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Federal Vaccine Schedules

Back to School, Navigating Vaccine Choices and Holding State Agencies Accountable

Tips for parents and young adults heading for college on vaccine state laws and exemptions.

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America’s Vaccine Injured Warriors Deserve More

America’s vaccine injured military personnel and their families deserve more from our government than stonewalling and denial of compensation after they volunteered to serve and put their lives on the line for our country.

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Los Soldados Estadounidense Lesionados por las Vacunas Merecen Más

Por Barbara Loe Fisher...

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NVIC Now Monitoring 134 Vaccine Bills in 35 States

Two weeks after our last post and NVIC is tracking 134 vaccine related bills across 35 states on the NVIC Advocacy Portal. It's easy to get involved to protect your human right to informed vaccine choices! Read on to learn what you can do today.

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