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Updated March 07, 2022

MARCH 30, 2005


Adrenaline PR:
Maria Ferrero 732-462-4262 

SIRIUS Satellite Radio:
Elise Brown 212-584-5290 




Slave to the Metal™ Foundation is a portal for Heavy Metal music fans and the music Industry to raise awareness and provide funds to those organizations and individuals that fight against the misuse of heavy metals (i.e. depleted uranium, mercury and lead) and who are rising in outrage over other misanthropic and genocidal initiatives such as the forceful administration to our soldiers of the untested and unapproved Anthrax Vaccine (See: www.anthraxvaccine.org , www.milvacs.org). "Every fan of Heavy Metal music has the chance right now to support our troops as ANTHRAX partners with Slave to the Metal™ Foundation to provide an opportunity for the most affected generation to make a difference and bring public awareness to the dangers of the Anthrax Vaccine." Charlie Benante.

"Heavy Metal music was born out of non-conformity to socially accepted structure. Therefore our roots are seeded in the belief that we must challenge structure as it is based on past viewpoints imposed on the future. With respect to the Anthrax Vaccine it is our responsibility as 'keepers of the faith' of Heavy Metal music to stay true to core belief and challenge Project BioShield - a legislative act that authorizes the mandated use of untested and unapproved vaccines on our soldiers making them in essence first line guinea pigs for the biopharmaceutical industry." Scott Ian. "It has come to us from the most legitimate and politically correct activist circles that our head-banger support is sorely needed to make the public aware of these atrocities." Joey Belladonna.

"Along with the likes of directors, Scott Miller (www.directorder.org), who shed light on the Anthrax Vaccine dangers, and Michael Moore who is working on a Big Pharma expose, we are requesting Heavy Metal fans to channel their fabulous outrage to derail the atrocities that are being committed against innocent human beings." Eileen Dannemann, co-Founder Slave to the Metal™ Foundation. "I oppose all attempts by anyone to take away my right to dissent and say NO to being a guinea pig for the biopharmaceutical industry." Dan Spitz.

Please join us for the biggest event in heavy music - the ANTHRAX Global Press Conference and Luncheon. This history-making music event will take place on April 1, 2005 at 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT at SIRIUS Satellite Radio's national broadcast center in New York City, and will be broadcast live on Hard Attack/27, SIRIUS' extreme heavy metal channel.

Refreshments and light fare will be served. A telephone line (866-510-5377) will be set up for off-site journalists to call in questions to directly ask the band - live on SIRIUS! Photos will be accommodated. To attend in person, press must RSVP by 5 pm ET on March 31, and a photo ID will be required to enter the building.

Slave to the Metal™ Foundation is representative of the highest social aspirations of the heavy metal scene." Frank Bello. In addition to the current efforts surrounding the Anthrax Vaccine, Slave to the Metal™ raises awareness and provides funds to organizations and individuals that fight the misuse of heavy metals (depleted uranium, mercury and lead). For the last 20 years, the heavy metal, "mercury", has been covertly injected directly into the arms of almost every child in this generation under the government's mandated childhood vaccine program. (See www.progressiveconvergence.com, www.NVIC.org and www.mercola.com)  The resulting brain damage has produced a generation of hyperactive, learning disabled, autistic, asthmatic children with behavior disorders that doctors treat with suicidal and homicidal drugs like Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft. (See www.ahrp.org). Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the CDC, FDA and Congress have not seen fit to remove the heavy metal out of vaccines. Moreover, since the first Gulf War, the United States has covertly dropped tons of nuclear wastes in the form of Depleted Uranium munitions (another heavy metal) on Iraq, the Balkans, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq which has caused high incidences of birth defects and cancer among civilians in these regions and American soldiers (www.mindfully.org and www.traprockpeace.org).

New York's own ANTHRAX has an unmistakable signature style and distinct sound that breaks musical, cultural and political boundaries - influencing a myriad of bands throughout the spectrum of musical genres for 20 years.

Twice GRAMMY-nominated, MTV/VMA nominees and Multi-Platinum and Gold Awarded music veterans, ANTHRAX has sold over 10,000,000 records worldwide, including nine studio albums, two live albums, three greatest hits, plus two DVDs. Touring pros ANTHRAX performed on over fifty tours spanning the globe - in thirty-two countries on five continents including Europe, North America, South America, Australia and Asia.

Now, for the first time in 13 years, the entire original lineup of Joey Belladonna, Frankie Bello, Charlie Benante, Scott Ian and Danny Spitz will gather together in one room to discuss new music releases, as well as the future plans for this monumental ANTHRAX reunion.

The event will officially kick off the weekend music special "SPREADING THE ANTHRAX" on Hard Attack/27, where millions will hear it first.

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