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Vaccine Witnessing at NVIC

By Barbara Loe Fisher
Published April 29, 2015 in Government

Since 1982, NVIC has been receiving reports from Americans describing vaccine injuries and deaths. Today, NVIC is hearing from more and more parents, grandparents, health and childcare workers and other citizens reporting vaccine reactions and vaccine failures, as well as and cases of intimidation and reprisals for attempting to make voluntary vaccine choices. NVIC's Director of Vaccine Response Reporting, Judith Jolly, RN, has been following up on these reports to NVIC to learn more and offer information and networking support.  
Watch a 15 minute video with Judith and Barbara briefly reviewing several vaccine injury and harassment case reports among the many that NVIC has received this year. The video is the first in a series that will be highlighting case history reports made to NVIC.   
On NVIC.org, you can make a report to NVIC's 33-year old Vaccine Reaction Registry and/or publicly post a vaccine reaction report with a photo on the Memorial for Vaccine Victims.
On the Vaccine Failure Wall, you can describe your experience if a vaccine failed to protect you or your child from disease.  
If you were bullied, threatened or punished by a doctor, government official or employer for making an independent vaccine choice for yourself or your child, you can post a report on the Cry for Vaccine Freedom Wall.


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5 Responses to "Vaccine Witnessing at NVIC"
Commenter Name
Posted: 4/29/2015 1:18:13 PM
I have a 10-month old and received a letter last month saying we need to find a pediatrician because we are behind the vaccine schedule (have not got anything yet). My doctor was OK with me delaying shots until 2 years old (but I wasn't sure if I was going to do all of them...he did not know that part yet). Then the measles "incident" at Disneyland happened - that is what the office referenced in the letter. Basically saying that my child in their office, causes risks to their other "vaccinated" patients. Actually, I believe the vaccinated patients were a risk to MY baby! My office visits were a joke anyway with these mainstream doctors. My baby had horrible gas pain from formula and offered not advice except gladly writing a prescription for Zantac (for a 6 week old!!!!!!) I get better advice about milestones and holistic health advice from the internet. I always felt a doctor's visit was a waste of time.
Commenter Name
Robin Maxfield
Posted: 4/29/2015 1:52:33 PM
I have 2 unvaccinated kids age 21 and 15, who have had incredible health. I am allowed to have a religious exemption in our state however after the Disney incident my youngest's private school called me and asked if they might go ahead and catch her up to date. I told them no that I'm not worried about measles. They replied that if there is a measles case in our area that my daughter would be asked to leave the school. This is the first time I've felt like 'they're coming to get me'....I'm not sure what the solution is....what happened to the database of unvaccinated children and the independent study to compare their health with the vaccinated?
Commenter Name
Deni Blaisch
Posted: 4/29/2015 2:13:19 PM
I am vaccine injured in several ways. My body has reacted poorly each time I was forced or coerced into vaccination. Secondly, I completed nursing school (RN) 3 years ago in my 50's but have been unable to find employment or get training since I will not receive a flu vaccination. Employers in my local area are requiring vaccination at hire. I support you at NVIC, please let me know if I can help in any way.
Commenter Name
Diane Riefenhauser
Posted: 4/29/2015 4:57:28 PM
I have four adult children 25-23-21-18 years old. My oldest suffered a seizure from DPT at 2 months old. My daughter had a seizure at 2 years old from DPT and my youngest suffered a full measles rash stopped talking and couldn't lift his head off the pillow. My 3 rd child has few vaccines due to lost record by the doctor. I stopped vaccinating after my eldest lost bladder and bowel control for 2 months from an unnecessary extra dose of oral polio. Needless to say I went to a lawyer and had all my children exempt based on our religious beliefs. I learned after the fact that once 1 child has a dangerous reaction all siblings have a genetic predisposition to the same reactions and should not be vaccinated. All my children fully recovered from this horror thanks to holistic doctors who helped us wash out their immune systems of this poison and help me rebuild their immune systems. They have had no vaccines since 1997. Healthiest decision I ever made for my children. They rarely suffered a cold after I stopped vaccinating and there was maybe between the 4 kids 2x where an antibiotic was needed over the coarse of 18 years. I have so much more to share. Talk about bullied! I was threatened by my pediatricians son that if I did not vaccinate he would not service my children. His father, head doctor of the practice and my pediatrician when I was a child, put an end to that. He never admitted it but he knew I was right. I have been threatened as an educator who is now 53 year old to take hepatitis shots and a shot for DPT. I am threatened that I will not be allowed to work and I continue to refuse and claim my right to do so. Outrageous! I am a special education teacher for children birth to five. The number of autistic babies an serious developmental delays have skyrocketed in the course of my 32 years. Don't let anybody bully you into vaccinating. If vaccines were not deadly there would be NO need for a vaccine compensation program in this country. That is not my opinion that is a fact. Why is there a need for such a program? Because vaccines can kill you . Stay strong parents these babies are your responsibility and they only have one life. Thanks Barbara for all you do!! You helped me save my children. XXOO
Commenter Name
Mary Artemis
Posted: 4/30/2015 9:21:12 AM
Thank you for stepping up and doing live video presentations to give us the best of reporting on REAL people in a real world. My oldest child suffered a vaccine reaction although I didn't know it.. i was 28 and people just didn't speak of these things!!!! They didn't educate us about these things!!! You'd think after so many years of school I would have come across something like 'vaccine averse reaction'. But alas, no. When my precious first baby began screaming high pitched screams after I was being such a good mother to bring her to the doctor for a 'treatment', I did know that was not right and scheduled a conference with my doctor in his office. AT LEAST I WAS THAT SMART. Yet I cannot believe that I had never heard of anyone being hurt by vaccines. Luckily, my doctor was older and wiser (I chose well). He told me immediately that it was probably the Pertussis that gave her the reaction and in the next shots we will drop out the Pertussis and just give a DT (diphtheria tetanus). I was satisfied and left the office. He did responsibly as he marked on her chart. At least he was competent that way. She had no further reactions. My fourth baby is different. I have learned. I guess my reaction against the medical establishment has been strong as I found even my births 'risky' in the hospital, and opted for a home birth. My youngest child is not vaccinated. She is the healthiest of all her friends and siblings. In my gut I know it is the absence of the vaccines. Please continue to educate us via video (I know you'll fix the sound) in giving us CONTINUOUS, RUNNING UPDATES. Thank you so, so much. Mary, from Stamford, CT
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