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Vaccination: Defending Your Right to Know and Freedom to Choose

By Barbara Loe Fisher
Published November 03, 2014 in Government

Co-founder & President
National Vaccine Information Center
Following is a referenced excerpt from a keynote presentation given by Barbara Loe Fisher at the 2014 U.S. Health Freedom Congress in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The public conversation about whether we should have the freedom to choose how we want to maintain our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health has become one of the most important public conversations of our time. It is a conversation that challenges us to examine complex public policy, scientific, ethical, legal, philosophical, economic, political and cultural issues.
This may appear to be a new conversation but it has been around for centuries. 1 At the center of this new and old public conversation about health and freedom, is the topic of vaccination. 2 3
What unites those defending an open discussion about vaccination and health is a commitment to protecting bodily integrity 4  5and defending the inalienable right to self-determination, 6 which has been globally acknowledged as a human right. 7 8 9
Whether you are a health care professional practicing complementary and alternative medicine or specializing in homeopathic, naturopathic, chiropractic, acupuncture, or other holistic health options, 10 or you are a consumer advocate working for the right to know and freedom to choose how you and your family will stay well, many of you have a deep concern about health and freedom.
Vaccination: Most Hotly Debated of All Health Freedom Issues
The most divisive and hotly debated of all health freedom issues is the question of whether individuals should be at liberty to dissent from established medical and government health policy and exercise freedom of thought, speech and conscience when it comes to vaccination. 11 12 13 In the health freedom movement, there are some who will defend the legal right to purchase and use nutritional supplements, drink raw milk, eat GMO free food, remove fluoride from public water systems and mercury from dental amalgams or choose non-medical model options for healing and staying well, but are reluctant to publicly support the legal right to make vaccine choices.
A Sacrosanct Status for Vaccination
Vaccination is a medical procedure that has been elevated to a sacrosanct status by those in control of the medical-model based health care system for the past two centuries.  Vaccination is now being proclaimed as the most important scientific discovery and public health intervention in the history of medicine. 14 15 16
Using religious symbols and crusading language, medical scientists describe vaccination as the Holy Grail. 17 18 19 20  Vaccines, they say, are going to eradicate all causes of sickness and death from the earth and anyone who doubts that is an ignorant fool. 21 22 23 24 25
In the 1970’s, pediatrician and health freedom pioneer Robert Mendelsohn, who described himself as a medical heretic, warned that medical science has become a religion and doctors have turned the act of vaccination into “the new sacrament.” 26
In the 21st century, if you refuse to believe that vaccination is a moral and civic duty and dare to question vaccine safety or advocate for the legal right to decline one or more government recommended vaccines, you are in danger of being branded an anti-science heretic, a traitor and a threat to the public health. 27  28 You are viewed as a person of interest who deserves to be humiliated, silenced and punished for your dissent. 29 30 31 32
Exercising Freedom of Thought, Speech and Autonomy
“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize,” said Voltaire, 33 34 the great 18th century writer during the Age of Enlightenment, who was imprisoned several times in the Bastille for defending freedom of thought and speech before the French Revolution.
As contentious as the public conversation about vaccination, health and autonomy has become, we cannot be afraid to have it. There has never been a better time to challenge those ruling our health care with an iron fist. We have the power and all we need to do is exercise it.  
Information is Power
We have the tools in the 21st century to bring about a modern Age of Enlightenment 35 that will liberate the people so we can take back our freedom and our health.
The electronic communications revolution has provided a global platform for us to access the Library of Medicine 36 and evaluate the quality and quantity of vaccine science used to make public health policy and create vaccine laws. The World Wide Web allows us to circumvent the paid mainstream media dominated by industry and governments and publicly communicate in detail on our computers, tablets and smart phones exactly what happened to our health or our child’s health after vaccination. 37 38 39 40
We are connected with each other in a way that we have never been before and it is time to talk about vaccines and microbes and the true causes of poor health. It is time to face the fear that we and our children will get sick and die if we don’t believe and do what those we have allowed to rule our health care system with an iron fist tell us to believe and do.
Who Will Control the Multi-Trillion Dollar U.S. Health Care System?
What is at stake in this debate between citizens challenging the status quo and those resisting constructive change is: Who will control the multi-trillion dollar U.S. health care system? 41 If people have the right to know and freedom to choose how to heal and stay healthy, a free people may think independently and choose to spend their money on something different from what they have been carefully taught to spend their money on right now. 42
A free people may reject sole reliance on the expensive and, some say, ineffective pharmaceutical-based medical model that has dominated US health care for two centuries. 43 44 45
 A free people may refuse to buy and eat GMO foods. 46 A free people may walk away from doctors, who threaten and punish patients for refusing to obey orders to get an annual flu shot or decline to give their children every single government recommended vaccine on schedule – no exceptions and no questions asked. 47
The most rational and compelling arguments for defending health freedom, including vaccine freedom of choice, are grounded in ethics, law, science and economics. The human right to voluntary, informed consent to vaccination is the best example of why Americans must not wait any longer to stand up and defend without compromise the inalienable right to autonomy and protection of bodily integrity.
NVIC: Defending Ethical Principle of Informed Consent
I and the more than 100,000 followers and supporters 48 of the non-profit charity, the National Vaccine Information Center, take an informed consent position with regard to vaccination. Since our founding in 1982, we have defended the ethical principle of informed consent to vaccine risk-taking because vaccines are pharmaceutical products that carry a risk of injury, death and failure, 49 and because informed consent to medical risk taking is the central ethical principle guiding the ethical practice of medicine. 50
We support the “first do no harm” precautionary approach to public policymaking, which focuses on how much harm can be prevented from a policy or law and not how much harm is acceptable. 51
NVIC Supports Your Health Choices & Vaccine Exemptions
We do not advocate for or against use of vaccines. We support your human and legal right to make informed, voluntary health care decisions for yourself and your children and choose to use every government recommended vaccine, a few vaccines or no vaccines at all. 52
NVIC has worked for more than 30 years to secure vaccine safety and informed consent provisions in public health policies and laws, including flexible medical, religious and conscientious belief vaccine exemptions.  
We are doing this in an increasingly hostile environment created by an industry-government-medical trade alliance that is lobbying for laws to compel all Americans to use every government recommended without deviation from the official schedule or face a growing number of societal sanctions. 53  Although historically, children have been the target for vaccine mandates, authoritarian implementation of federal vaccine policy is not just for children anymore, it is rapidly expanding to include all adults. 54 55
Californians Stood Up for Personal Belief Vaccine Exemption
In 2012, many California residents traveled to Sacramento to protest a law introduced by a pediatrician legislator to make it harder for parents to file a personal belief vaccine exemption for their children to attend school. They responded to Action Alerts we issued through the online NVIC Advocacy Portal and lined the halls of the state Capitol building, many with their children, and waited for hours and hours to testify at several public hearings.
Mother after mother and father after father, grandparents, nurses, doctors and students of chiropractic, came to the public microphone. Some talked about how vaccine reactions left their children sick and disabled but they can’t find a doctor to write a medical exemption so their children can attend school; others talked about how their babies died after vaccination; and others simply opposed restriction of the legal right for parents to make medical decisions for their minor children.
It was a remarkable public witnessing by articulate, courageous citizens pleading with their elected representatives to do the right thing.
The right thing would have been for lawmakers to vote to leave the personal belief vaccine exemption alone so parents could continue to make vaccine decisions for their minor children without being forced to beg a hostile doctor or government official for permission to do that.  
That didn’t happen. 56 Today, parents in California are forced to pay a pediatrician or other state-approved health worker to sign a personal belief vaccine exemption and the doctor can refuse to sign and parents are reporting many pediatricians ARE refusing to sign.
Californians Inspired Colorado Citizens to Stand Up in 2014
Yet, because in 2012 California citizens made a powerful public statement by participating in the democratic process and taking action with calls, letters, emails and personal testimony, in 2014 Colorado citizens were inspired to do the same when the personal belief vaccine exemption was attacked in that state.
Because in 2012 enough people in California did not sit back and assume the job of defending health freedom would get done by someone else, in 2014 enough people in Colorado did not assume it would get done by someone else.  57 And this time, we were able to hold the line and protect the personal belief vaccine exemption in that state from being eliminated or restricted. 58
This time, there were enough lawmakers in Colorado, who listened and carefully considered the evidence. 59  They did not cave in to pressure from drug industry, government and medical trade lobbyists 60 61 62 63 labeling a minority of citizens as “ignorant,” “selfish,” “crazy” and in need of having their parental and civil rights taken away for defending the human right to self determination and informed consent to vaccine risk-taking.
The Right to Make a Risk Decision Belongs to You
I do not tell anyone what risks to take and never will. The right and responsibility for making a risk decision belongs to the person taking the risk. When you become informed and think rationally about a risk you or your child will take - and then follow your conscience - you own that decision.
And when you own a decision, you can defend it. And once you can defend it, you will be ready to do whatever it takes to fight for your freedom to make it, no matter who tries to prevent you from doing that.
Einstein: “Never do anything against conscience”
Albert Einstein, who risked arrest in Germany in the 1930’s when he spoke out against censorship and persecution of minorities, said, “Never do anything against conscience even if the State demands it.” 64
It takes strength to act independently. When the herd is all running toward the cliff, the one running in the opposite direction seems crazy.
People who think rationally and act independently even when the majority does not, may be the only ones to survive!
Gandhi: “Speak Your Mind”
Gandhi was often persecuted by the ruling majority for challenging their authority and using non-violent civil disobedience to publicly dissent. He said, “Never apologize for being correct, for being ahead of your time. If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.” 65
Sharing what you know to be true empowers others to make conscious choices.
Jefferson: “The Minority Possess Their Equal Rights”
The authors of the U.S. Constitution made sure to include strong language securing individual liberties, including freedom of thought, speech and conscience. They did that because many of the families immigrating to America had personally faced discrimination and persecution in other countries for holding beliefs different from the ruling majority.
In his first Presidential inaugural address, Thomas Jefferson warned:
“All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority posses their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression.” 66
Getting Vaccinated Is Not A Patriotic Act
There is no liberty more fundamentally a natural, inalienable right than the freedom to think independently and follow your conscience when choosing what you will risk your life or your child’s life for. And that is why voluntary, informed consent to medical risk taking is a human right.
Despite what you are being told by paid propaganda experts 67  68  spinning the conversation about vaccination and health in the media today, getting vaccinated is not a patriotic act 69 and declining to use a government recommended vaccine is not a criminal act. 70  It is a choice.
All Born Equal but Not the Same
And vaccination must remain a choice because, while we are all born equal, with equal rights under the law, we are not born all the same. Each one of us is born with different genes and a unique microbiome 71 influenced by epigenetics 72 that affects how we respond to the environments we live in.
We do not all respond the same way to infectious diseases 73 and we do not all respond the same way to pharmaceutical products like vaccines. 74 75 76 77 Public health laws that fail to respect biodiversity and force everyone to be treated the same are unethical and dangerous. 
My Son’s Severe DPT Vaccine Reaction
The first time I really understood what it means to belong to a minority was after I witnessed my son, Chris, suffer a convulsion, collapse shock and brain inflammation within hours of his fourth DPT shot when he was two and a half years old.
I remember that day in 1980 when I took my exceptionally bright, healthy two and a half year old son to the pediatrician with all the trust and faith of a young first time mother. Saying words at seven months, speaking in full sentences and identifying words by age two, my precocious, cheerful little boy had a friend, Timmy, who lived across the street and also got four DPT shots by age two.
Timmy was born to a different mother and father with a different genetic, biological and environmental history. Timmy did not have a milk allergy or a family history of autoimmunity and allergy like Chris. He had not experienced a severe local reaction after his third DPT shot like Chris had and, unlike Chris, Timmy had not just finished a course of antibiotics before he was vaccinated a fourth time.
Timmy did not have a reaction to his booster DPT shot.
Chris did.
Within hours of vaccination, I watched my son’s eyes roll back in his head and his head fall to his shoulder as if he had fallen asleep sitting up. It was a classic post-DPT vaccine convulsion and collapse shock reaction 78 and I didn’t know. Then, when he slept for hours without moving and I thought he was just taking a really long nap, I didn’t understand that he was unconscious 79 and could have died in his bed and I would never have known why because my pediatrician did not tell me about DPT vaccine risks or how to identify vaccine reaction symptoms. 80 81 82 83
Vaccine Induced Brain Inflammation and Regression
The immune mediated brain inflammation, also known as encephalopathy, 84 85 86  that Chris experienced after DPT vaccination was followed by progressive deterioration in physical, mental and emotional health, including chronic infections, constant diarrhea, new allergies, failure to thrive, loss of previous cognitive skills, inability to concentrate, and personality and behavior changes.
Chris could no longer do what he could do before his fourth DPT shot. He became a totally different child. After repeated testing, he was diagnosed with minimal brain damage, including multiple learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder and placed in a special education classroom for the learning disabled where he stayed through his public education until the end of high school.
Chris and I know how very fortunate he was that the severe vaccine reaction he experienced did not take his life or leave him with far more serious brain and immune dysfunction like so many of the children we have both come to know since then.
Today, Chris is a videographer and competitive power lifter. He has worked hard to compensate for the learning disabilities that made his childhood a frustrating, unhappy and sometimes dangerous time in his life. Recent testing has revealed that Chris has an exceptional ability to engage in abstract thinking and that, when his learning disabilities are discounted, he has a high IQ, which is one reason why he was so frustrated and lost in a special education system that does not have a place for children like him.
Vaccine Reaction Survivors: The Walking Wounded
Chris is a vaccine reaction survivor. He is among the walking wounded, who are not left with severe vaccine injuries, but whose futures are compromised in childhood when the risks of vaccination turn out to be 100 percent.
How many mothers do not witness a child’s vaccine reaction and never understand why their children’s physical, mental and emotional health suddenly regressed after vaccination? How many of those children are filling the special education classrooms, doctor’s offices, mental health facilities and prisons in America?
The Risks of Trusting Without Verifying
What happened to my healthy son after vaccination in 1980 sent me on a journey to learn more and find out why doctors are not talking about vaccine risks and why a commercial product that can brain damage and kill people is being mandated. In part I was driven by disappointment in myself as a college educated woman, who had come from a family of doctors and nurses and had worked as a writer at a teaching hospital before I became a Mom.
Why did I irrationally assume that vaccines were 100 percent safe and effective? Why had I blindly trusted a doctor instead of examining vaccination with the same due diligence that I had researched nutrition and toxic exposures during pregnancy and had taken prepared childbirth classes to weigh the merits of an epidural versus natural childbirth and breast feeding versus bottle feeding?
A Journey to Find Out Why
Some of my questions were answered during the two years of research that medical historian Harris Coulter and I conducted, when I learned that pertussis vaccine contains lethal pertussis toxin 87 88 89 and endotoxin, 90 91 as well as aluminum and mercury, 92 93 which can make the blood brain more permeable. 94 95 96
That research culminated in the publishing of our 1985 book DPT: A Shot in the Dark. 97 Harris and I were the first to report an association between vaccine induced brain inflammation and a spectrum of brain dysfunction that doctors give labels like seizures, learning disabilities, ADHD and autism. But it would take another 25 years of research and interfacing with politicians and serving on committees with doctors in industry, government and medical trade to answer the rest of my questions. 98
Everybody Knows Somebody
In 1982, when I joined with parents of DPT vaccine injured children and co-founded the non-profit charity that is known today as the National Vaccine Information Center, the number of Americans questioning the safety of vaccines was so tiny, it could not even by measured in public opinion polls.
Three decades later, national polls reveal that the majority of parents in America say the Number One child health concern they have is about the safety of vaccines. 99
That is because in the 21st century, everybody knows somebody who was healthy, got vaccinated and was never healthy again.
Militarization of Vaccine Policy: Fear Replacing Trust
And people are talking about it, especially mothers taking their children to pediatricians because we are the ones who carry our babies inside us for nine months and give birth and feed and nurture them through infancy and are responsible for their health and we are the ones who usually quit work and stay home and care for them when they are never well anymore.
Mothers are asking their doctors logical questions about vaccination and when their doctors react to those questions with irrational rage or cold refusal to provide medical care if one or more vaccines are declined, it becomes obvious that there is something very wrong with doctors using threats to push and enforce use of a pharmaceutical product. 100 101 102 103
The militarization of vaccine policy in the United States is eroding the trust that used to exist between the people and their doctors and that broken trust is being replaced by fear. 104 105
From 23 Doses of 7 Vaccines to 69 Doses of 16 Vaccines
One of the reasons parents are asking more questions about vaccination is that there have been big changes in U.S. vaccine policy and law since 1982.
In 1982, Centers for Disease Control officials told pediatricians to give children 23 doses of seven vaccines before age six, with the first vaccinations starting at two months old. 106 Today, the CDC has upped that number to 69 doses of 16 vaccines by age 18, with 49 doses of 14 vaccines given between the day of birth and age six. 107
That is twice the number of vaccines children in the 1980’s got by age six and three times as many vaccinations as Americans used to get during their whole life!
But these new vaccines are not for diseases like smallpox and polio. They are for infant diarrhea and chickenpox, which are rarely fatal in this country, and hepatitis B, which requires direct exposure to infected blood and cannot be easily transmitted in public. 108
Jacobson v. Massachusetts: State Police Powers Affirmed
Not the kind of infectious diseases the justices of the 1905 U.S. Supreme Court probably had in mind when they issued their ruling in Jacobson v. Massachusetts. 109 In that precedent setting split decision, the high court majority ruled that state legislatures could use police powers to force a minority of dissenting citizens to use smallpox vaccine for what medical doctors and government officials judge to be the greater good of the majority.
Those early 20th century justices based their decision in part on a false premise argued by lawyers representing public health officials, who argued that medical doctors could predict ahead of time who will be injured or die from smallpox vaccination. Doctors have never been able to predict with any certainty who will be injured and die from vaccination.    
In affirming the constitutional right of states to use police powers to enact public health laws, the Supreme Court was also reaffirming the roles of state government versus the federal government in public health law. Anything not defined in the US Constitution as a federal responsibility has traditionally defaulted to the states. Public health was not defined in the Constitution as a federal responsibility so public health laws have always been state laws and this is why vaccination laws vary from state to state. 110 111
A Utilitarian Rationale Turned Into Law
It is important to note that the Supreme Court ruling in Jacobson v Massachusetts at the turn of the 20th century was clearly based on a utilitarian rationale that a minority of citizens opposing vaccination should be forced to get vaccinated in service to the majority.
Utilitarianism was a popular ethical theory in the late 19th and early 20th century in Britain and the U.S. and was used by government officials as a mathematical guide to making public policy that ensured “the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people.” 112 113 Today, utilitarianism has a much more benign and lofty name attached to it: “the greater good.”
Minorities At Risk When State Employs Militant Utilitarianism  
Perhaps that is because utilitarianism went out of fashion in the mid-20th century after, beginning in 1933, the Third Reich employed the utilitarian rationale as an excuse to demonize minorities judged to be a threat to the health and well being of the State.114   Enlisting the assistance of government health officials, 115 116 117 118 the first minority to be considered expendable for the good of the State were severely handicapped children, the chronically sick and mentally ill, the “useless eaters” they were called. 119 120
And when the reasons for why a person was identified as a threat to the health, economic stability, or security of the State grew longer to include minorities who were too old or too Jewish or too Catholic or too opinionated or simply unwilling to believe what those in control of the State said was true….as the list of those the State branded as persons of interest to be demonized, feared, tracked, isolated and eliminated grew, so did the collective denial of those who had yet to be put on that list. 121 122
Jacobson v Massachusetts Used to Embrace Eugenics in U.S.
Prophetically, in 1927, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes invoked the Jacobson v. Massachusetts “greater good” utilitarian decision to justify using the heel of the boot of the State to force the sterilization of a young Virginia woman, Carrie Buck, who doctors and social workers incorrectly judged to be mentally retarded like they said her mother was. 123 In a chilling statement endorsing eugenics, 124 Holmes revealed the morally corrupt core of utilitarianism that still props up mandatory vaccination laws in the U.S.
Pointing to the Jacobson vs. Massachusetts decision, Holmes declared that the state of Virginia could force Carrie Buck to be sterilized to protect society from mentally retarded people.
Coldly, Holmes proclaimed, “three generations of imbeciles are enough” and “The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the fallopian tubes.” 125
The 1905 U.S. Supreme Court majority made fundamental scientific and ethical errors in their ruling in Jacobson v. Massachusetts. It is clear that medical doctors cannot predict ahead of time who will be injured or die from vaccination and that is a scientific fact. 126 127
Utilitarianism Is A Discredited Pseudo-Ethic
Utilitarianism is a discredited pseudo-ethic that has been used to justify horrific human rights abuses not only in the Third Reich 128 129 but in human scientific experimentation  130 and the inhumane treatment of prisoners and political dissidents here and in many countries, 131 132 133 134 which is why it should never be used as a guide to public policy and law by any government.
Although we may disagree about the quality and quantity of the scientific evidence used by doctors and governments to declare vaccines are safe at the population level, at our peril do we fail to agree that, while the State may have the power, it does not have the moral authority to dictate that a minority of individuals born with certain genes and biological susceptibilities give up their lives without their consent for what the ruling majority has judged to be the greater good.
Our Lives Are Defined by the Choices We Make
The journey we take in this life is defined by the choices we make. And if we are not free to make those choices, the journey is not our own.
And the choices we make that involve risk of harm to our physical body, which houses our mind and spirit, those choices are among the most profound choices we make in this life, which is why we must be free to make them.


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24 Responses to "Vaccination: Defending Your Right to Know and Freedom to Choose"
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/24/2014 12:31:10 PM
Thank you for all your research and taking time to help educate about the dangers of "following the crowd".
Commenter Name
Dr. James J. Pizzadili
Posted: 11/25/2014 3:16:21 AM
Thank you and God Bless you for speaking so forcefully and eloquently about the dangers of the vaccine racket to all human health and freedom.
Commenter Name
A. Marcela Salaiz
Posted: 11/25/2014 11:58:31 AM
The only good vaccine is one never taken according to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny whom I wholeheartedly agree with. Everyone should do more research on the so-called "good" vaccines, polio and smallpox who cause more death and injury than most vaccines.
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/27/2014 9:00:24 AM
I feel the government should step in and take the vaccine requirements away. If they will not change. Then we should vote every one out of office. how would everyone fell if they were going loss their jobs in all government bring fear to them losing their jobs like they want us to take flu shot or lose our jobs to ever one should have a freedom Make sure we all get out and vote and make the vaccine be a part of voting we should be able to make our on choice.
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/30/2014 8:32:16 AM
It is my privilege to report that I was associated with Dr. Robert Mendelsohn in Illinois when I lived there, and was involved with La Leche League. Glad to hear him referred to in this speech/article. He was one of the first voices that alerted me, as a young mother, that the hospitals were the new sanctuaries of worship. That today's doctors were the new priests. (I had just finished college and had completed requirements to become a Cytotechnologist and was now a new Mother). He and Dr.Herbert Ratner functioned on the Medical Board of La Leche League and often informed us of the truths about so-called modern medicine and the foibles in the same. I learned to ask questions, and ask them the right way. How to recognize so-called medical reports for the sales and marketing gimmicks they actuality are. Now that I am working full time again and in the field of cellular examination, I carry those same invaluable insights with me as I work. I highly recommend everything that is said in this article. The battle rages on. As a grandmother I am all too aware of all these issues and the intimidation young Moms and Dads face constantly. A Joy Whipp
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/30/2014 12:17:12 PM
Thank you for your 30 years of faithfulness. My 28 year old's friends are highly effected by vaccine propaganda and use fb as a soap box to mock their peers who choose to educate themselves on the dangers of vaccines. You provide a wonderful support system to new dads and moms that we didn't have 28years ago. I listened to your speech and with all the data it's surprising the pharm co's still wield so much intimidation and power.
Commenter Name
Posted: 12/7/2014 8:09:27 PM
To all my friends who are read thru this information, We have many innocent children and a sister Kathy who have been inject to this deadly vaccine to damage her body completely disable for 12 years old until she finally pass away. My Father-in-Law and Mother doesn't know exactly what happen, why it happen, because they can not speak English, and believe that Doctor are Certify Pediatric, they must do the right thing. Until the day know it was completely too late. My Friend, Doctor is not God, they are another fucken human being like you and me. They don't care who will be suffer thru this type of Vaccine. Do they know? Of course they do know that this Vaccine have Mercury, and aluminum. Do they care? Nop. Money is what they care about. It's danger and damage your Child that you love the most, you suffer. We must protect and have the right to know. Stand up help us support this program, to know your right that God has given to each child born to be perfect, God given them their Destiny, not the Doctor. Let's each one of us Mother, Father, son, and daughter have the right. Let's fight this nonsense Vaccine. Thank you. May God Bless us all.
Commenter Name
Robert Wolfe
Posted: 1/26/2015 11:42:43 AM
I have lived with what SV40 does to a person since I received the Salk vaccine in 1962. I have been taking rna/dna herbals for 4yrs now and I'm getting better. Anyone trying to force me to get any other vaccinations will have to wait until I'm too old and frail to resist. Until then any would be injecters will be injected with lead!
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/10/2015 7:51:36 AM
My two older children had all of the vaccines required until the age of five and three when I lost my job and my health benefits. My son always got very sick after any type of vaccine and usually ended up in the ER. His symptoms were not death-threatening. He is a very bright child (now 12), but has severe ADD and major sensitivities to gluten, dairy, MSG, barley, lactose, lactase, lactic acid (derived from dairy), and whey. There are no known autoimmune disorders in any family member known for four generations back. My now 10-year-old daughter had all her shots until she was three. She never had reactions to the shots except feeling "achy" for a few days following. However, she has had many, many health issues that are quote "unidentifiable" by every doctor and specialist she has ever seen from private practices to UC Davis to UC San Fransisco Children's Hospital to Loma Linda University Medical Center to the Shriners Hospital and many more. She has been submitted to just about every test there is in the medical field with no definitive results. She has had petite mal seizures, migraines, achy muscles, swollen joints, memory loss, fatigue, and so much more. All of these symptoms are due to "unknown reasons" by some of the very best doctors in California, Oregon, and Washington. My third child, now three, was given shots in the hospital before we came home after birth WITHOUT a my knowledge or permission. He had constant nose bleeds for 18 months. He is now 3 1/2 years old and has major speech issues. After years of studies, I firmly believe that my children's medical issues are a direct result of vaccinations. Many people ridicule me. How many people who have had not just one, but two and even three MMR shots have gotten the chickenpox? Almost everybody. People who believe in the vaccine say "but you didn't get a bad case of chickenpox like you would have without the vaccine." Not true. We have the scars to prove otherwise. Also, the MMR a vaccine sets our bodies up for future cases of shingles, again strongly related to vaccines. This is America. It is supposed to be a free country. Yet not only are our parental rights being stripped from us, but medical doctors are being forced to give vaccines or go find another job! I believe I have made my opinion clearly. Parents deserve the right to make choices for their children in the best interest of their children. Adults - 18 years or older? I say 16 years or older - should have their own right to be or not to be vaccinated while keeping their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to be educated and employed regardless of their decision. Incidentally, if people who advocate vaccines are so sure the vaccines work, why are they so worried about those who are not vaccinated? The answer to all these questions, arguments, can be summed up in two words: POWER and MONEY.
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/14/2015 7:14:26 PM
28 years ago my family was taken to court with no legal support and custudy of my children was threatened because I refused a tetanus shot for my daughter. An "anonomous" person had turned us in after my daughter fell on a garden rake, and I treated her wound as I always had (I am a nurse). She was forced to get a vaccination, even though the time was well passed that she would have tetanus as a result of the injury. The doctor (our doctor and friend) who testified had no idea what was going on- he just did what HE thought was right. It was a surreal and painful experience, and I pray for all those who are going though it now, and I pray this madness will end very soon.
Commenter Name
Barbara F Gregory
Posted: 2/24/2015 6:23:29 PM
Vaccine safety cannot be adequately studied without knowing the ingredients in the vaccines. This is where the provax folks tell me that I cannot PROVE that vaccines have peanut oil and food protein in them. That is true. I can only show a great deal of circumstantial evidence that vaccinated people and animals have food allergies which are increasing and serious, but among unvaccinated people and animals food allergies are nearly unknown. I have shown the law about secrecy and self-affirmed vaccine ingredients. But it is not the job of the public to have to PROVE vaccine safety. It is the job of the FDA to "take action on particular substances if information is brought to their attention that causes them to doubt an ingredient’s safety." And it is the job of the pharmaceutical companies to prove safety. So I have done my part. Dear FDA, I am bringing it to your attention that the self-affirmed GRAS ingredients and culture mediums used are the direct cause of the food allergy epidemic among our children. Dear Pharmaceutical Companies, I am calling the public’s attention to the fact that you are keeping secrets. Secrets that can be harming our children. And dear Provaxers, I have provided all the research I have done on my website: http://barbfeick.com/vaccinations It is not perfect, but it doesn’t need to be. It is adequate to prove that there is a major problem with the vaccines. If you disagree with me, then you show the world that the pharmaceutical companies are disclosing all of the ingredients and that the vaccines don’t cause immune reactions = allergies. PROVE ME WRONG.
Commenter Name
Barbara F Gregory
Posted: 2/25/2015 8:37:31 PM
This is the important part: Under U.S. law, an excipient, unlike an active drug substance, has no regulatory status and may not be sold for use in food or approved drugs unless it can be qualified through one or more of the three U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval mechanisms that are available for components used in food and/or finished new drug dosage forms. These mechanisms are: 1. determination by FDA that the substance is "generally recognized as safe" (GRAS) pursuant to Title 21, U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 182, 184 or 186 (21 CFR 182, 184 & 186);... http://www.ipecamericas.org/public/faqs.html#question7 The FDA needs to improve its oversight of GRAS (generally recognized as safe) food ingredients, claims a new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) no longer ‘approves’ food ingredients as GRAS, but does review their safety if a company submits a research dossier including the findings of an independent scientific panel. Following review, the FDA can issue a letter of no objection, leading to what is commonly referred to as FDA GRAS. However, the company remains responsible for ensuring the ingredient is safe and that it complies with all regulatory requirements. Alternatively, a company can self-affirm GRAS after conducting all necessary research and forming an independent panel to determine its safety. To self-affirm, the company needs to be confident that it could defend the safety of its ingredient based on this process. No ‘systematic’ checks since 1980s But the GAO said the FDA should be made more aware of self-affirmed GRAS products, and should systematically review the safety of current GRAS ingredients as new scientific data comes to light. “FDA is not systematically ensuring the continued safety of current GRAS substances,” the report said. “While, according to FDA regulations, the GRAS status of a substance must be reconsidered as new scientific information emerges, the agency has not systematically reconsidered GRAS substances since the 1980s.” FDA officials countered they are continuously reviewing the scientific literature and take action on particular substances if information is brought to their attention that causes them to doubt an ingredient’s safety. http://www.foodnavigator-usa.com/Product-Categories/Food-safety-and-labeling/FDA-should-improve-GRAS-oversight-says-GAO
Commenter Name
Barbara F Gregory
Posted: 2/25/2015 8:41:15 PM
The following I wrote which is what led me to research vaccines: The vaccine industry keeps a big secret, and your doctor is clueless I was at OfficeMax in Sandusky, Ohio. A woman I knew a little worked there. Black woman. I was at the register. Her phone buzzed. She turned white as a sheet, looked at the phone, had a relieved look, then started to ring my items up. I had to ask her about the phone. She explained that her daughter is allergic to fish. If she even smells fish cooking, she needs to be taken to the hospital emergency room immediately or she could die. The school serve fish. She asked them not to but her daughter's life can't interfere with the school menu. I tried to imagine what it would be like to have a daughter allergic to fish in Sandusky, Ohio. It is right on Lake Erie. Everyone loves Lake Erie perch and most of the restaurants serve it. How can you drive down the street and have to be worried if someone is cooking fish? I later read about serious peanut allergies. There was a serious peanut allergy epidemic in the United Kingdom. Kids were allergic to peanuts just like my friend's daughter was allergic to fish. Just smelling cookies baking could kill. There was an article about a teenage girl. Her boyfriend kissed her after eating a peanut butter snack, and she died. How could this happen? These allergies were new. Allergies like these were extremely rare and were now becoming commonplace. What is going on? So I searched the Internet for clues. And I found the answer. I was so shocked that I was shaking. How could it be possible? But the more I searched, the more it became clearer and clearer. These allergies are directly caused by pharmaceuticals. Can I prove it? Well, I have no credentials. I'm just a mom and grandma. But I can read and write and think. And obvious is obvious. It doesn't take a doctorate degree to read and add up all the evidence. Food allergies are nearly unknown in 3rd world populations. The medical profession tries to explain this by saying it is because we are "too clean". Animals are not usually allergic to food, either. It is because they are too clean that our pets and zoo animals are getting food allergies, too? So how can you create a food allergy in an animal? It has been known since 1839 that injections of food protein can cause food allergies. Is there a connection between injections and food allergies? I searched patents for "peanut" and "vaccine". I found peanut oil listed in the patents. How can that be? Pharmaceutical companies can self-affirm Generally Recognized as Safe ingredients. This means they can use highly refined food oils as ingredients in vaccines and pharmaceuticals and it becomes a protected trade secret. Nobody is allowed to know what food oils might be in a vaccine. Nothing is even submitted to the government! Patents for vaccine carriers, adjuvants, and culture mediums list every food known to man. It is only the final culture medium that is listed on the package insert. The history of food allergies follows the history of vaccines and injections. "Medical literature illustrated that the only means by which mass allergy had ever been created was by injection." [serum sickness] Peanut oil and other highly refined oils can be ingredients in the vitamin K shot and vaccines which are given at birth (or prebirth, now that pregnant women are being heavily advised to get vaccinated). No wonder our children seem to be "born allergic"! Why don't all children become allergic after vaccinations? Vaccines are not identical at the molecular level. Even not shaking the vial can affect the mixture. Think of the food protein as marbles. There could be 6 marbles in a batch of 100 doses. One kid could get all 6 marbles or 6 children out of 100 could each get one. I found far too much evidence of food allergies in vaccinated populations but not in the unvaccinated. Did you know that some parents of kids with serious food allergies spend $10,000 for a dog that can sniff peanuts? There are stories of peanut allergic children dying because there was a trace amount of peanuts in a pizza. Peanuts are being banned from schools and day care centers. Children have to carry epipens everywhere they go. And just like my friend with the fish-allergic daughter, she lives in fear every day that she might lose her daughter. The government should take away the right of pharmaceutical companies to self-affirm GRAS ingredients and ALL ingredients should appear on the package insert of pharmaceuticals. Your doctor should know what he is injecting into our children. http://barbfeick.com/vaccinations Please copy what I wrote and share my post.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/7/2015 12:36:13 AM
I am so thankful for the work you do and have done. I did not realize before that you were the co-author of "A Shot in the Dark". My granddaughter had a terrible reaction to a DPT shot when she was 4 years old. She had just come to live with me and did not have most of her baby shots. After the DPT shot I never allowed her to be vaccinated again. That was in 1989. Thank God about that time I read "A Shot in The Dark" and determined not to give in on vaccinations ever again. My granddaughter does not allow any of her children to have shots. Her pediatrician tried to give the last baby a HPB shot at the hospital but we both refused. I had been reading about HPB and questioned the pediatrician. She had to admit there was no way the baby would be infected with HPB. I am thankful that we still have the philosophical exemption in Colorado! Once when I went to a new doctor, his nurse came in with a tetanus shot for me. I refused. She had a fit and told me I would die a horrible painful death without the shot and stormed out of the room. Needless to say I found another doctor.
Commenter Name
Joyce Larsen
Posted: 4/14/2015 5:08:14 PM
Thank you for all your work. I am horrified at the prospect that people would be forced to be vaccinated. It borders on eugenics and is clearly a political move which has nothing to do with health. It is all about power and money like so much else in this world today. Unfortunately many doctors and nurses are brainwashed and not taught the true history of vaccines, among other things. The U.S. is no longer a free or democratic country. Instead it is run by greed and money, largely because of Citizen's United. What happened to humanity?
Commenter Name
Posted: 5/5/2015 5:05:41 PM
Hi, I took my three children (ages 4months, 5, and 7)to receive their check-UPS last week and today I received a certified letter from their pediatrician stating that they will no longer be able to receive care due to the fact that they do not get immunizations! I am floored! It was also stated in the letter that they will recommend vaccinations and if I do not comply within six months, I must find another physician. We are located in Memphis, TN. What should I do??? And I pay for their health insurance!
Commenter Name
Posted: 9/26/2015 1:36:40 AM
I would say that if there is a causal efefct of IQ -> disease, then improving health care will result in a lowered average IQ. The smarter people are preventing themselves from getting sick. If you ensure that those that get sick survive more then you are removing the selection against them and enabling the less intelligent people to survive.yes one could logically argue that disease -> IQ (but remember you don't study for an IQ test) but the notion that IQ is important to survival is unpalatable to society, (because of the social implications) yet we reward better performing workers with higher salaries.IQ has to be one of the most important measures of fitness we have even if it is can never be an exact measurement. What is important is that statistically it is unshakable.
Commenter Name
Posted: 9/8/2016 10:16:03 PM
The government has NO right to force vaccines on people - period. The constitution gives rights to people, not governments, and the government's privileges are well defined as limitations. Plus, the feds have no rights on those in the states, except as defined as enclaves of the federal government. By the same token, states have no rights to force any substance into any human being. Are you kidding me? It's not about vaccines, it's about forcing people to take in substances into their bodies, violating the 4th amendment- "the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly . If they have the right to force any substance into the bodies of people in America, then they can force poisons, as well as vaccines, which some consider poison. Jim Jones didn't either. It's not rocket science and convoluted thinking and ideas don't grant rights where none exist.
Commenter Name
Posted: 1/19/2018 2:14:50 PM
I thank those that are willing to take the time to teach others that our rights are being eroded by very large corporations. I go on record saying I am NOT against vaccinations that are CLEAN and PROVEN to not cause harm in any way, that are necessary for an individual's health, if THEY so agree. I am not in agreement with FORCED MEDICINE ON ANY UNITED STATES CITIZEN. I have been reading about the Healthy People 2020 Plan. "Healthy People provides science-based, 10-year national objectives for improving the health of Americans." I just have to wonder...is any of those "objectives" going to be forced? Say no to vaccines, (young and old alike...is that why ACA was so important?? To keep tabs?) and possibly lose driving privileges? Or, worse? Jail time? I see trouble ahead. Anyone know of a place one can live healthier without the gross intrusion of a mis-led government plan?? Please advise. Seems downright nazi around here anymore....just my opinion.
Commenter Name
Posted: 12/27/2018 8:27:43 AM
Keep up the fight for our freedom to make these choices. When H1n1 came out the large hospital I work at made the vaccine mandatory. I fought for my right not to be vaccinated, had to explain my beliefs to a board of directors for the hospital. I was told I would loose my job, they use bullying tactics. I was told not to return to work until I could prove I was vaccinated. The next day I got a call that the hospital lawyers said I can keep my job. Since then, every year I have to submit a letter explaining my reason..which I have stated it is my religious belief to not put toxins into my blood stream. Now 10 years later I am facing the same threat over the Tdap vaccine which they decided to make mandatory this year. Once again I am fighting it and am told they are reviewing what impact it would have on the patient population if I am not vaccinated. Today is my official last day here after 17 years of employment, still waiting to here if I can return to work next week. Pray for their hearts to realize this is a freedom they should not jeopardise. Stand up for your beliefs. I am praying they rewrite their policy and fully prepared to stand up for myself.
Commenter Name
Susan Misner
Posted: 2/12/2019 7:58:17 AM
Yes, self-detrrmination. Yes, decisions based on accurate, valid, reliable science. No, your conclusions about the safety of immunizations are wrong. I'm a nurse with 47 years of experience and a PhD education. I wanted all of my grandchildren to be fully immunized based on science, despite annecdotes of idiosyncratic individual reactions. Based on current extant sciece, I think consent for immunization is the best decision for US families and for residents living in our nation. Please rethink a decision to refuse immunization.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/7/2019 10:01:58 AM
Well done. Good for you. I don’t know how many times this video has been viewed, but I’m shocked to see only 21 comments. I’ve recently begun looking into research and information in general on this subject. I’ve listened to many videos on the subject and I look forward to reading “A SHOT IN THE DARK” and Robert F Kennedy’s book, and others. I never had children, but at this point, if I were a new parent, there is no way I would simply allow, without question the current recommended, prescribed and demanded schedule of vaccinations.
Commenter Name
Jan Kirton
Posted: 2/11/2023 5:26:15 PM
To the nvic.org administrator, Your posts are always well-balanced and objective.
Commenter Name
Posted: 5/23/2023 8:12:20 AM
Please post the printable Informed Consent Form again. Thank you.

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