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By Barbara Loe Fisher
Published May 27, 2010 in Infectious Diseases & Vaccines

In the past few months, the American public has been informed that two infant diarrhea vaccines – GlaxoSmithKline’s Rotarix and Merck’s RotaTeq – are contaminated with pig virus DNA. 1,2  But there’s a difference between the two vaccines: Rotarix contains parts of a pig virus that does not make pigs sick while Merck’s RotaTeq contains parts of a pig virus that kills baby pigs. 3,4,5

How many mothers know that, when Merck’s diarrhea vaccine is squirted into the mouths of their two month old babies, they are swallowing parts of a pig virus that suppresses the immune systems of baby pigs so badly, they waste away and can suffer respiratory, kidney, reproductive and brain damage before dying?  6,7,8

And how many doctors and nurses making babies swallow rotavirus vaccines know that?

And how many members of Congress, who are responsible for oversight of federal health agencies charged with ensuring vaccine safety, know that?

And how many mainstream media outlets are not covering this important story, a story that broke on March 22, 2010, when the FDA recommended temporary suspension of Rotarix vaccine because of contamination with parts of a non-lethal pig virus, only to withdraw the recommendation after a meeting on May 7th, when it was revealed that RotaTeq is contaminated with DNA from a pig virus that is lethal? 9

Why should we care about vaccines being contaminated with foreign DNA from deadly animal viruses?

Because it is a well known fact that DNA from animal viruses can infect human cells and change human DNA to cause disease in humans. 10, 11

Last fall public health officials declared an international pandemic emergency after a new pig-bird-human hybrid influenza virus was identified in Mexico and several people died. 12 Animal viruses can evolve to infect and make us sick  and there are no guarantees that won’t happen because doctors are pouring parts of a virus that kills baby pigs down the throats of two, four and six month old babies.

Scientists working in the labs of Merck and the FDA don’t know if pig virus DNA will infect human cells and change human DNA so that the babies given contaminated rotavirus vaccines - or their children – will someday suffer immune suppression that damages lungs, kidneys, brains and reproductive ability before they die just like the baby pigs are dying today.

I attended the May 7 FDA meeting and made two public comments on behalf of the National Vaccine Information Center. 13 At that meeting I heard GlaxoSmithKline officials pledge to clean up Rotarix but Merck did not show up to answer any questions or make any public pledges.

A lot of experts sitting around the table used words like “we believe” and “we don’t think” and “there is no evidence” when they defended the assumed safety of contaminated rotavirus vaccines. Nobody seemed to know exactly how the vaccines became contaminated or why the tests used by drug companies and the FDA did not detect the contamination before they were licensed and released. Nobody seemed to know if the pig virus DNA was infectious or not, but then, quickly almost everyone at the table agreed the contaminated rotavirus vaccines should still be given to babies. 14

THIS is science? This is the kind of science we are supposed to trust to keep us healthy?

Drug companies are racing to develop vaccines that use human, animal, insect, plant and even cancer cells for production. 15,16,17 Living cells can be contaminated with viral DNA that could evolve in humans to make us sick or kill us. 18

Is Big Pharma seeking big profits putting pressure on the FDA, CDC and politicians to allow them to keep parts of deadly animal viruses and other potentially harmful ingredients in vaccines? 19,20,21,22,23

I think that is exactly what is happening. The bigger question is: will the American public let the pharmaceutical industry and special interest groups taking money from drug companies get away with it?

If you want to take action in your community to raise awareness about why vaccines contaminated with animal virus DNA and other toxic ingredients should be cleaned up, 24,25  go to the websites of the National Vaccine Information Center at www.NVIC.org and www.Mercola.com
to learn more.

It’s your family. Your health. And your choice. If we don’t protect our health and choices today, we will lose both tomorrow.



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June 1, 2010 Press Release: Vaccine Safety Critics Call for RotaTeq Vaccine Recall & Clean-Up

June 1, 2010 NVIC PSA (60 sec) on RotaTeq vaccine contamination

June 1, 2010 VIDEO INTERVIEW (30 min) with Dr. Joe Mercola and NVIC President Barbara Loe Fisher on RotaTeq Vaccine Contamination

NVIC Information on Rotavirus & Rotavirus Vaccine

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Commenter Name
Virginia Morin
Posted: 6/2/2010 8:57:24 PM
Very Scary. We have the best legislature that money can buy. That's why they do and don't do what they do.
Commenter Name
Brenda Caster
Posted: 6/6/2010 6:01:48 AM
I am appalled that no one has even commented on this yet. Are we all asleep? Please don't stop informing us of the times we are living.
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/6/2010 9:34:58 PM
I am very scared by all the corruption in the government. Barbara you are very courageous for putting so much into all this. Thank you for all you do!
Commenter Name
nancy taylor
Posted: 6/23/2010 4:54:44 PM
i went to get a tetanus booster but received a tetanus shot on 3/22/2010 i have had extremely bad reaction that continue the injection site around the area broke out in sores it hurts down to the bone syptoms of kidney infection terrible fatigue
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/5/2010 4:28:39 PM
I just want to commend Barbara for her time and commitment to this website. My son will be born in three weeks so I am researching about vaccinations and trying to make the best informed decision I can. Your site is very informative and I thank you for its availability.
Commenter Name
Dr. Jeffrey Parham
Posted: 7/7/2010 7:03:14 PM
Thank you for your willingness to step up to tell the truth about what is going on with vaccines. While main media does not seem to be willing to touch this subject, I’m glad the NVIC is stepping up and speaking up for all of us. Thank you for caring. I plan to share this information with all my patients.
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/11/2010 11:05:49 AM
Barbara people are listening, but they are also scared. Brenda commented, "I am appalled that no one has even commented on this yet. Are we all asleep?" and I think in many ways we are asleep. People don't know who to trust anymore, people are getting spun around and up and down in life like it's a tempest storm at sea. People are very confused. Please keep doing what you're doing Barbara, the message IS getting out there, even to those whom I never expected would listen such as a few young families I know. They are listening, and they ARE trying to make the right decisions for their own family, and they need these resources to help them make informed balanced decisions. We live in an evil world on so many levels, but it is a breath of fresh air to be on the NVIC website and to get a balanced view of things. Thank you for truly loving Americans and America (and the world!) and thank you for what you do.
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/5/2010 4:37:07 PM
How long was this virus contaminated before becoming public? How many babies were vaccinated with this contaminated Rotarix/RotaTeq? are they following up with the babies that recieved it? Were there any vaccine related deaths?
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/21/2010 2:54:38 PM
I live in CA where there's an "epidemic" of pertussis (whooping cough), thanks to our fluid borders, young children who aren't vaccinated, and adults who don't get boosters. That said, I don't blame people for being cautious about what they're putting into their children. It seems the fed gov can be convinced too easily; politicians snowed by scientific researchers from the very companies who produce the problem. I also don't trust the hype. The gov itself creates near hysteria so that people rush to get the latest. (2009 Swine Flu--Big Pharma all of the sudden backs the new healthcare proposal right around the time the fed gov decides to purchases millions of doses of the vaccine.) My son recently received his first round of vaccines--the current practice of administering three shots and the oral rotavirus. I didn't recognize the rotavirus oral from when my other children were vaccinated and wish I'd told them to hold off. Instead, I let the nurse administer it and lo and behold, when I did some research after the fact, learned of the pig virus particles AND my pediatrician office uses the "worse" one produced my Merck. I had my son get his vaccinations at 8 weeks to help protect him from pertussis. I should have stuck to that shot alone. One week later, we had to admit him to the hospital for dehydration. They tested for a bacterial blood infection, bladder infection, RSV and influenza, and bacterial and viral meningitis. He had three catheterizations, three X-rays, tubing pushed up his nose and down his throat twice, two blood draws, and a lumbar puncture all within 36 hours (not to mention all the stabs they had to take to find a good spot for an IV). I am grateful on one hand that doctors are vigilant when dealing with babies but really wonder if it's just coincidental that this severe reaction happened one week after receiving the vaccinations. They found NOTHING from all the tests. His older siblings had been sick a couple weeks prior, so I'm open to them being the source of his sickness or the waiting room for that matter. However, I will not be giving my child any more doses of the rotavirus vaccine. I wish I never had. I will continue with the other vaccinations at 4 mos and 6 mos but will wait until he's older to get his first MMR. Anyhow, thanks for keeping us informed. It makes me sick how easily politicians are "convinced" everything is okay. If your child is the edge case then it doesn't matter how rare problems are.
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