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CDC Launches Media Campaigns to Increase Vaccine Use

By Theresa Wrangham
Published August 05, 2013 in Government

NVIC regularly monitors and reports on activities of federal vaccine advisory committee meetings held by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These federal committees include the CDC’s National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC), Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV), Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the FDA’s Vaccines & Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC). NVIC representatives have served as consumer members of several of these committees during the past three decades and NVIC provides oral or written public comment on issues related to federal vaccine research, development, regulation and policymaking, frequently advocating for the inclusion of strong vaccine safety and informed consent protections in government vaccine policies. Vaccine advisory committee meetings are open to the public and committee meeting schedule links are posted on NVIC.org and in the NVIC Newsletter.

CDC Upset About Low HPV Vaccine Uptake

During NVAC and ACIP committee meetings held in 2013, CDC officials complained about missed opportunities1 and lack luster uptake of the HPV vaccine across the nation.2 In 2008, the NVAC supported HPV vaccine mandates that included doctors being allowed to give adolescents HPV vaccinations without the knowledge or consent of their parents. The current NVAC HPV Working Group continues to support this policy.
Both the NVAC and ACIP want increased use of the HPV vaccine by children (boys as well as girls) with NVAC’s HPV working group3 being charged with assisting the government in creating strategies to increase uptake of Merck’s Gardasil and GSK’s Cervarix vaccines. Recommendations from the working group included reframing the vaccine from an STD prevention vaccine to an “anti-cancer” vaccine in a new national media campaign.
The advertising campaign will attempt to brand HPV vaccine as a public health concern in an effort to end parental opposition to this vaccine. In addition, the CDC and medical trade groups will continue to urge pediatricians to offer HPV shots to all pre-adolescents and teenagers at the same time doctors give other government-recommended vaccines to them. They are also heavily promoting alternative settings for giving vaccines, such as schools and pharmacies.
HPV-associated cervical cancer is estimated to affect between 11,000 and 13,000 women annually in the U.S. with about 4,000 dying from cervical cancer, usually after many years of undetected and untreated chronic HPV infection. HPV is naturally cleared from the body within two years by more than 90 percent of those who become infected. Routine pap screening for women and early interventions to prevent cervical cancer has reduced cervical cancers in the U.S. by over 70 percent since the 1960’s.4
The CDC’s report to Congress in 2004,5 clearly stated that the majority of HPV infections “cause no clinical problems and go away on their own without treatment”. This same report touted the effectiveness of pap screening in decreasing the incidence and mortality of cervical cancer, while contributing to a 90 percent cervical cancer survival rate. The HPV vaccine three-shot series currently costs a minimum of $390,6 while a pap test can cost as little as $33.
This most recent repackaging and aggressive advertising of HPV vaccine by federal health officials raises the question: Is this a wise use of tax dollars in a health care system struggling to stay solvent?

Adults in the Crosshairs To Become Vaccine Compliant

Federal agency efforts to target adults and persuade them to toe the government vaccine policy line are underway. The take away from discussions by federal officials and committee members is that adults are non-compliant with government vaccine recommendations and fall far behind the aspirational federal Healthy People 20207 goals set for adult vaccine use. NVAC issued its recommendations8 in 2011 on strategies to increase adult vaccination and this topic is receiving more attention during committee meetings with yet another media and marketing/communications effort9 underway to target adults.
Current NVAC recommendations look to school entry mandates as a possible model to increase adult vaccine use in partnership with medical trade and other non-government organizations (NGO’s).  Should these recommendations pick up steam, they could result in employer-based mandates similar to those already being put into place for health care workers in hospitals and other medical facilities. Already, many workers in health care fields are being forced to receive annual flu shots and other government recommended vaccines as a condition of employment in compliance with Healthy People 2020 goals.

Vaccines for Pregnant Women: What About Injury Compensation?

During recent ACCV meetings, questions about the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) have focused on vaccination recommendations for pregnant women. The CDC already recommends influenza and Tdap vaccinations for pregnant women, which have FDA category B or C designations, and there are new vaccines for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and Group B Streptococcus being developed for pregnant women.
Current and anticipated future vaccine use policies for pregnant women have turned up the heat on the ACCV to make recommendations about how vaccine injuries sustained during pregnancy will be compensated under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986. At a June ACCV meeting, members approved recommendations made by the ACCV Maternal Working Group that are being sent on to Secretary Sebelius for consideration to address vaccine injuries that occur during pregnancy. 
  • Expansion of the VICP to include vaccines that are routinely recommended pregnant women and not children;
  • Compensation of live born children sustaining a vaccine injury from a vaccine received while in utero;
  • Consideration of what legal steps to are necessary to accomplish the above, which include supporting a statutory amendment, administrative rulemaking or litigation strategy;

New Bird Flu Vaccine Being Developed

The CDC updated the ACIP and NVAC10 regarding the H7N9 outbreak in China and reported that, as of June 20, the majority of the 132 lab confirmed cases were in older men with underlying health conditions. The U.S. continues its ongoing surveillance of U.S. birds and testing of suspect human cases. The CDC reports that the H7N9 bird flu outbreak is currently limited to China,11 with all U.S. test case results returned as negative.12
Investigation by Chinese health officials of the outbreak has revealed that there is no evidence to support sustained human-to-human transmission of the H7N9 bird virus.13 Individuals at highest risk for infection are likely to be those in frequent contact with chickens, ducks and pigeons, such as working in the live bird farming industry.  
Despite evidence that H7N9 bird flu virus is not easily transmitted to humans, vaccines are being developed14 and evaluated for stockpiling to prepare for a potential future pandemic.

FDA Committee Selects Influenza Strains for 2013/2014 Flu Shots

On Feb. 27, 2013, the FDA’s Vaccines & Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) met to select influenza strains to be included in the 2013/2014 flu shot. Vicky Debold, PhD, RN, who is NVIC’s volunteer Director of Research & Patient Safety, served as the consumer member on VRBPAC between 2008 and 2012 and was appointed a temporary voting member for this meeting.
During committee discussions, Dr. Debold expressed concern about lack of enough information about the safety of new quadrivalent flu vaccines that will be produced using dog kidney cells (Flucelvax) and army worm cells (Flublok) for the first time. She pointed out that there is a:  “need for information that helps us to understand which strains are most likely to be effective to have a successful vaccine, We need more information about predictive validity. This I think is even more salient this year than in any other year I’ve ever seen because we’re playing around now with trivalent and quadrivalent vaccines, we’re playing around with the different doses of antigen, we’re playing around with different platforms. We’ve got eggs, dog kidney cells, baculovirus army worm cells. There are a number of variables that are going on. Some of these vaccines can be given to some age groups but not others. I guess my question is, at the end of the day, how are we going to know that the vaccines that are out there next year are safe and effective, which vaccines are going to be effective and how are we going to collect and use this information to inform our decisions next year?”15
The new 2013/2014 influenza vaccine manufacturer product inserts are available to the public and links are on our Influenza webpage.

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11 Responses to "CDC Launches Media Campaigns to Increase Vaccine Use "
Commenter Name
Posted: 8/7/2013 1:40:39 PM
Get educated before taking any vaccine. Their claims are false and they do cause irreparable harm.
Commenter Name
Sandra Berlin
Posted: 8/7/2013 1:45:41 PM
This government along with the Pharmaceutical Companies are becomming "jack-booted" thugs. Where are our freedoms to deny what is put into our bodies?
Commenter Name
David Bourree DC dACS
Posted: 8/7/2013 1:48:00 PM
My understanding is that at best they have research showing a casual relationship of HPV and cervical cancer. Like flies and garbage. Is their any real proof that HPV CAUSES cervical cancer... What about the multilpe strain issue avs vacciantion for three strains?
Commenter Name
Sharon Intilli
Posted: 8/7/2013 2:50:45 PM
In typical government fashion, these agencies are seeking to scare people into taking vaccines. I personally know of one young woman who had taken a first round of the HPV vaccine and came down with warts! Of course the CDC will say there's no connection. Don't let ANY agency scare you into believing that all vaccines are safe or even necessary. When I was growing up, the only vaccine I received was polio and one other at the age of five. NOTHING like the vaccine schedule we are seeing today, which makes me think and I hope it makes others think as well, that so much of the issues with our children today have at least SOME connection to their bodies not being able to develop NORMAL immune fighting. Injecting several vaccines into an infant seems obviously crazy and scary to me and not questioning the efficacy of that is as scary and crazy.
Commenter Name
ned kelly
Posted: 8/8/2013 9:32:28 AM
The love of money is the root of all evil. The scum trying for one world government need to kill off a few billion unwanted people and vaccines are one covert method of achieving this end.ALL vaccines are dirty ,98,000,000 in the usa have a cancer causing virus sv40 from the polio vaccine and it is reported that 60,000 are dieing each year from cancer and the virus can be passed on.
Commenter Name
Judy Dodson
Posted: 8/8/2013 1:43:34 PM
My niece has had severe reactions after receiving the final vaccine of Gardasil. She is having severe neurological problems and seizures which has brought her life to a standstill. Of course, no doctor will admit that her problems might be from the Gardasil. Check online and you will see many instances reported. I would hope NVIC would OPPOSE this being given without parental approval and that a severe warning would be posted about the possibilities of problems. Editors Note: NVIC was among the first to raise safety warnings and objections to the fast tracking of Gardasil in 2006 see: http://www.nvic.org/nvic-archives/pressrelease/gardasilgirls.aspx and has continued that educational assault since: http://www.nvic.org/Vaccines-and-Diseases/HPV.aspx Your health. Your family. Your choice.
Commenter Name
L.R. Brown
Posted: 8/9/2013 6:39:37 AM
I have yet to find any evidence that an actual cause and effect relationship has been found/proven between HPV and cancer, in fact the only thing I have seen is that in some percent (I want to remember it was less that 50%) of cases of certain types of cervical cancer the HPV virus is also present. Saying that HPV causes cancer is like saying flies cause cockroaches. How are they allowed to make the apparently false claim that the vaccine helps to prevent cancer? The real greater good would be approximately 1/3 each of the population voluntarily heavily vaccinated, voluntarily mildly vaccinated, and voluntarily unvaccinated.
Commenter Name
Posted: 8/13/2013 12:54:32 AM
Stop the vaccine madness!!!!
Commenter Name
Posted: 9/27/2013 12:10:33 AM
I know when my daughter got her last rounds of vaccinations, we talked about th3e HPV and she opted out. I opted out of the swine flu shot also but both my kids opted in for that one. We do talk about it and I tell them strictly the facts which I am aware off, I try to dig up both sides though I do worry one day I might regret our decision about the HPV. But after getting home that evening my Daughter starting feeling bad. She lost all her energy, became very non responsive and just slept after coming home from school for the next 6 or 7 days. Needless to say I was so worried about her and scared for her future because of the change in her after the vaccination. Even after the 7 days her whole demeanor changed had changed which carried on for a while. I know I wanted to kick that doctor in the rear for pushing drugs on my kids which seemed so detrimental to their health. It would be nice if money and marketing, business greed and business growth, was not the motivator behind drug companies, It seems once they actually where trying to help people, when did it turn into a money thing? I believe medicine and education should not be in business to make money, Every community should be able to provide education and provide health care, simple things which will only benefit the society as a whole.
Commenter Name
Posted: 10/7/2013 7:54:09 PM
ann Hello, I'm a little off topic here everyone. Please forgive the lengthy process. I received a recent report of high eosinophils with still high lymphocytes. I noticed that lymphocyte levels first became high after receiving immunizations. Going back in history. There was no immune system malfunctioning prior, as evidenced by normal blood tests. Now, within a week of immunizations, numular type eczema developed in bilateral legs and at the site of injection and down the legs, not to mention constant ear infections etc. The second series of shots resulted in a generalized from head to toe numular eczema which is chronic now very ugly looking. They look kind of similar to ring worms, clustered on each other, and they heal like burn marks. Thank God the constant ear infections are gone. There have been recent recovery from upper respiratory seasonal allergies. My concern is all this immune system inflammation and irritation, as evidence by chronic numular type eczema and upper respiratory allergies cannot be good for one's long term health. But my main concern is the chronic high state of lymphocytes going almost two years now. I was told not to worry because the Lymphocytes are not scarily high. To me, that is not reassuring. This type of scientific reassurance comes from both the primary and the allergist. I feel that the body needs to maintain equilibrium to remain healthy. You know, that's just my opinion. "Who am I anyway? Am I a Doctor? No, but I am a very loving and concerned mother. To make matters worse, now comes eosinophilia and numular eczema with fierceness. I know Lymphocytes main role is viral defense. I know eosinophils are allergens and mainly parasitic defense. I can't help but wonder if the body with this secondary defective immune system thinks that every possible allergen it comes across is a potential parasite that it is in feverish attempts to get rid off. That is not a healthy state to be in; having a body that is always inflamed. I see medicine in a total different way. I believe in medicine only for the sick. I do believe in preventative medicines to a point, when it is going to prevent a little situation from becoming a complication. However, I don't have faith in medicine being used for food and nutrition and fortune telling. One of my greatest fears and I am praying about it is that whatever synthetic, adjuvated and fragmented DNA and RNA vectors (viral and bacterial; viral mostly because those are the ones that changes the programming of your DNA) that are floating around in the blood as become the sole cause of this chronic autoimmune disease. The body does not know how to digest these man made vectors, because they are unnatural. It's like living with a constant parasite attached to your DNA mutating it and defecting it. I am afraid that this now chronic autoimmune type allergy and autoimmune malfunctioning (Lymphocytosis and eosinophilia, chronic allergies) might lead into something undesirable years from now. I have faith that God will heal my loved one, because I didn't know what I was doing then. I now can see that my little one is highly prone to developing autoimmune disorders if the immune system is tampered with. Medicine should prevent illnesses not cause it. I feel I have violated the body in some way. I feel as if I violated the creator's wonderful and fearful magnificent work. I vowed to keep my body and my loved one's body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. I will not put anything defiled, filthy, dirty on purpose. Neither will I put any strange flesh into it,(no antigens attached to other people's DNA, worse, animal's and insect's DNA, even if they are considered trace elements." "A little does go along way." You alter your DNA in anyway, means you change who you are physically, mentally and spiritually. I was naive and ignorant to a lot, prior to using vaccines(preventative drugs) as a sole promise for good health. I was weak in my faith then. Vaccines type drugs are the only drugs I see quickly becoming a must have, or else you are considered unfit to exist in today's society. This shouldn't be. At the end of the day all drugs carry side effects. Especially the ones that have a tendency to mutate or attach themselves to your DNA, with their smart not once, but "four times the amount of filamentous hemagglutinin (FHA)" This fancy filamentous hemagglutinin is so smart it is designed to DOMINANTLY ATTACH the viral material to your epithelial cells. To me, that sounds scary. It's like a microscopic Dominatrix type- genetically engineered virus vector, sneaking in through the back door of your immune system and catching your soldiers(immune system) off guard. Now everyone is in a frenzy trying to get rid of this beast, to the point of exhaustion. Some people just have a very hard time shedding this hard to digest dominatrix parasite. Mercy was given to us when they decided to bind this beast to an inactivated virus. If the virus was live with this Dominatrix (4 times the filamentous hemagglutinin) binded to it. Lord help us! It is very unreassuring to me, that these drugs are never tested for CARCINOGENIC or MUTAGENIC capabilities. If they should ever be tested by an independent lab, they would be probably found highly MUTAGENIC and CARCINOGENIC in some people who are genetically prone. It's like using a "whatever" type approach to protecting the sole health of your DNA.
Commenter Name
Posted: 10/7/2013 9:35:03 PM
Epethelial cells are found throughout the body, it lines cavaties and structures. Functions of Epithelial Tissue. Protection Epithelial cells from the skin protect underlying tissue from mechanical injury, harmful chemicals, invading bacteria and from excessive loss of water. Sensation Sensory stimuli penetrate specialised epithelial cells. Specialised epithelial tissue containing sensory nerve endings is found in the skin, eyes, ears, nose and on the tongue. Secretion In glands, epithelial tissue is specialised to secrete specific chemical substances such as enzymes, hormones and lubricating fluids. Absorption Certain epithelial cells lining the small intestine absorb nutrients from the digestion of food. Excretion Epithelial tissues in the kidney excrete waste products from the body and reabsorb needed materials from the urine. Sweat is also excreted from the body by epithelial cells in the sweat glands. Diffusion Simple epithelium promotes the diffusion of gases, liquids and nutrients. Because they form such a thin lining, they are ideal for the diffusion of gases (eg. walls of capillaries and lungs). Cleaning Ciliated epithelium assists in removing dust particles and foreign bodies which have entered the air passages. Reduces Friction The smooth, tightly-interlocking, epithelial cells that line the entire circulatory system reduce friction between the blood and the walls of the blood vessels. *********************************************************** So, I guess, depending on ones genetic make up and ones predisposition to certain diseases and illness, it is not wise to "Dominantly Attaching viral vectors (antigens) using Filamentous Hemagluttinin to the fourth power to ones Epithelial cells. Viruses in vaccines that are adjuvated with heavy toxic metals used to amplify an immune response, by inflamming and aggravating the immune system into action, which are also then binded to epithelial cells using Filamentous Hemagluttin 4 times the amount, plus the person's DNA predispositions will determine the kind of adverse effects (diseases of the Epithelial tissue) one will probably experience from a vaccine's adverse reactions. The largest epithelial tissue(cells make up tissue) in our body is the skin. So it is not far off to conclude that some people who are genetically prone to certain skin disorders, can develop eczema, psorias, etc from certain vaccines. In my child's case, like others. He was given a barrage of vaccines in 2 seperate shots. Don't just count the shots, but actually count the amount of antigens that are in each shot. in total at 3 months of age when his epithelial cells are still maturing he recieved 18 antigens, some of which consisted of this 4 times the amount of filamentous Hemaglutinin. He then at 5 months recieved another 18 antigens again, with again this 4 times the amount of filamentous Hemaglutinin. So in fact, he actually recieved 8 times the amount of this terrible Filamentous Hemaglutinin which is designed to Dominantly attach itself to your epithelial cells the viral antigen from a whatever vaccine. Not to mention the formaldehyde, and phenol, and animal DNA, and other peoples DNA, plus Aluminum(a known neurotoxin), no wonder after each shot, I had to watch him nonstop I couldn't sleep. His fever was so high. He was extra sleepy, fed poorly, cry alot, numular eczema in five days after the first shots litteraly, starting at the injection site. His first ear infection a month after recieving the vaccine. (how reassuring it is, that including in the shot was the Hib vaccine that was supposedly to prevent ear infections). The nurse who gave him his first shots said her child received the Hib, but still gets ear infections. I Wonder? I had to bring him to the ER because 9 days after the shots, he was screaming at the top of his longs and turning red and I just couldn't comfort him. This lasted for a while on and off in the ER. Of course at this time I wasn't informed about vaccine effects, to question if he was experiencing possible headaches from the pertusis vaccine he recieved recently. With the second shots his numular eczema went through the roof. instead of being localized, it's now from head to toe. I have videos of that. That was no typical dry skin eczema, or according to the nurse "all babies get that around two months old type of eczema." His was different. With the second shot more ear infections, and fever episodes. By this time I said enough is enough. Something is wrong. He is always fine before his shots, then after his shots he is ill. 2 years now of chronic numular eczema. Thank God ear infections have stopped. But now comes Eosinophilia and continued Lymphocytosis. I know that his chronic autoimmune inflammation and allergies (upper respiratory and skin) can cause his Eosinophils and Lymphocytes to become high. All I can do is pray, ask God for forgiveness because I subjected my newborn, healthy baby to all of the above toxins, mixing his flesh with strange flesh (monkey kidney cells, etc), no wonder he is allergic and inflammed. I am saddened. I felt I was misinformed and uniformed to how vaccines are actually made and how they work, and there documented rare, but in actuall realty not so rare side effects and adverse effects. I felt robbed of the opportunity to have made a proper informed decision. I am also Grateful that I trusted my maternal instict to stop listening to people who don't mean him any good, who only want money, money and more money. I have a divine deep convinction that if I continue to inflict upon him these unnatural assault on his immune system he will not last. Imagine constantly inflamming through vaccines an already inflammed body. Imagine boosting lymphocyte production in a body that has already chronic high amounts of lymphocytes. Imagine causing allergy in a body that is already combating chronic allergy and is at risk of becoming toxic through hypereosinohils. In closing, without fancy medical textbooks, without the alphabet soup behind your name, with only your God given knowledge, or your common sense what can be the outcoming of constantly inflicting injury to an already injured body? It sure aint gonna be a good one. That's for sure!
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