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Plug Into New NVIC Advocacy Portal & Protect Vaccine Exemptions

By NVIC Administrator
Published November 02, 2010 in Rights & Ethics

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC.org) and Dr. Joseph Mercola (Mercola.com) are sponsoring Vaccine Awareness Week Nov. 1-6, 2010 to raise public consciousness about important vaccine issues affecting Americans and their families.

The weeklong series of articles about vaccination published on Mercola.com  includes the launch of NVIC’s Advocacy Portal, which is a free online interactive database and communications network that empowers citizens to protect and enhance vaccine exemptions in all 50 states.

Vaccine Awareness Week also features a fund raising campaign to support NVIC’s public education programs to prevent vaccines injuries and deaths and defend the informed consent ethic in medicine.

Think Globally, Act Locally

“The national forced vaccination lobby is well organized and they have billions of taxpayer dollars plus billions more from Big Pharma at their disposal to persuade state legislators to approve more and more vaccine mandates,” said Dr. Mercola, “That is why I am partnering with NVIC and encouraging everyone to join with us and take action now to protect vaccine exemptions in all states.”

NVIC co-founder and president, Barbara Loe Fisher, said “Dr. Mercola and I know it is time to get serous about legally defending the human right to informed consent to medical risk-taking in America. Everyone who registers for NVIC’s Advocacy Portal will learn how to work in their own state for the legal right to make voluntary vaccine choices for themselves and their children.”

NVIC Advocacy Portal: Giving You Tools to Take Action

The NVIC Advocacy Portal was created by NVIC Director of Advocacy, Dawn Richardson, who founded and is president of Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE). With PROVE co-founder, Rebecca Rex, Dawn led a successful seven year grassroots campaign to secure conscientious belief exemption to vaccination in Texas vaccine law in 2003.

Using her background in electrical engineering, computer science and grassroots consumer advocacy, Dawn designed an interactive internet-based tool to empower Americans to work efficiently and effectively to protect and secure vaccine exemptions in every state. The interactive software creates a dynamic communications network that will be operated by NVIC and strengthened by the people who use it.

One Stop Shop For Vaccine Choice Advocates

 “The religious and conscientious/philosophical belief exemptions to vaccination are being targeted for elimination by drug company lobbyists and doctors and organizations with financial ties to vaccine manufacturers,” said Dawn. “We wanted to create a one-stop shop for informing people in real time about what is going on with vaccine laws and policymaking in their states to help level the playing field. Now concerned families can make their voices heard and be represented in their own state legislatures.”

Dawn emphasized that the NVIC Advocacy Portal, which took more than a year to develop, is still “a work in progress.” “Even though the NVIC Advocacy Portal is in its infancy, we knew we needed to launch it now to give people a way to take immediate action,” she said. “What is so great is that the more people, who register and use it and read our online state and national advocacy newsletters, the more effective and powerful it will become.”

When you register for the NVIC Advocacy Portal at www.NVICadvocacy.org, you will:

  • Be connected automatically to contact information for YOUR elected state legislators
  • Learn tips for successfully talking to YOUR legislators and opinion leaders
  • Attend online training sessions for vaccine education & choice advocacy
  • Be the FIRST to know when you need to take immediate action in YOUR state when vaccine exemptions are being threatened
  • Join with like-minded vaccine safety and informed consent advocates to protect and expand the medical, religious and conscientious belief exemptions in YOUR state
  • Receive online newsletters to keep you informed about what is happening in the states and breaking national vaccine news affecting you and your family

Freedom Is Not Free

“Barbara and I know that freedom is not free,” said Dr. Mercola. “We need to organize and raise millions to fight Big Pharma and Corporate Medicine. We must fight the forced vaccination lobby that wants to enslave us and make us buy and use more and more vaccines so drug company stockholders make bigger and bigger profits. I have selected NVIC as one of my favorite charities because I want to win this war against forced vaccination in America.”

NVIC is a non-profit (501C3) charity that has been fighting for vaccine freedom of choice since 1982. Mercola.com, which is among the top five most visited health information websites in the world, has partnered with NVIC since 2008 and donates technical support and hosting of NVIC’s website at NVIC.org and the NVIC Advocacy Portal at NVICadvocacy.org.

With every product order from Mercola.com during Vaccine Awareness Week (Nov. 1-6, 2010), a donation is being made by Mercola.com to NVIC’s national and state based public education and vaccine choice advocacy programs.

Fight for Freedom: Make a Donation to NVIC

Use of the NVIC Advocacy Portal at www.NVICadvocacy.org is free. Please consider making a donation of $10 or more to NVIC to support operation of the Portal and expansion of the vaccine safety and informed consent movement in America. To make a charitable donation to NVIC’s public education and advocacy work, go to www.NVIC.org

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13 Responses to "Plug Into New NVIC Advocacy Portal & Protect Vaccine Exemptions"
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/5/2010 12:52:25 AM
do we have permission to repost this?
Commenter Name
Paul Arthur
Posted: 11/5/2010 8:34:52 AM
We encourage reposting and thanks for your support. Use of the NVIC Advocacy Portal at www.NVICadvocacy.org is free. Please consider making a donation of $10 or more to NVIC to support operation of the Portal and expansion of the vaccine safety and informed consent movement in America. To make a charitable donation to NVIC’s public education and advocacy work, go to www.NVIC.org Think Globally, Act Locally
Commenter Name
tina peoria
Posted: 7/14/2011 7:02:53 AM
would like to sign up for free info on vaccines and how not vaccinating is the best thing to do for your child.
Commenter Name
Paul Arthur
Posted: 7/14/2011 7:57:13 AM
Tina, thanks for your enthusiasm and support. As an independent clearinghouse for information on diseases and vaccines, NVIC does not advocate for or against the use of vaccines. NVIC works to protect the freedom for citizens to exercise the human right to voluntary, informed consent to any medical intervention or use of pharmaceutical product, such as a vaccine, which carries a risk of injury or death. It is through discussions such as these that people make informed decisions.
Commenter Name
Leonard Mehlmauer
Posted: 7/15/2011 3:40:49 PM
All people, not just Americans, absolutely MUST have freedom of choice in medicine as in food and speech. That we Americans do not is a travesty. In my opinion as a retired physician, forcing people (or otherwise requiring them via mandate)to be vaccinated is criminal behavior and should be made unlawful--or at least generally understood to be immoral. Further, we must demand the right to choose the type of medical relief and treatment we desire. It has become overwhelmingly obvious that our government representatives have been bought by Big Pharma, which has lead to these circumstances here described.
Commenter Name
Doris Smith
Posted: 11/27/2011 8:42:02 AM
I agree, we have every right to have the freedom of choice on whether or not to be given vaccines for ourselves or for our children.
Commenter Name
dorothy sicard
Posted: 9/1/2015 12:20:52 AM
My son was diagnosed with a blood clot in his left popliteal artery about nine months after his last gardasil shot. He is now on plaquenil for lupus. He lost some toes and is fifteen. Previously he had been very active and had never been hospitalized. We live in Texas. I felt at times suicidal to think that authorizing that he get the vaccine could be the cause of this life altering event
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/13/2016 8:21:44 AM
I just found out my daughter is required to get the meningitis shot to attend H.S. in the state of Ohio this fall. Do I have legal right to refuse? Editors note: In Ohio, A pupil who presents a written statement of the pupil's parent or guardian in which the parent or guardian declines to have the pupil immunized for reasons of conscience, including religious convictions, is not required to be immunized. Medical exemptions are also allowed. See details here: http://www.nvic.org/Vaccine-Laws/state-vaccine-requirements/ohio.aspx
Commenter Name
Steve Bain
Posted: 7/26/2018 11:22:48 AM
My daughter was told she had to have her 4 year old vaccinated before entering preschool. She will be entering pre school in Kansas. Is there an exemption for the MMR vaccine in Kansas. Thank you. Editors note: Steve, there is a Religious and Medical Exemption available in Kansas. Here is the State Law page for your review: https://www.nvic.org/Vaccine-Laws/state-vaccine-requirements/kansas.aspx
Commenter Name
Ron S.
Posted: 7/7/2021 9:57:25 AM
In IL we have a medical exemption and a religious exemption. The school is paid $ to rejected religious exemption. And health care provider are not required to give medical exemption. They are only allowed if you are at high risk. Even if the risk > benefit you don't qualify. No one is responsible for giving a child a vaccine even with edviance of immunity or previous reaction. We need good lawyer to dispose of the strict laws.
Commenter Name
Kamber Sokulsky
Posted: 9/17/2022 4:58:35 AM
Great work!
Commenter Name
John Kania
Posted: 9/17/2022 6:22:56 AM
We are at the age of getting great grands. I know Mr. Kennedy will never see this. Thak yoou for everything you are doig. We are old school and believe in natural ammunity is the best. These kids do not realize that most the shots they are required to give kids are not needed. It breaks my heart seeing (in my oppinion) all these shots our Gov. forces on our children causig damage to them. The veterinarians are not any better. We give only a few puppy shots and the mandatory Rabbies. By the Rabies challenge study they have a pretty good idea how long they last, but the vets push for yearly shots and oes that are not needed. I few that is what we aare doing to our children and why many become unhealthy. I don't know how we stop the forcing of all these shots, but as a society they need to be taught about natural ammunity and other medical issue --so they can make more informed choices. Unfortunately Our press is in the pockets of our gov. agencies. Keep up the good fight.
Commenter Name
Larry Andreassen
Posted: 11/15/2022 7:56:12 PM
Thanks for all you do.
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