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NVIC Opposes FDA Fast-Tracking of Flu Vaccine Licensing

Posted: 3/15/2012 10:24:16 AM | with 8 comments

At a Feb 29, 2012 meeting of the FDA Vaccines & Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, NVIC went on the public record as opposing the fast-tracking licensure of future pandemic influenza vaccines. Vicky Debold, PhD, RN, NVIC’s volunteer Director of Patient Safety and Research, who has served as the Committee's consumer member since 2008, and NVIC President Barbara Loe Fisher both urged the Committee to apply high regulatory standards to the licensing of both seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines.
Informed Public Expects High Licensing Standards
“The informed American health care consumer expects FDA vaccine licensing standards demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of new vaccines, including those developed for pandemic influenza, to be very high,” said Fisher during public comment time. ”If the regulatory standards are too low and the pre-licensure scientific data is limited because everything is put on an accelerated “fast track,” the informed public will question and resist using those newly licensed vaccines – even if the heel of the boot of the state is used to try to force compliance with federal recommendations and state mandatory vaccination laws.”
“Do The Very Best Science Possible”
Dr. Debold stated during the Committee deliberations that “As a general principle, what the public is looking for is the most rigorous [licensing] process possible,” she said. “The public is hearing things like ‘inferred’ efficacy, ‘inferred’ effectiveness, surrogate clinical endpoints [where] the endpoints are not clear, brand new manufacturing processes that involve [new] cell types and genetic engineering…,my advice is to do the very best science possible.”
License New Adjuvants Separately
Chris Downey, NVIC’s volunteer Director of Database Management, also made a public comment and urged the Committee to license new adjuvants, such as squalene, separately. Pointing out that adjuvants ramp up the immune response and could potentially pose health risks for individuals with sensitive immune systems, he said ” As a parent of a child with a serious food allergy, I really want to see adjuvants licensed separately.”
Read Barbara’s entire public comment statement.
Listen to the audio webcast of the Feb. 29 FDA meeting.

Vermont House To Vote Mar. 21 on Vaccine Exemption Hearing
The bill (S.199) to remove philosophical exemption to vaccination in Vermont passed the Senate and there will be a House hearing on the bill on Mar. 21. 

Vermonters, who want to keep the philosophical exemption to vaccination and oppose S. 199, should sign up for the free online NVIC Advocacy Portal and personally contact their representatives today.
Watch a 90 second video PSA sponsored by the National Vaccine Information Center and Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice.

Make Your Voice Heard
If you have been harassed or threatened for making a vaccine choice, post your story on NVIC’s Vaccine Freedom Wall.
Vaccine exemptions are being threatened in Vermont, California, Arizona and other states. If you want to fight for the freedom to make informed, voluntary vaccine choices in your state, sign up to become a user of the free, online NVIC Advocacy Portal here.
If you or a loved one have suffered a vaccine reaction, injury or death, post a description and photo on NVIC’s Memorial for Vaccine Victims.
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Posted: 3/15/2012 10:24:16 AM | with 8 comments


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