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We Will Not Give Up Our Human Rights for Our Civil Rights

By Barbara Loe Fisher
Published June 11, 2015 in Government

NVIC Co-founder and President
June 9, 2015 – Sacramento, California
 California SB277: Dangerous legislation requiring parents to sacrifice the human right to make medical risk-taking decisions to retain the civil right to education. Learn more at NVIC.org.Mothers and fathers of California, you have come to Sacramento today to participate in our democracy and defend your freedom.

You are here because you love your children.

And there is no power on earth greater than the love we have for our children.

The right of the state to tell us what to do to our bodies and the bodies of our children ends where our right to protect our lives and our children’s lives begins.

No liability free doctor inside or outside of government should be given the power to punish us if we choose not to play vaccine roulette with liability free vaccines.

We believe every life is important. We will not look the other way while those of us vulnerable to vaccine injury and death are being sacrificed in the name of the greater good.

When the State considers one of us to be expendable, then we are all considered expendable.

We will not give up our human rights for our civil rights. We will not give up the human right to informed consent to medical risk taking in order to exercise our civil right to an education and medical care and employment.

We are the daughters and sons of liberty. And we will defend freedom of thought and speech and religion and conscience in this great country of ours because that is what it means to be an American.

We will come to this state Capitol and every state Capitol again and again to fight for our human and civil rights.

At the end of the 20th century, a small group of parents with DPT vaccine injured children launched the vaccine safety and informed consent movement in America. No matter what this legislature or Governor chooses to do, today is the beginning of an historic fight for the people and by the people for vaccine freedom of choice in the 21st century.

California, you are leading the way.

What do we want?


Our mission continues.

No forced vaccination. Not in America.

California Health Committee Majority Votes to Reject Human, Civil and Parental Rights

 Below is NVIC's hearing testimony on CA SB277 given by Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC President and Cofounder
The thousands of mothers and fathers from small towns and big cities in California, who made the pilgrimage to Sacramento this year to voice opposition to a bill (SB 277) that would eliminate religious and conscientious belief vaccine exemptions, witnessed hardball politics in action on June 9, 2015 when the California Assembly Health Committee majority voted to approve the bill 12 to 6. Hundreds of parents and their children, some of whom had traveled in buses for seven hours to simply come to the microphone and state their name, city and “I am opposed,” were left standing helpless in the halls and overflow rooms of the Capitol building when the Committee Chair ended the five hour hearing without allowing them to testify.
Before the hearing was abruptly closed, 70 persons testified in favor of SB 277 while 624 testified against the bill. It was David versus Goliath as the wealthy, politically powerful medical and pharmaceutical industries backed by government moved to crush citizens from all walks of life standing up for their human, civil and parental rights.
Bill Blocked From More Hearings
After Pan and Allen presented the bill, the opposition was allowed to give 25 minutes of formal testimony. In addition to NVIC President Barbara Loe Fisher, others who testified in opposition were education attorney George Fatheree, parent of a severely vaccine injured son; pediatrician Jay Gordon, M.D.; statistician Melissa Floyd and educator Bianca Amann. Civil rights attorney Allison Folmer with Parental Rights Foundation was scheduled to testify but the 25 minute limit ran out and she was unable to present.
No other public hearings are scheduled in Education, Judiciary or Appropriations Assembly committees. Some Health Committee members expressed concern that the bill was being rushed through the Assembly by Senate bill sponsors pediatrician Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) and attorney Ben Allen (D- Santa Monica) without deliberations other relevant Assembly committees.
If SB 277 is approved by the Assembly and Governor Brown signs it, California parents will be forced to give their children more than 40 doses of 10 federally recommended vaccines or homeschool unless they can find a doctor to write a medical exemption that doctors deny to 99.99 percent of children under federal guidelines.

California Citizens - Take Action Today
NVIC State Advocacy Director Dawn Richardson issued an Action Alert for California citizens immediately after the June 9 hearing on the NVIC Advocacy Portal that electronically connects Portal users with their own Assembly member and Governor Brown. She called on all Californians to immediately contact their Assembly members and Governor Brown.
NEWS BREAKING TODAY:  The Assembly has already read SB 277 twice since June 9 and could vote at any time today or this weekend to send the bill to the Governors desk. Visit and call your Assembly member in the district and Sacramento offices immediately and talk to him or her personally.
Please forward this article to your family and friends and ask them to join the tens of thousands of Americans using the free online NVIC Advocacy Portal to educate their legislators. Portal users get Action Alerts with talking points in their email boxes about vaccine bills moving in their own state and also receive the NVIC Newsletter. NVIC updates the Portal daily so users can track vaccine bills in all states.
No forced vaccination. Not in America.

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20 Responses to "We Will Not Give Up Our Human Rights for Our Civil Rights"
Commenter Name
highly concerned citizen Colorado
Posted: 6/12/2015 1:41:09 PM
There is an obvious conflict of interest here. These persons in the state probably own stocks in the pharmaceutical companies, or will financially benefit from these rules, and therefore should not be allowed to vote on this issue. Parents opposing this bill should immediately put forth an effort to recall these politicians, sanction them, and demand an audit of their personal finance portfolios to learn if there is a conflict of interest. That's what we did in Colorado, and recalled three gun grabbing politicians, in short order. CA may set a second historic president in this century, following the free spirit of Colorado, and recalling the politicians who seek to usurp rights of the citizens. Additional action request from NVIC; Recall those politicians and representatives! Re elect! Audit for conflict of interest! One of the probable reasons that CO remains one of the few states to retain the choice to not vaccinate, without sacrificing as many civil rights, is because we previously recalled political persons regarding the separate issue which is gun rights. They should know better, and we almost had to engage in a second recall effort, over this forced vaccination issue. My wife has a promising career as a medical assistant, and was just about to enroll in college to be a RN. Unfortunately Kaiser Permanente is one of the companies that is apparently supporting forced vaccination. So when the 2015 rush to eliminate civil rights in favor of big pharmaceutical companies profits with forced vaccination came forth, she had to reconsider and is no longer seeking her RN accreditation. Also all of the local colleges and medical programs are complicit in violations of civil liberties, because all of them force vaccines on students. We could not find one single one of them that did not. Nobody makes us buy their products. We purchase if we want to, and are conscious consumers whom only support companies whom support liberty. Currently, we're about to cancel our State Farm insurance and move to another company for home, and all auto, since State Farm also supported forced vaccination, and had fired Rob Schneider for excercizing his first amendment right to freedom of speech. I'm healthy because I don't take shots. My children are healthy because they don't get shots. The odds of getting vaccine damaged from vaccines are higher than the odds of getting these rare diseases and illusionary conditions which the vaccine companies want to vaccinate everyone against. IQ in America is down 20 points or more, since the vaccine schedule started expanding rapidly at an exponentiated pace, a decade ago. Doctors nationally are in violation of their oaths. We choose herbal. We choose homeopathic. Going to the doctors office is a very dangerous proposition, and unless we're facing a serious issue, we do not trust the medical institutions any more, because of their allegiance to pharmaceutical corporations, which is constantly prioritized over and above their supposed mantra to do no harm and help the patient first. We boycott them as well now. Money talks. Stop giving it to these companies. This is one of several reasons, why Colorado is the number one destination state in the Country. Fight for your liberty at home. One state cannot prop up the civil liberties of the entire union. You must pick up the pen, and never put it down until your liberties are restored. Flyer your entire area with NVIC informational documents, with haste. NVIC: requesting informed consent booklets for purchase in bulk, at whole sale pricing please. The information I received with my $100 NVIC donation was entirely compelling, and disturbingly shocking. Everyone should see and read what NVIC sends out to financial contributors.
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/12/2015 2:14:54 PM
Well spoken. I so appreciate your speech, especially the paragraph about sons and daughters of liberty and human and civil rights. Press on!
Commenter Name
jerry fair
Posted: 6/12/2015 2:15:02 PM
This bill is critical on whether we maintain our individual freedoms. The patriot act was a continuation of damaging our "Bill of Rights" and this forced vaccination bill is furthering our loss of freedoms. We know big pharma is behind this and has paid heavily to push this bill through congress. The results will prove whether our representatives in congress have accepted "payola". Exposing our children to forced toxins should be illegal, and it is definitely immoral. This slow destruction of our original individual rights is very concerning as well as sad to see the destruction of our original forefathers' dream. Money has become more important than freedom. Jerry Fair
Commenter Name
Judy Norton
Posted: 6/12/2015 2:48:29 PM
Barbara, you did awesome on Tuesday and we in Calif who oppose SB277 appreciate all your words, and that you and NVIC stand behind us. I was there, in that crowd, and sat all 6 hours in the hearing. You also brought excellent testimony there. We cannot stop. We will not give up our rights! Onward Charge!!
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/12/2015 3:07:46 PM
Ms. Fisher should have dropped the word, 'conscience' from her speech. If my conscience tells me it's okay to force-vaccinate you and your conscience tells you differently, who arbitrates - the 'supreme' court; that bastion of moral and unbiased rulings?
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/12/2015 5:40:00 PM
This is outrageous! Like Toni Bark said, there's gonna be a shit storm if this passes.
Commenter Name
Katia Meier MD
Posted: 6/12/2015 9:50:29 PM
I am in total admiration of the courage, perseverance and efforts on our behalf of Barbara Loe Fisher; she is a super hero in my eyes! This bill is outright criminal and will have grave consequences for everyone involved, let’s hope we don’t have to go there… cease to be amazed at barbara loe Fisher
Commenter Name
Katia Meier MD
Posted: 6/12/2015 9:57:07 PM
I am in total admiration of the courage, perseverance and efforts on our behalf of Barbara Loe Fisher; she is a super hero in my eyes! This bill is outright criminal and will have grave consequences for everyone involved, let’s hope we don’t have to go there…
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/12/2015 11:08:17 PM
GREAT! Now who would not understand this? Those that have been brainwashed and cannot entertain another thought form or thought thread other than the one that's been inculcated into their mind. Please, google and try a new kind of search, a critical one that uses your mind. We are all depending upon the wisdom that God has given us, not the State.
Commenter Name
Lisa D.
Posted: 6/12/2015 11:30:13 PM
Barbara Loe Fisher..Your tireless efforts are appreciated more than you will ever know. The state of CA is fighting and we haven't lost the battle yet. Our children and all our citizens deserve to make their own health decisions. I'm writing, faxing, calling as are many here and it seems that public sentiment is shifting though very slowly. We have to persevere because our basic rights are at stake. Thank-you for all your work.
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/13/2015 12:57:01 PM
Sharing my simple message to assembly representatives: SB-277 is Un-American. Since 1776, soldiers of the United States of America have fought and given their lives to protect the freedoms that form the basis of our great nation. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion are 2 of those core and nation founding rights. Any law that removes freedom of religion as protected by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights is an affront to our nation and to those who have served. SB277 is a decision for America Strong or America Weak. Freedom of Religion in our Democracy must reign supreme! Vote NO on SB277. Please tell your peers and any corporate sponsors that SB277 is just too Un-American. Thank you!
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/17/2015 12:22:59 AM
"In 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” Up until now 3.1 billion dollars has been paid out to families for vaccine injury and deaths by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) with our tax money." I have 8 friends currently in medical school and when I discussed vaccine issues with them, they all vehemently discussed why vaccines are safe and necessary. Most haven't even started rotations and already seemed trained to force vaccinations especially the one from TN who is becoming a pediatrician. Interestingly and sadly enough, TN is the state with the highest baby mortality rate. The US should be prepared for a new wave of graduated medical students who are brainwashed by their medical schools and funded by pharmaceutical companies to push for vaccines and belittle, intimidate, and bully parents into vaccinating their children. They don't care about your medical or religious exemptions. One of my friends studying in med school said that they are allowed to refuse treating a patient if they refuse vaccines. So they are already preparing them on how to handle it, but they are never taught how to deal with a vaccine injured child. If your child dies, they'll blame it on SIDS (which is made up). Then the autopsy report will hide the side effects from the vaccine, which is swollen or hard injection sites on the baby's skin, and blood from the ears and mouth at the time of death. When your child dies from a vaccine that the doctor or nurse administered, they are not held responsible and cannot be sued EVER. You are giving up your rights, when you give in to their bullying and they get paid handsomely for each vaccine that is given while your child suffers or dies.
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/19/2015 5:19:06 PM
We must educate Jerry Brown about all the facts and get a VETO! We must also inform the democratic assembly of all the negative aspects of vaccination. Vaccinate if you want, but I refuse to inject my son with more foreign cells and toxins. These children have a right to an education in California. What bout the 500,000 homeless students that don't have to provide proof of vaccination? That is more than twice the children that currently have exemptions (and this could be one or two shots, not all shots.) Even if this bill passes, we need to push hard to get it reversed. It is unconstitutional, and smells of corruption.
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/21/2015 1:41:36 PM
We have the inherent equal right of bodily intake and exclusion. This right is not protected in the US Constitution. If you think we do not have this right, then by your reasoning it is OK for people in the government to mandate vaccinations, force vaccinations on any and all, ban alcohol, ban trans fats, ban all smoking and related products, dictate what foods we can and cannot eat, ban soda, etc. I oppose taking so-called recreational drugs, alcohol, and smoking, and oppose laws against them. When it comes to smoking in public places, there should be some regulations since the smoke leaves the smoker and travels to others. I thank NVIC and www.sb277.org for information. We have the inherent equal right of bodily intake and exclusion. It is a human right, and it should be civil right.
Commenter Name
marypaz ohsi
Posted: 6/22/2015 9:12:17 AM
NO TO SB-277 It is an outrage to try to force well informed educated people into doing something that is not necessary and could even be harmful. Do not underestimate the knowledge we might have about how the immune system works, disease, epidemics and vaccines.
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/4/2015 11:18:19 AM
Please yell this out nation wide! "ENTERING A PERSONS BODY WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT IS RAPE"! This includes vaccines
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/7/2015 9:18:01 PM
I cannot believe that my daughter cannot enter university in the Fall because they won't accept her Personal Beliefs Exemption even though the current law still allows PBE's!!! And it's a Catholic university who should be opposed to the use of aborted fetal cells, and other untested, dangerous ingredients! And BTW, SB277 doesn't even include universities but apparently this one is already discriminating against students with who can think for themselves and want answers to important questions about their own healthcare!
Commenter Name
Dr. Julie Marchiol
Posted: 7/10/2015 5:20:55 PM
Appreciate your life long dedication to this crucial cause. Diligent, informed citizens should not be mandated to any medical intervention. For the first time, I am scared, really scared that the federal government's involvement in our personal lives has no boundaries. Thank you and I am with you! Dr. Marchiol, DC, FIAMA
Commenter Name
Posted: 12/1/2015 8:28:04 AM
Herr is a question: what do we do as parents, to protect our children now? My little one starts school next year, when the bill takes effect. My oldest one is going to be 7th grade! I do not have the finances to hire a lawyer! What are my options?
Commenter Name
Posted: 12/1/2015 8:08:29 PM
It makes me sad that so many people are minissg the point of the article. Especially those that say that their own children can't get vaccinated due to issues with how they react to the vaccines HELLO, that is exactly why it is important for those who can to vaccinate! Why is this hard to understand?Bravo to you, JJ. I am so glad you got people talking (and some even thinking) about this issue. I've seen your article shared all over the place and my BFF told me that it's being shared a ton on the birth forum she frequents. You should be super proud of yourself!!
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