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Vaccine Tracking & Registry Bills Threaten Privacy

By NVIC Staff
Published February 11, 2013 in Government

Legislators in Idaho, Texas and North Dakota have introduced bills either expanding electronic vaccine tracking registries or removing informed consent protections from them in violation of medical privacy. NVIC is actively monitoring vaccine tracking bills and electronically notifying NVIC Advocacy Portal users so they can be put in immediate contact with their own state legislators and voice opposition to the tagging and tracking citizen’s vaccination status by government officials without advance voluntary consent.
NVIC has a 15-year public record of opposing forced enrollment of children and adults in electronic medical records and vaccine tracking systems operated by state and federal agencies that track everyone’s vaccination status without informed consent, which is a violation of medical privacy. [1] [2] [3] In the 1990s, NVIC supported the successful efforts of Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE) led by PROVE co-founder and president Dawn Richardson to secure voluntary “opt-in” requirements for the electronic vaccine tracking system operated by the Texas state health department.[4] Dawn is NVIC’s national Director of Advocacy and in 2010 created the online vaccine choice empowerment tool, the NVIC Advocacy Portal. [5] 

Government Vaccine Mandates & Tracking: Linked in History

Electronic vaccine tracking systems, which enable U.S. federal and state public health officials to tag children with ID numbers and track their vaccination status have been around since the early 1990s. These 21st century U.S. vaccine tracking systems have their historical roots in government-instituted vaccine laws dating back more than a century.
Vaccine mandates in the United States have been state-based because public health was not defined in the U.S. Constitution as a federal responsibility. The U.S. Supreme Court in 1905 affirmed the legal right of state legislatures to require citizens to be vaccinated for smallpox,[6] which set the stage for an expansion of state-based vaccine laws based on recommendations by federal public health officials.

1990s: Using Social Security Numbers to Tag & Track

The two decade federal health agency initiative to create a national medical records database by tagging citizens with ID numbers at birth (including utilizing the social security number) and electronically monitoring the vaccination status of all children, have been ongoing. Citing concerns over the mobilization of society and loss of personal medical records, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) argues that, by the age of two, over 20% of the children in the United States have been seen by more than one health care provider. CDC officials say that a national tracking system could “help providers and families by consolidating immunization information into one reliable source.”[7]  

Soon after taking office as Secretary of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton in 1993, Donna Shalala moved to initiate the President’s “Comprehensive Childhood Immunization Initiative,” designed to make vaccines available to all children in the United States. Within that plan was a proposal for the planning and implementation of a federally operated electronic vaccine tracking database.[8] 

This plan was met with strong public opposition and, following efforts by a coalition of medical privacy advocates, including NVIC, the bill was modified to eliminate the language authorizing creation of a national, federally operated vaccine tracking system[9]  

State Vaccine Tracking Registries Emerge

A few months later, however, a bill was passed by Congress that included budgeting for the establishment of state-operated vaccine registry systems to monitor the vaccination status of all children.[10],[11] This federal law was followed by the introduction of the federal National Vaccine Plan to vaccinate every child in the United States and endorsement of the Children’s Vaccine Initiative (CVI), which extended that goal to include vaccinating all the children of the world.9

Widespread Use of State Vaccination Registries

Still under state jurisdiction, by 2010, 48,048 vaccination provider sites were participating in some form of vaccine status monitoring through the Immunization Information System (IIS), tracking 18.8 million, or 82%, of all U.S. children under the age of 6 years.[12] These IISs were defined as “confidential, population-based, computerized databases that record all immunization doses administered by participating providers to persons residing within a given geopolitical area.”[13]

These state-based IISs also have the technological capability of integrating with a federally created and monitored Electronic Health Records (EHRs) system into which everyone accessing health care services in the U.S. is enrolled.[14] As early as 1995, the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, working with the Immunization Grantee Working Group, and with input from the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC), public health representatives, and private health care providers, had agreed on a set of core electronic data set items for gathering vaccine status information on all children and adults, such as name, date of birth, race, gender, and mother’s name and maiden name, and state/country of birth; optional items include social security number and address.[15] 

The Vaccine Tracking System, or “VTrckS”

A recent expansion of the IIS is the CDC’s Vaccine Tracking System (“VTrckS”), which is one element of the agency’s much larger Vaccine Management Plan (VACMAN). Originally launched at four pilot sites in Michigan, Colorado, Washington and Chicago in December of 2010, this federal grant program had grown to include 64 grantees as of August 2012. VACMAN is an integrated “tool for customizing, recording, transmitting, and managing vaccine data,” with the VTrckS portion designed to allow health care providers to manage their vaccine orders online via a federal registry.15
The Vaccine Tracking System (VTrckS) integrates the publicly-funded vaccine supply chain from purchasing and ordering to distribution of the vaccine. It allows healthcare providers to order vaccines directly. The system also evaluates vaccine orders against specific guidelines set by state, local and territorial health department grantees and CDC.
A CDC goal is to enable the electronic health records of state and local health departments to share data with IISs, and to integrate those systems with CDC’s own (VTrckS) vaccine tracking system.15 As stated on the CDC website, “by implementing an integrated system based on a modern technology platform, CDC is laying a long-term foundation for effectively managing publicly-funded vaccine.”[16] 

NVIC Defending Medical Privacy and Vaccine Choice

As the federal goverment moves to expand adult and child use of vaccines through achievement of Healthy People 2020 goals,[17] [18] including forcing adults as well as children into electronic vaccine tracking systems, NVIC is working with citizens in every state to defend medical records privacy and voluntary vaccine choices. Register here to read more about the status of vaccine tracking bills in Texas, Idaho and North Dakota and bills threatening vaccine choices in other states and join the tens of thousands of Americans using the free online NVIC Advocacy Portal to stand up for medical privacy and informed consent rights.


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13 Responses to "Vaccine Tracking & Registry Bills Threaten Privacy"
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/13/2013 10:13:08 AM
We live in Wisconsin but I know the vaccines are kept track here also. Is there a way to go back to the health provider since they violated privacy laws?
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/13/2013 11:21:08 AM
Excellent info from CCHF and Twila Brase, "Minnesota has you under surveillance." In 2002 MN Immunization Info connection began tracking people with their names included and now has 3.8 Million in their database. Why isn't your consent required? Why does the government own your private data? Why are state electronic databases being linked to create "child health profiles"?
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/13/2013 11:32:10 AM
What would really be interesting, is if there was actual accuracy with the info collected - I mean, connecting illness and problems with a practice of regular and early vaccination, or the opposite (the claim made by western medicine)that unvaccinated children are more likely to be at risk for diseases. What if we actually, really collected true data in this department. I suspect we may be better able to track the myriad of issues children have when vaccinated so early and so often. I know this is "pie in the sky thinking", but I don't fear anyone seeing that the choices I have made with my children are correlated with healthy, successful young adults. However, I am adament it is my choice to release that data. Taking it without my permission is exactly as the previous commenter said, TYRANNY!
Commenter Name
David A Oliver MD
Posted: 2/13/2013 11:41:54 AM
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/13/2013 11:44:23 AM
Please inform us who to write of this abuse. Let us be your army for raising the visibility of this abuse. Editors note: Please register with www.NVICADVOCACY.org today to get information for YOUR state Think globally, act locally! Your health. Your family. your choice.
Commenter Name
Sandie Abel
Posted: 2/13/2013 4:46:29 PM
This truly disgusts me. Even if I was a fan of vaccines for flu, this year would have shaken me up. According to CBS News, this year's must-have-lest-you-die vaccine was 61% effective. Also according to CBS, the people who guessed which strains were going around this flu season "did a great job!" OK--so this vitally necessary vaccine was only a little more effective, statistically, than flipping a coin. And the people who gave us this 61%-effective vaccine "did a great job". So please explain, somebody, what a *bad job* is!
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/13/2013 7:21:31 PM
The So called 60% Effective number is a total lie. Read Mike Adam's break down of the 2011 Lancet study, in reality it's more like 1.5 % Effective. Also, look at all of the whooping cough outbreaks that have up to 90% Vaccination rates.
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/14/2013 7:26:29 AM
It is my choice as an American citizen what I do with my family. My children will not be subject to tracking vaccines or other heath records to the government.
Commenter Name
The Dead M3ss3nG3r
Posted: 2/14/2013 10:59:22 AM
Text: I want to thank all of you at NVIC for all that you do. It's People like you that are taking the actions that WILL eventually result in turning this prison into a paradise. We must NEVER stop fighting The Good Fight! It may take decades, it may take generations, it may take centuries; but with Love & Truth, we WILL eventually manifest the Divine Paradise that Creation/God Intended this Earth to Be! I want to encourage all the readers out there to join this Peaceful information r3V01ution- if you haven't already. Spread the Word about the dangers of vaccines, fluoride, the modern diet, the rising police state measures, the "new world order" agenda, etc. in every Peaceful way you can imagine! You can make flyers to hand out or just leave in good places for People to find, make a video or documentary to put on a video site or hand out like flyers (or with flyers explaining the video), start your own podcast, leave eye-opening, critically informative & relevant comments under mainstream news site articles, & whatever else you can Think of to help People Awaken to the conspiracy FACTS- not "theories"- behind our plight! If you work inside the system, become a whistleblower! It is absolutely critical that those within the lower levels of the Establishment Awaken to expose any corruption witnessed. Without the base of We the People supporting it, the pyramid of kontrol collapses... To escape enslavement, we must first be able to PERCEIVE the chains that bind us. That is why, I Think, the only effective soUlution is the sharing of these suppressed Truths behind the plight of the Human condition. Upon reaching a critical mass, we WILL reclaim our system for Peace, Freedom, Prosperity & Justice for ALL Humanity. All the suppressed cures/treatments & advanced technologies will allow us to enter a Golden Age of clean air, clean waters & VERY cheap- if not free- infinite/nearly-infinite Energy sources! We WILL prosecute all of these guilty conspirators, from those at the top of the "Illuminati" pyramid structure on down to all of their willing puppets! [here are some vital websites for exposing the conspiracy facts: InfoWarsDOTcom, NaturalNewsDOTcom, DavidIckeDOTcom, MercolaDOTcom] Peace & Blessings to All of You... * ! * ! * TOWARDS A BETTER FUTURE * ! * ! *
Commenter Name
Gary Ogden
Posted: 2/14/2013 1:57:23 PM
This is but another frightening step on the path to medical dictatorship, sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, not in the name of public health, but purely in the name of profits. I suggest everyone access Ben Goldacre's (he's a physician in the UK) talk (on Mercola.com), read his New York Times article, or read his book. The thrust of his remarks is that we cannot trust in the safety or efficacy of any pharmaceutical because fully half of the clinical trials (and most of the negative ones) are never published, but buried in the bowels of the pharmaceutical companies. And neither the FDA nor the medical industry is doing anything about it. Scary, and criminal.
Commenter Name
Jeanette Finley
Posted: 2/15/2013 9:56:01 AM
Tracking us is wrong like they are doing with vaccine tracker and the health data exchanges those are tracking vaccines and everything and giving it to anyone who wants to see our information. are the drug companies going to target us too because of the health data exchange tracking?
Commenter Name
Andria Myers
Posted: 2/23/2013 6:22:43 PM
Hello, I brought my son to his well baby check up(physical assessment visit), the doctor is already aware from a previous visit that I am not continuing with immunizations due to reactions my son had from 2 series of Pentacel and Prevnar 13. When she told me he will be due for a booster Diptheria, pertusis, tetanus; hep b, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, booster polio, booster pneumonia, and booster hib at today's visit, I said o.k. but I am not here for vaccines, I am here for a physical only. The previous well baby visit. When I told her I was not here for vaccines, she said not even the flu shot? I said not even. She then said, then why are you here? sarcastically. Then I said sarcastically, for-a-well(meaning healthy) baby visit, a- physical. Yesterday's visit, she quickly gave me a 3-4 page form to sign. I looked just at the first paragraph of the form and scan through the other pages, which said the form was for vaccine hesitant parents who were informed of all the risks and benefits of immunization, but refuses. So I looked at the doctor and I said did you go over any of the risk, and benefits before you give me this to sign. "Which she didn't" being an RN I asked for the package inserts of all the vaccine she is recommended at this visit. She gave me 3. One for dtap,hep b,polio, one for hib another for MMR. So I said I can't possible read all of this right now and comprehend all in a short time then make an informed decision, and then sign your form. So she took one package insert from me, it was for MMR she proceeded to read the side effects, she held it infront of my face. I was seated with the baby. She read, atypical measles, fever, etc. I took my finger and traced over some of the adverse effects which included, nerve deafness, DIABETES MELLITUS (diabetes is every where in my family and my child's father family-so his risk of developing diabetes, or carry the gene for diabetes is greater), etc. Not to mention a clear warning that if there is a family history of brain disorders you should let the doctor know if there are any family history. I wonder why. As a nurse, I understand then when a pharmaceutical company say to tell the doctor of h/o liver problems, what they meant to say is a particular drug is hepatotoxic, when they ask if you have a history of kidney problems, the drug is usually nephrotoxic. So, clearly, for MMR they ask if you have any h/o brain damage because MMR can cause brain damage in some. Not to mention other side effects includes febrile and afebrile seizure/convulsions. My child is perfectly healthy, without any brain disorder at all. Why on God's earth would I risk my child to be brain damaged, even if it only happens rarely. Rarely dosen't mean that it won't and will not happen to some. No Doctor, I said No Doctor can predict who will be brain damaged and who won't! Growing up as a child I caught measles, mumps, chicken pox. Even to this day, I test positive for antibodies. Today kids are sicker, and weaker immunologically. Many are suffering from chronic immunologic allergies, autoimmune allergies, autoimmune disorders, chronic disorders: juvenile arthritis, diabetes, etc. Even shingles which usually affects the older population has become an epidemic for children. Why. Synthetic chickenpox(vaccines) anyone? Question: Do you think that doctor was being disrespectful, to push something on me to sign without explaining all risks and benefits? She didn't even explain any at all. Not until I asked for the package inserts. And another thing the previous visit, I asked her for the package inserts and she said I couldn't have them. Obviously she thought I was just another idiot who thinks doctors are a god. We are human and human as we are we are never and will never be perfect. Human as we are we make mistakes. Man invented medicine. When medicine is needed it is a life savor when it is not needed it is abuse. Man made inventions are never perfect, there is always errors and room for errors. I apologize for rambling on.
Commenter Name
Andria Myers
Posted: 2/23/2013 6:27:04 PM
If you get a 61% on a test is that passing? NO. would you want a 61% medicine? would you want a 61% Doctor? Even in nursing 61% is failing.
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