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Sen. Ron Johnson Roundtable on Feb 26, 2024

By Barbara Loe Fisher
Published February 26, 2024 in Government

Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-founder & President of the National Vaccine Information Center, sheds light on the history of the 42-year old vaccine safety and informed consent movement in the U.S., censorship and government accountability in her testimony part of a Feb. 26, 2024 roundtable discussion sponsored by U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, titled "Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding?"

In her statement, Fisher talks about demonization and discrimination against parents and vaccine victims who have long been marginalized and silenced by vested interests within federal health agencies, pharmaceutical corporations, and mainstream media. She describes a systemic campaign aimed at suppressing freedom of thought, speech and conscience and hiding the truth surrounding vaccine risks and failures.

Fisher's impassioned plea is underscored by a profound observation: the alarming disparity between America's high vaccination rates and its alarmingly poor health outcomes, particularly among infants and young adults. Through her advocacy, she challenges the prevailing narrative, urging society to confront the harsh realities obscured by a veil of misinformation and coercion.

Drawing from her experience as a mother of a vaccine-injured child and her decades-long involvement in vaccine risk awareness and informed consent advocacy, Fisher offers invaluable insights into the historical context and legislative framework surrounding the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and vaccine injury compensation.

Her unwavering commitment to defending the natural right to autonomy and the informed consent principle underscores the urgency of her message.

Click HERE to read Barbara Loe Fisher's referenced statement now and join the conversation in shaping a future where truth prevails and voices are heard.

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43 Responses to "Sen. Ron Johnson Roundtable on Feb 26, 2024"
Commenter Name
Sandra Kolankiewicz
Posted: 2/26/2024 9:00:15 AM
Thank you! We with vaccine injured children are villianized, treated with disdain, mocked, and ostracized. I lost my son to his 12 month shots. He was a different child after them, like the difference between day and night. He was ahead of his milestones, and after a night of shrieking after his shots, he stopped speaking, interacting, and thriving. He was considered to have profound autism. Please do not stop until you expose the TRUTH. We are headed in a run away train off a cliff
Commenter Name
Janice Taylor
Posted: 2/26/2024 11:31:44 AM
My son received 3rd DPT shot at 4 months in 1981. Went into convulsions within hours and suffered pertussis encephalitis. Brain damaged and now 43 and living at home
Commenter Name
Beth Mortl
Posted: 2/26/2024 11:36:42 AM
I support this work. My 27 year old son was vaccine injured 2 times. Permanently disabled
Commenter Name
Bhavana Lymworth
Posted: 2/26/2024 11:48:54 AM
There may not be anything more important happening right now, with the exception of the illegal incarceration of Julian Assange, and what that represents for freedom, than this utterly tyrannical attempt to remove all human freedoms, in the guise of imposed medical treatment.
Commenter Name
Judy Kalan
Posted: 2/26/2024 11:59:39 AM
Thank you for bringing forth the truth nationally and world wide. I only hope more people will wake up and listen before we lose our freedom.
Commenter Name
M. Ault
Posted: 2/26/2024 12:04:11 PM
God bless you Ron Johnson and everyone there. I have watched every one of the podcasts you have done and cannot thank you and everyone for exposing this terrible time in our country. I will send this far and wide as everyone needs to know...but many will not take the time to learn. Appreciate all you do.
Commenter Name
Jan Labbate
Posted: 2/26/2024 12:05:03 PM
I have been against this vaccine since its inception because of lack of safety protocols. My question is this: how many of our senators and congressman have attended your roundtable? They need to hear this stuff!! Thank you for all you do!!
Commenter Name
Dr John Hallawell
Posted: 2/26/2024 12:23:10 PM
Unless or until someone goes to jail for their crimes against humanity, NONE of the players involved in this fraudulent moneymaking scheme will change their modus operandi.
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/26/2024 2:53:27 PM
I wonder if IGG4 is elevated in cases if shedding as well??
Commenter Name
Joel Chudnow
Posted: 2/26/2024 5:14:49 PM
As a teacher of Natural Hygiene for 35 years, i questioned the content of mRNA vaccine and government EUA! I discovered it to be a drug with severe immune disruption. Before production i said “NO”! Thank you.
Commenter Name
Kathy Palmer
Posted: 2/26/2024 9:43:07 PM
Just listened to Atty Tom Renz, the bad guys are our DOD and the CIA, stole our election, created the virus so they could steal the election and push censorship. Pharma is castrating our children with anti-depressants. https://tomrenz.substack.com/p/the-dod-war-on-america-and-is-bigpharma?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=email-half-post&r=odisl
Commenter Name
Larry Wadosky
Posted: 2/26/2024 11:21:31 PM
I saw about the last 45 minutes and wanted to watch it from the beginning and tried but wasn't able to watch anything. It says it's going to air tomorrow at 9 am. I'll try again at 9 am. What I saw cemented my suspicion's that the Covid 19 Diabolical conspiracy was bogus, false, sinister & corrupt. Moreover, I was horrified that this conspiracy was actually Worldwide. Utterly night-marish, gruesome, ghastly. I hope & pray that it's NOT to late to combat this madness.
Commenter Name
John Graf
Posted: 2/27/2024 5:09:26 AM
I know that speaking openly about "conspiracy theories" are career-ending for most of the folks speaking in this presentation, but I'm not restrained by such a fear. The deployment of the injection weapon on humanity was wholly-intentional. There were NO "mistakes" made, along the lines of, "we didn't know this would happen." Again, the end effects were INTENTIONAL. "Satanic" doesn't come close to describing what has happened to America and humanity in the last four years. There truly are no human words to describe this abomination. That said, please consider that we are now in the End Times the Bible warned about. St. John warned us, including about "pharmakeia" (usually translated as "sorcery," but perhaps "pharmaceuticals" fits better now). How did he know, how did he see our world? Clearly, God empowered him. And hence, I have placed my unlimited faith in Jesus Christ to get me through what is happening in this world. PLEASE, for your own sake, in this world, and in the next, consider the message of the Bible. Jesus Christ is your ONLY defense against what is happening.
Commenter Name
Susan Pfeiffer
Posted: 2/27/2024 7:09:59 AM
How can I watch the full Roundtable. The video above does not work. Note from NVIC: The program does not start until the 30 minute mark. This may be your issue. (Ms. Pfeiffer, I tried to send you an email and it was returned to me. Could it be incorrect?)
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/27/2024 10:34:12 AM
Please stand strong and protect our children
Commenter Name
Wahid Muhammad
Posted: 2/27/2024 12:25:27 PM
Thank you, very informative
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/27/2024 12:34:46 PM
Commenter Name
Thelma Carroll
Posted: 2/27/2024 12:53:52 PM
I took 2 Moderna Vaccines. I had an almost death experience after the second one. Since then I have lost my hearing in my r ear. Never had a problem before. I developed squamous cell carcinoma and allergies beyond believable. I totally agree we were not educated or prepared for all the loss of life and those still going thru this horrible situation. I think compensation needs to be given. That’s not nearly enough. I have studied these vaccines endlessly. These were biowarfare weapons against children as well as older to younger people. This is not the last time it will happen. Get educated and know these people only care about the death of US.
Commenter Name
Jerry Borisy
Posted: 2/27/2024 1:51:57 PM
Thank you, Sen. Ron Johnson!...
Commenter Name
Maureen Keller
Posted: 2/27/2024 4:05:19 PM
What do we need to do to stop this abuse? I am so thankful for all of the people that have come forward. Thank you
Commenter Name
Julie Diaz
Posted: 2/27/2024 5:39:13 PM
Thank you Barbara Loe Fisher. I looked to NVIC when my children were born. Thanks to your tireless efforts, I had the information and the courage to bravely deny the vaccinations and to timidly walk into my son's school with the vaccine exemption letter - to my surprise it was accepted without question. More parents should know the facts and their rights. This new push for endless covid shots is dangerous, even more dangerous than the existing vaccines. Our children are being abused. In my opinion, it's criminal. Children are being permanently disabled and some are dying. Why? For profit. It's despicable. I was still in fear after my first son was born, and I rejected certain vaccines, but allowed them to vax him with the major shots until that is, he got sick after every shot and they started talking about putting tubes in his ears. At that point, we stopped the shots, and I gave him vitamin C and echinacea orally, and put garlic oils drops in his ears. He never got another ear infection and certainly did not need 'tubes'. My second son only had three vaccines as an infant, and had a reaction to the polio shot. After that reaction (which the doctor denied and refused to report), he never received another shot. He is very healthy and happy. Again, I cannot thank you enough Barbara for being a fighter, an educator, a crusader, and the best advocate parents could ask for. God bless you.
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/28/2024 3:42:58 AM
With more of my friends & relatives continuing to suffer or die from the covid jabs are we ever going to see governments admitting their failure to admit their mistakes in coercing or mandating them as well as destroying jobs, businesses & our freedoms.
Commenter Name
John Nodine
Posted: 2/28/2024 10:20:32 AM
Several points that should be reviewed: 1.) mRNA was classified as a weapon in 1975 in the Biological Weapons and Toxin Accord and Banned it now has 180 countries who have signed this accord. (BWTA) 2. Neither Russia nor China use mRNA as a vaccine, because it is a bio weapon developed by the Russians. 3. The modern way of defeating viral infection is a technique know a small molecule therapy. It binds to the virus main protease and renders it inert. 4. COVID virus has a main protease 6LU7 and many organic molecules such as naringinin ( the bitter taste in white grapefruit will bind to 6LU7 and render it inert.) 5. A paper was published by top bio weapons experts in 2014 titled " Repurposing of Clinically approved Drugs for thre Treatment of Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome and Corona Virus " pay attention to table two in this paper. 6. A drug called Brilacidin which can defeat 95% of all known bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogens and has a safety factor of over 500. Water does not have that high of a safety factor and it can even stop anthrax. There is no cure for anthrax once it is in the blood stream and has been tested by the military against 11 strains of militarized anthrax and stopped every strain! Pharma is fighting this drug tooth and nail.
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/28/2024 5:25:52 PM
Thank you Senator Johnson for a forum that is indispensable to understanding the 'mass formation' achieved because of the fear induced by a pandemic. Mattias Desmet, author of The Psychology of Totalitarianism is what attracted me to watch this forum and I have shared it through LinkedIn and my communications network. His brilliant discourse is to be carefully analyzed because the 'paradise' globalists and present Administration is trying to create looks and feels like HELL and if it looks as feels as such... it must be... WE MUST PUT A STOP TO SOCIALISM in the USA!
Commenter Name
Don Kosky
Posted: 2/28/2024 7:30:06 PM
Let the leftists and globalists keep taking the de-population shots against our warnings, their numbers go down and we win elections, then we prosecute the criminals when we are in power because the enemy won't.
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/29/2024 12:53:58 PM
Thank you Ron Johnson. I can't thank you enough.. but where are all the other senators and representatives concerning these grave and most important matters.. I know there are a few and I thank them also..
Commenter Name
susan Dorey
Posted: 2/29/2024 8:37:20 PM
Thank you for the link to Senator Johnson's hearing. I watched it all. And glad I did. I am recommending it to others, and using this page for the link to the hearing. Thank you for all you do.
Commenter Name
Alain Schiller
Posted: 3/1/2024 12:31:19 AM
Ron Johnson Covid forum is a MUST to watch ....
Commenter Name
billie milford
Posted: 3/1/2024 3:13:40 PM
Already I see you tube has suppressed information claiming the Senator is guilty of spreading misinformation. We must hope and pray that Americans everywhere will wake up to suppression of our individual freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and gratefully thank you Senator Johnson for disclosing this travesty
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/2/2024 1:52:40 PM
Well I'm the grandmother of a 19 year old boy who had the whooping cough jab and as a result of this jab, he went into a seizure, rushed off to hospital and is now autistic ADHD. His doctor wrote in his plunket book....severe reaction to vaccine! Since then I have spent years and years reading up about the damage these jabs cause. Robert Kennedy is my hero! I shall follow this lead with interest. I say a big thank you to anyone and everyone who brings awareness to the carnage these jabs cause. Suzette
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/6/2024 3:57:40 PM
My grandchildren live in a small community in Washington near Vancouver BC. I live in British Columbia, Canada. My family are vaxed to the maxed with everything under the sun. So is their Mother, my daughter. My Grandson is Autistic (I believe vax injured) I have witnessed my families personalities change and it is alarming. They have become lethargic, non engaging, depressed, obese, etc etc etc etc. Is there anyone experiencing or documenting this as well.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/9/2024 9:56:40 PM
Thank you all for the round table discussion. I was happy to learn about NVIC. I work with expecting parents and plan to use this site as a resource for my clients.
Commenter Name
Arnold Gore
Posted: 3/11/2024 3:09:22 PM
The continued recommendation to get covid-19 boosters in light of excess death reports in all countries that had high vaccination rates is VERY DISTURBING<
Commenter Name
Michel B.
Posted: 3/13/2024 11:11:07 PM
First of all, thank you everybody who participate for awareness and give the people all over the world some insight what is realy going on so they get educated on the 'criminal' behaviour as intended by these evil parties like the WHO. We and I mean we as in all people over the world should rise and climb to destroy this evil doing to try to 'master' over us and the director general tedros should be arrested imediatly! You Sen. Ron Johnson, have the leverage to act and send the message, to the world. Thank you sir! We must never ever, repeat history, we know where that leads to...!!
Commenter Name
Robert H. Sabelis
Posted: 3/15/2024 3:10:56 AM
Thank you Senator Ron Johnson for giving a voice to people that are marginalized or even silenced by the governments and their obedient media cartels all over the world. Especially in Europe/EU the principle of checks and balances is rapidly vanishing from our nations due to an ongoing sovereignty shift from our national parliaments towards supranational organizations like the EU, UN, WEF and WHO. In that perspective our hopes are on the USA were there's still a real opposition, media that are independent and a constitutional court that doesn't comply to the administration but to the Constitution itself as their guiding principle. Thank you also for inviting Mattias Desmet and Rob Roos to give Europe a voice in America. These two individuals among many othets. couragely defend the intrests of freedom loving people in Europe altough they are severly scrutinized by our governments and main stream media.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/18/2024 7:59:46 PM
God bless all of those who attended this round table meeting. It is beyond disgusting that out of 100 US Senators, only 1 (Ron Johnson) has the courage and moral fortitude to speak up about what’s been unfolding since 2020. What we are experiencing is nothing short of a war against humanity. It’s difficult for many people to see this because the war isn’t between countries, it’s between the elites and the rest of humanity. It’s the ideology of eugenics; that the elites believe they are superior to the rest of us, and that they are entitled to reshape the world as they see fit. They see us as inferior beings who are taking up “their” space, and “their” resources; it’s the same ideology that was at the core of Nazi Germany. Over the years the elites (WEF, WHO, CFC, etc.) have gotten away with destroying people’s lives all over the world, causing economic crises in order to profit off of panic selling, and capturing our governments and institutions. BUT, I am extremely confident that things WILL be different this time around. The elites have finally picked a battle they can’t win… and it’s going to cost them everything. Here’s the reality: ⬇️ • Millions of people died because governments around the world aggressively disparaged and suppressed effective Covid treatments (IVM, HCQ, etc.), and prohibited healthcare systems from treating people who had Covid. • Over TWENTY MILLION people, and counting, have been killed by Covid vaccines. • HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people, and counting, have suffered moderate to severe adverse events from Covid vaccines. This isn’t going to be swept under the rug. Too many people have had their hearts ripped out and trampled on by all of the doctors, politicians, etc. who willfully enlisted to carry out the elite’s genocidal agenda for a Great Reset. Pre-2020 I would have said that those responsible for causing immeasurable suffering in nations across the world (ie: Wallstreet financiers, Tech titans, Big Pharma, etc.) would never be held accountable because they’ve captured the governments and legal systems. Post-2020 there is nothing that can save them this time around. Just talk to the TENS OF THOUSANDS of parents whose child was murdered or maimed via Covid vaccine because they were assured it was “safe and effective”. You will see in an instant that this time around, things are VERY different. The elites have picked a battle that they don’t have a chance of winning. Again, all told, several billion people have been negatively impacted by Covid vaccines, from death and disability, to down stream effects like cancer. This will not end well for those who designed this evil plan, AND for those who willfully carried it out. Even tons of healthcare practitioners will face legal ramifications stemming from refusing to treat Covid patients, injecting people with Covid vaccines, and lying to parents and telling them their child faced no risk in getting vaccinated. Many will only lose their licenses, but a good number of the most egregious practitioners will face criminal charges. This time will truly be different. Too many people suffered too greatly, and we all know EXACTLY who orchestrated this, and carried it out. We all are facing the same enemy, and as the elite’s mission to divide and conquer us continues to wane, more and more people are uniting against the unified threat. All those responsible for this meticulously coordinated attack on humanity will find that pointing fingers and deflecting blame will be beyond futile. We are a force that can not be deterred from seeking justice; we are too strong and too determined for those who are guilty to just slip away.
Commenter Name
James Igo
Posted: 3/19/2024 10:22:00 AM
Informed consent is not partisan, well informed consent is an individual quest for the truth. Immunity is built by proper life style habits not experimental chemical intervention laced with adverse side effects. Informed consent with a right of exemption is the law not coerced mandates that prey on fear generated germ theories.
Commenter Name
Sailon Waters
Posted: 3/21/2024 6:43:23 AM
All the info shared at this meeting is very old news, way too late for the multi millions who have been killed and harmed. I was suffering a personal health issue when doctors in Australia by chance discoved a cure for the condition I was suffering. It took years for the Pharma Cartels to admit and accept the findings of these 2 fine experts. It was this blocking process that began my studies and research into wellness. 30 years on and I'm satisfied I have gained enough knowledge to mind my own health outcomes, but you never stop learning. Wellness or should I say lack of is mainly caused by poor nutrition. Well over 90% of products labelled as food are in fact trash that even rats would not eat. Buy farm gate produce, real produce and live misery free.
Commenter Name
Laura Janssen
Posted: 4/23/2024 3:45:56 PM
I want to thank Senator Ron Johnson for being a hero to the People of America as my daughter is one of the Covid injured and forced Covid Vax injured, who kept working during lockdown in a medical call center who wasn’t working with the public forced to get the Covid Vax even after she got the original Covid 19 virus.
Commenter Name
Laura Janssen
Posted: 4/23/2024 5:05:16 PM
After listening to the whole hearing there are so many others I want to thank for speaking the truth about the experimental vax and the bioweapon COVID19 virus leak that destroyed my Daughters, a young Mother; entire life as she knew it. I should be enjoying my retirement not struggling to save my Daughter’s life.
Commenter Name
Dehoux Suzy
Posted: 6/5/2024 11:49:21 AM
Completely aware of this problem
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/2/2024 2:42:14 PM
What happened to freedom in America? These vaccines are toxic to our health. Water sanitation was main reason for eradication of disease, not inoculation. Our water supply is not clean today and that’s a shame. People shouldn’t be allowed to dump “disease” into municipal water supplies. “Disease” is being dropped from every direction, including vaccines.
Commenter Name
Joanna Pinney Buell
Posted: 7/2/2024 3:40:48 PM
As a society, we've lost our LIGHT of REASON and we've lost our loved ones. What more can I say?

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