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Back to School - Vaccine Education, Requirements & Exemptions

By Theresa Wrangham
Published August 17, 2023 in Government

Story Summary

    • Draft recommendations are under consideration teach middle and high school students about vaccines;
    • Federal law give parents the right to know what schools are teaching students about vaccines;
    • Vaccine requirements and exemptions vary from state to state and can be found on NVIC's website;
    • Talk about vaccines with your children early and to teach them how to identify reliable resources to make informed vaccine decisions as adults.

As the school year begins, parents should be aware that a draft recommendations and strategies are under consideration that, if adopted, would allow the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to work with the Department of Education to develop vaccine education modules for middle and high school health and science curriculums across the U.S.1

However, families can exercise their right to know what is being taught in the classroom and get details about the planned vaccine modules, if implemented, and what is currently being taught about vaccines.2 3 Concerns about what is being taught in the classroom can be raised with the school, school board, and local legislators.

Getting Vaccine Requirement and Exemption Information

Schools may request student vaccination status at the beginning of the school year. It is essential that parents understand what vaccine information is and is not required to enroll their child(ren) into school, as well as what exemptions are available and how to obtain them.

School vaccine requirements and exemption laws vary from state to state and are determined by each state’s legislature. Many states do not require students to receive all federally recommended vaccines. Most importantly, all states provide for medical vaccine exemptions, with many offering exemptions for sincerely held personal, conscientious, and religious beliefs.

2023 Exemption Map

NVIC Resources for Back to School

Visit NVIC’s state pages to learn about your state’s vaccine requirements and exemptions for K-12, daycare, and higher education. Our state pages also offer additional resource links to state vaccine tracking registries to learn about your state’s tracking and data-sharing policies. Below are other tips and resource links.

Navigating Higher Education Vaccine PoliciesCollege students

As children become adults, they will start to make their own vaccination decisions. Providing your perspective about vaccines, informed consent rights, and family medical history will empower your child’s critical thinking abilities and allow them to be curious, question, and seek out information to inform their opinions and vaccine decisions.

Incoming freshmen entering higher education settings may face their first healthcare decision when offered or even pressured to receive the meningococcal vaccine. Talking to your child and providing them with information and resources well before leaving for college will help them make informed vaccine decisions and confidently stand up for their beliefs and choices, even when pressured or bullied.

NVIC provides reliable information on diseases and vaccines to assist young adults and parents in making decisions about vaccination. Many families have found it helpful to proactively:  

  • Research the state’s vaccine requirements and exemption laws as part of the college selection process; 
  • Ask the admissions officer for the school’s vaccination and exemption policy in writing (it should be on the institution’s letterhead) if it is not already available on their website; and
  • Ask if any school programs, such as nursing or other medical programs, require vaccination.

It may prove helpful to have this information before deciding which college to attend to make filling out the college enrollment paperwork easier.

Vaccine Exemptions Remain Under Attack – Stay InformedACT

During the 2022 legislative session, NVIC tracked over 800 vaccine-related bills, and 475 were worthy of support! The 2023 session isn’t over yet, but it will likely be as active.

The best way to know what is happening in your state and to protect your ability to make informed, voluntary vaccine decisions is by registering for NVIC’s free Advocacy Portal. The portal makes it easy to stay up to date on bills, access bill talking points and analysis, and provides links and phone numbers to easily reach your legislators with your thoughts and concerns. Take action today to protect your right to make voluntary vaccine decisions.


1 National Vaccine Advisory Committee Vaccine Safety Subcommittee. Infrastructure - Draft Recommendation 5. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services June 15, 2023.

2 America First Legal. AFL: The AFL Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment: A Toolkit for Parents. Aug. 26, 2021.

3 20 U.S. Code § 1232h - Protection of pupil rights. U.S. House of Representatives – Office of the Law Revision Counsel United States Code Accessed: Aug. 12, 2023.

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10 Responses to "Back to School - Vaccine Education, Requirements & Exemptions"
Commenter Name
Rose Jenkins
Posted: 8/17/2023 8:25:54 AM
The credibility of the entire health profession has been destroyed. Their collective behavior regarding the murderous mRNA "vaccine" (not, but a "gene therapy" that poisons the body's immune system) shows unequivocally that they as a whole CANNOT EVER BE TRUSTED AGAIN. Too many victims then, and ongoing. Piling up as "excess deaths." Young people especially dying of HEART ATTACKS! And YOUNG MEN! Too disgusting. Too evil. NEVER AGAIN WILL I LOOK WITH RESPECT UPON A WHITE COAT.
Commenter Name
Posted: 8/17/2023 8:28:34 AM
I bet the WestonAPrice.org and others will have a different take on the subject. I say get your children out of public school and home school them or at least start a neighborhood group with tutors who agree on no shots.
Commenter Name
Posted: 8/17/2023 8:33:12 AM
Thank you for publishing this information!
Commenter Name
Posted: 8/17/2023 9:00:20 AM
Very informative and to the point. Thank you.
Commenter Name
Posted: 8/17/2023 9:25:45 AM
Brain washing I would say.
Commenter Name
George Jacobson
Posted: 8/17/2023 9:34:25 AM
What high school did Thomas Edison graduate from? Answer: He didn't. The point is, home school your child if you want your child to excel in life. Plus, by taking this wise action you won't have to worry about government edicts requiring children attending public schools to receive so-called "vaccines" which truthfully should instead be called "unsafe and ineffective shots."
Commenter Name
Posted: 8/17/2023 10:02:55 AM
Vaccine education modules would be a horrific idea and would be brainwashing our children.
Commenter Name
Posted: 8/17/2023 10:36:56 AM
“Never was humanity cursed by a blacker superstition than this, that disease can be cured and health maintained by the absorption of virulent poisons.” A quote by Henry Lindlahr M.D.
Commenter Name
Mary Reger
Posted: 8/17/2023 4:45:50 PM
Medical freedom is essential!
Commenter Name
Posted: 8/20/2023 9:18:49 PM
Leave vaccine information out of school curriculums. Leave this information up to pediatricians, primary doctors and families. This information should be left up to adults not children. Why not demand better safety data? Where there is risk and lots of it families need options to opt out of toxic injections other than religious or medical exemptions. Do better!
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