by your employer, doctor, school personnel or public health official for delaying or declining a vaccine for yourself or your child?  Click here to view harassment stories on our Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall and here to post your story about vaccine harassment.

» Click here to report vaccine harassment

The International Memorial for Vaccine Victims

This virtual memorial is dedicated to those whose lives have been forever changed by vaccines. They are the men, women and children who have been injured or died from vaccines that they were often required by law to use. Click here to visit the Memorial for Vaccine Victims and/or to create a memorial for your loved one.

» Click here to visit the Vaccine Victim Memorial

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