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Michigan Guts Vaccine Exemptions While Ohio Saves Them

By Theresa Wrangham
Published December 30, 2014 in Government

Just before Christmas, the powerful Pharma-Public Health-Medical Trade lobby launched an orchestrated attack in Ohio and Michigan to restrict the legal rights of parents to make voluntary choices about vaccination for their children. NVIC was able to warn parents in Ohio in time for them to take action and protect vaccine exemptions, but forced vaccination proponents in Michigan pulled a fast one and succeeded in gutting vaccine informed consent rights in that state.
Ohio Citizens Take Action
During the first week in December, NVIC issued an Action Alert via the online NVIC Advocacy Portal and NVIC Newsletter warning that the forced vaccination lobby was pressuring Ohio state legislators to create new vaccine requirements for daycare attendance and require parents to get approval from a doctor or other state designated medical worker before filing non-medical vaccine exemptions for children. Ohio residents responded to NVIC’s call to action, which was reposted on Facebook and different online forums by the Mercola Newsletter, Health Impact news, Autism Action Network and others.
Ohio Vaccine Exemptions Protected
Although Ohio legislators did pass a law (HB 394) in December that requires children attending daycare to get every CDC recommended vaccination while also giving pharmacists the green light to administer vaccines, legislators were responsive to protests from Ohio citizens defending non-medical vaccine exemptions. The new law leaves non-medical religious and conscientious belief vaccine exemptions intact, with one Ohio lawmaker emphasizing during floor debates the need for “flexibility and protections for people’s rights in their personal beliefs.” Another legislator stated “the same exemptions that apply today for entrance to kindergarten would still apply for those kids entering licensed child care facilities….so for those parents who have a religious or conscientious objection, they still may do that.”
Michigan Health Officials Abuse Rule Making Authority
In contrast to Ohio, where the public was allowed to participate in the lawmaking process, Michigan state health department officials abused their rule making authority so they could fly under the radar to limit citizen participation and sneak vaccine exemption filing changes through the back door. Without notifying long-recognized vaccine stakeholders, such as Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines and NVIC, and without any legislative hearings, state health officials quietly gutted the non-medical vaccine exemption filing process by burying a rule change notice in on page 166 of a 240-page document published in the Nov. 1, 2014 Michigan Register.
As of Jan. 1, 2015, Michigan parents filing a non-medical exemption form for their children first will be required to ask a health department official to certify that they have received one-sided state vaccine “education.” Without that health department “certification,” a non-medical vaccine exemption will not be accepted by a day care facility, school or other state-funded activity program.
NVIC Opposes New Michigan Rule
NVIC State Advocacy Director Dawn Richardson said: “In Michigan, state health officials abused their rule making privileges and failed to adequately inform the public and solicit feedback from families negatively impacted by restriction of non-medical vaccine exemptions. The Michigan legislature should make it a priority in the new session to quickly rescind the new rule, which endorses state-sanctioned discrimination against and coercion, harassment and intimidation of families making informed vaccine choices by assuming they are ignorant and in need of re-education.”
Stand Up in Michigan and Your State Today!
Learn more about what NVIC is going to do in Michigan in the New Year and what YOU can do in Michigan and other states to protect vaccine exemptions by signing up today to use the free online NVIC Advocacy Portal. As a Portal user, you willreceive email updates about vaccine legislation pending in your state and have direct electronic access to your own state legislators so you can make your voice heard. You will also have immediate access to NVIC Advocacy Portal updates as vaccine bills move through the legislative process.
No matter what state you live in, please understand that the forced vaccination lobby could descend on your state unannounced in the coming year. Be prepared to fight back by being among the first to get NVIC Action Alerts about proposed changes to vaccine laws in your state and learn what you can do about it.
Share Your Vaccine Reaction, Failure and Harassment Experiences
Please take a few moments to report your own vaccine reaction, failure and harassment experiences to NVIC so we can share them with legislators and post them on NVIC.org to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths and help advocate for reform of vaccine policies and laws in the U.S. It is easy to make a report to NVIC through our online reporting forums: 
Make a Year-End Tax-Deductible Gift to NVIC
A non-profit charity founded in 1982, NVIC works all year around to empower citizens in every state to become educated about vaccination and secure and protect the legal right to make voluntary vaccine decisions without being sanctioned for the decision made.   
Please make an online tax-deductible donation to NVIC here. Thank you for whatever amount you can give.
Happy New Year!

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6 Responses to "Michigan Guts Vaccine Exemptions While Ohio Saves Them"
Commenter Name
Posted: 12/31/2014 8:43:43 AM
What can we do NOW about this? I don't feel that writing some puppet in government is going to result in anything other than them ignoring me. We need to get organized for our CHILDREN. I think about the poor clueless parents, and the even poorer innocent children being subjected to this rape of their immunity and likely sentance to a life of never ending non-communicable diseases. As a mom, it breaks my heart, but it also makes me very angry that they dare take away our human rights to decisions regarding our own health, informed consent. Does NVIC have meetings? Editors note: NVIC does not have physical "meetings" but works through our State Advocacy Portal and a network of State Leaders to inform and involve residents of each particular state regarding proposed and pending legislation pertaining to Vaccination and vaccination policies. These are "State-Centric" alerts and as a Michigander that is all you will receive are alerts for Michigan although you can research other states. It is important to contact your elected representatives in writing/email so your individual thoughts and opinions are not discarded out of hand. The Portal gives you that capability. Your health. Your family. Your choice.
Commenter Name
Posted: 1/4/2015 9:15:58 AM
I decided that the last day each month I print up 100 flyers and drop them at mailboxes around my neighborhood. Each flyer has information. This month is William Thompson's statement, next month a devastating picture of an adult with autism and the amount autism costs our country each year, etc. In the land of the free, the information of deadly and debilitating risks from vaccinations, the lack of effectiveness of vaccines, and the fact that vaccines spread diseases has been effectively monitored out of our newspapers, periodicals and television news. Our health care professionals and public are educated by Merck. I am only one, but every year I inform 1200 others. SPREAD THE WORD!
Commenter Name
Lynn Shepler MD JD
Posted: 1/11/2015 10:44:13 PM
Something is peculiarly evil about the bureaucracy of the State or Michigan with respect to issues of public health. I quickly scanned the information about how Michigan is quietly subverting parents ability to oppose vaccination of their children. The State of Michigan Dept of Public Health has been peculiar in that it actually PRODUCES VACCINES, and has reportedly had a marketing deal with GlaxoSmith Kline to market their vaccines. The State of Michigan Department of Public Health also had a rogue company that produced anthrax vaccines for the US military. As someone involved in Lyme disease activism, I am aware that it was the State of Michigan that was one of the first states to prosecute a doctor for treating Lyme disease patients. This occurred in 1993 through the Michigan Attorney General's office, and involved direct communication with CDC officials. Allen Steere, MD provided a deposition at a private law firm in boston against a little known family practitioner in Petosky, Michigan --- which destroyed the guy. At the same time, it was the Michigan Department of Public Health, around the same time, that sponsored the meeting termed "the Dearborn meeting," where Allen Steere, MD and others thrust the current two-tiered Lyme disease testing guidelines down the throats of unsuspecting laboratory directors. Why MICHIGAN? I don't know, but I'm sure curious. Then, I did a random search of the Senate Finance Committee website for the term "Lyme disease." Up popped testimony from a hearing overseen by then Senator Rangle (spelling?), who was overseeing a conference on childhood vaccines. He knows works as a lobbyist (surprise). The question at the time was weather the federal government should subsidize a federal childhood immunization program. Present at the meetings were the respective Presidents of GlaxoSmithKline and Connaught, both of whom mention during the hearing that they are pursuing research on Lyme disease vaccines. Senator Rangle later went on to become one of the Keating Five in the savings and loan scandal. I don't know how to add this all up, but it has seemed there is something peculiar --- some peculiar power that is exerted over the citizenry of the State of Michigan that cannot be explained at first glance. Does anyone have any insights? If so, please write to me at LTS60637@gmail.com Thanks in advance. Lynn Shepler, MD JD Chicago, IL
Commenter Name
May Dupp MD
Posted: 2/1/2015 9:20:03 PM
Big win for the citizens and health care workers in Michigan! Keep your quackery in Measles stricken California
Commenter Name
joe schmoe
Posted: 2/14/2015 12:59:41 PM
May Dupp your an uninformed IDIOT! You probably finished last in your class in college, but yes they still give you the official M.D.. You should never have been given your MD license. How many people have you killed or damaged for life with your lack of knowledge? They should take away your license to kill... I bet you have never read an insert for even one vaccine, all of them are dangerous and unethically made, some even from human baby fetus cells! You keep injecting yourself with that crap and keep giving it to your grand kids, let me live my life the way i choose. IF THE VACCINES WORK THEN THE UNVACCINATED ARE NOT A THREAT. FUNNY HOW THE MOST RECENT OUTBREAK OF MEASLES WAS WITH PEOPLE THAT WERE VACCINATED! I have LOVE for all but the stupid people of society.
Commenter Name
Katarina Witt
Posted: 2/24/2015 10:34:53 AM
joe schmoe-Most of the people inovloved in the recent Disney measles outbreak for whom vaccine records are available were unimmunized! http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-measles-spread-20150122-story.html "Health officials have immunization records of 43 measles patients; 37 were unimmunized, one had only one shot, and five were fully immunized." 75% were UNIMMUNIZED! As the numbers get larger, I think we'll see more unimmunized. There was a 70 year old patient who presumably had that glorious "natural immunity", too.
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