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Parents Deserve To Know More Than School Vaccination Rates

By Barbara Loe Fisher
Published September 08, 2015 in Government

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NVIC recently reported that the federal government has directed all public and private schools to publish vaccination and personal belief vaccine exemption rates, even though less than 1.7 percent of kindergarten children have any vaccine exemptions and less than one percent of children under 36 months old are unvaccinated.1 2 3 This Centers for Disease Control (CDC) directive comes at a time when nationwide 94 percent of kindergarten students have gotten multiple doses of federally recommended vaccines for the past three decades,4 including five doses of pertussis and two doses of measles containing vaccines. 

truthBut what the CDC is not telling parents, is the rest of the story about the real health status of school children in America. Perhaps the CDC is pursuing higher and higher vaccination rates and gutting vaccine exemptions to try to take attention away from the chronic disease and disability epidemic sweeping through classrooms that makes it harder and harder for children to learn and be healthy.

California: CDC’s Role Model

California is serving as the CDC’s role model for how states can go about shaming schools with less than a 95 percent vaccine coverage rate and blaming students with non-medical vaccine exemptions for endangering the public health. After California health officials joined with the liability free pharmaceutical and medical trade industries this year to lobby for elimination of the personal belief vaccine exemption (PBE) so they could segregate partially and unvaccinated children into homeschools,5 they created a new website with an interactive map to post the names and addresses of kindergarten and middle schools; the numbers of children enrolled; the personal belief exemption (PBE) rate; up to date (UTD) vaccination rate, and the coverage rates for nine state mandated vaccines, including DPT, polio, MMR, hepatitis B and varicella zoster vaccines.6

Putting Color Stars on Schools

The CDC has created a similar national website dedicated to incentivizing all states to use electronic medical records and vaccine tracking systems to publish school vaccination and PBE rates. 7 But health officials in California have gone one step further: they also “rate” schools from “safest” to “most vulnerable” with the following color coded rating system:

  • GREEN *       Safest. 95 to 100 percent of students fully vaccinated.
  • YELLOW *     Moderately vulnerable. 90 to 95 percent fully vaccinated.
  • ORANGE *     More vulnerable. 80 to 89 percent fully vaccinated.
  • RED *             Most vulnerable. Less than 79.9 percent fully vaccinated.
  • BLUE *           Did Not Report in 2014-2015.

Giving Parents More Relevant School Health Information

If government health officials are determined to violate the medical privacy of children and post detailed vaccination and PBE rates for schools, then at the end of the 2015-2016 school year, parents should have access to much more relevant health information about each school and the students attending those schools, information like:

  • The total number of sick days taken by students due to illness;
  • The percentage of students infected with HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis and other transmittable diseases;
  • The percentage of chronically ill students on medication for asthma, diabetes, ADHD, epilepsy, anxiety, bipolar disorder and depression;
  • The percentage of students with life threatening peanut and other severe allergies;
  • The percentage of students with learning disabilities, autism and other conditions requiring special education services; and
  • The percentage of fully vaccinated and unvaccinated students who contracted infectious diseases.

The Immune Deficient: More Virus Shedding and Transmission

classroomParents may also want to know the percentage of children in each school who have cancer and other immune compromising diseases. Immune deficient children and adults, whether or not they have been vaccinated, are much more vulnerable to becoming infected with both wild type and vaccine strain viruses. The immune-compromised also are more likely to shed wild type and vaccine strain viruses for longer periods of time in their body fluids and transmit viral infections to other vaccinated and unvaccinated persons.8

If, in the name of transparency and the public health, government health officials are going to identify and demonize schools with a vaccine coverage rate of less than 95 percent and encourage discrimination against and segregation of students with religious and conscientious belief vaccine exemptions – especially when almost no medical condition qualifies for a medical exemption9 - then parents deserve to know the truth and nothing but the truth about the health of children attending different schools.

How Many Highly Vaccinated Students Are Not Well?

Just exactly how many children attending public and private schools with different vaccine coverage rates are chronically sick and disabled?10 11 How many are taking medication for severe allergies, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and depression;12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 or are suffering with learning disabilities, ADHD and autism;23 24 25 26 or are severely immune compromised and sick with cancer, HIV, hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis and other kinds of immune compromising diseases, some of them transmissible?27 28 29 30 31 32 33

IOM AEFI ReportThese crippling medical conditions have increased by 10 to 100 percent or more among school children over the past 30 years at exactly the same time that public health officials have pounded children with three times more vaccinations than children used to get. There are long standing vaccine safety research gaps that the Institute of Medicine identified 20 years ago and as recently as 2013,34 35 36 including lack of adequate evidence that the government’s childhood vaccine schedule of 49 doses of 14 vaccines before age six is safe.37 And there are still no credible scientific studies funded by government to compare the health of highly vaccinated children with children receiving fewer or no vaccines.

Full Transparency or Respect for Human Rights?

Full transparency about the health of schools and student populations would provide parents with a way to identify which schools and school populations are actually healthier, not simply how many children in a school have personal belief vaccine exemptions or what color star public health officials have pinned on them. Of course, a more intelligent and compassionate operation of our nation’s public health program would serve the people much better, starting with respect for the human right to informed consent to medical risk taking and rejection of the politics of demonization, discrimination and segregation.38

Protect your right to know and freedom to choose by becoming a vaccine choice advocate in your community today. Go to NVIC.org and NVICAdvocacy.org to learn how.

It’s your health. Your Family. Your Choice.



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23 Responses to "Parents Deserve To Know More Than School Vaccination Rates "
Commenter Name
Yvonne Segal
Posted: 9/10/2015 1:13:18 PM
I would like to see an online petition demanding the CDC to list all relevant school health information as explained in your article. I believe Alliance for Natural Health may be able to help in this area. Also, the amount paid out to vaccine injured children and entire list of ingredients in each vaccine.
Commenter Name
Bob Stevenson
Posted: 9/10/2015 2:53:20 PM
Parents in California need to withdraw any children they have in public or private schools and homeschool them. That way their children won't have to get vaccinated, and equally importantly, their children won't be exposed all day long to harmful-to-health amounts of wireless radiation (from Wi-Fi routers and pad-like computers) and the very harmful fluorescent lighting that virtually all public and private school classrooms have in place.
Commenter Name
Posted: 9/10/2015 4:40:02 PM
I am so grateful that my son is 20 and we got past all this stuff. I did sign the waivers and did get the looks from the nurses. One doctor (pediatrician) would not see my son when he was a baby because of our beliefs. No problem. He is the healthiest of all his friends, as am I of mine for the same reason. My mother did not vaccinate me after she learned about the damage it does. Blessings to all who have children in this trying time. Hang in there and homeschool if you have to. Also, contact your representatives and let them know how you feel!
Commenter Name
Emma Kung
Posted: 9/10/2015 4:49:54 PM
I agree with Bob Stevenson. There is so much wrong with California public school system. Kids are better off being homeschooled for so many reasons. It is sad that it is not an option for all families.
Commenter Name
Posted: 9/10/2015 5:56:46 PM
Vaccinations are sporadically tainted! It's all about the very rich powerful people that actually run our government. They want to depopulate the world for control. This is why they keep advertising trying to fear people into vaccinations. Many die, become crippled and disabled, or sterile. This began in the 60's with a tainted polio vaccine. When they were discovered, they backed off. But the plan is the plot to vaccinate. DO NOT GET VACCINATIONS! You do not need them. Your immune system is mature. Vaccines can also cause an auto immune disorder. I truly believe it is vaccines that has distributed HIV and Hepatitis C. Both killers. DO NOT GET VACCINATED.
Commenter Name
Feath K
Posted: 9/10/2015 5:58:04 PM
Yes I agree Homeschooling is the only option remaining. And its great
Commenter Name
Jon Abrahamson
Posted: 9/10/2015 8:09:52 PM
It makes me wonder one more question, how many of these ingredients for each of these "mandatory vaccines have been genetically modified? For some reason I suspect multiples for each. I'm not talking about per jab either.
Commenter Name
Breeze M
Posted: 9/11/2015 12:33:36 AM
Since I'm going to be forced to home school do I still have to pay the part of my property taxes that go to schools? There taking away our freedoms one step at a time I'm dumb founded by how asleep American's have become. Must be to much T.V sugar and GMOs
Commenter Name
Diane H
Posted: 9/11/2015 3:09:49 PM
Between forced vaccinations and mandatory irradiation (from WiFi) in schools the only answer is to homeschool.
Commenter Name
Posted: 9/12/2015 1:56:21 AM
I plan on homeschooling solely for the rejection of the CDC/vaccination puppets that are happy to kill our children for money. I have not seen one doctor yet that is anti-vaccine friendly, but we have a healthy child because we have not followed the vaccine schedule. I am so grateful for people who use their brain God gave them and speak out against the no-good mongrels. I also know that the history they teach in school is the history that our government wants everyone to believe and is hogwash. They don't teach the important stuff they need to know like the history of our monetary system, the Federal Reserve, and that the North and South war was not really about slavery, it was about taxation differences, etc. Thank you for this website!
Commenter Name
Posted: 9/12/2015 1:59:46 AM
I also agree with Yvonne and Barbara Fisher about the information that should be available to parents, and I never sign up for the electronic health system that is intended only for tracking purposes.
Commenter Name
Mary Fritz
Posted: 9/12/2015 3:19:40 PM
Kenyan Catholic Bishops have charged two UN organization with sterilizing their women with tetanus vaccines laced with an anti-fertility agency. SOOOOOOOOO what will be in the vaccines give to US students?
Commenter Name
Posted: 9/12/2015 10:58:05 PM
ftp://ftp.publicdebt.treas.gov/dfi/tfmb/dfivi0815.pdf This is the link to the Vaccine Injury Trust Fund for Compensation. This is for the current fiscal year. The money paid to the vaccine courts for payouts for the vaccine injured is ridiculously high. The CDC website does not have that correct data on there site. But they do list each vaccine and the ingredients in them. They are toxic to our children! My advice DON'T VACCINATE!
Commenter Name
Posted: 9/14/2015 5:32:15 AM
They should be reporting how many students are on mood altering pharmaceuticals. How many are convicted criminals and sex offenders? How many suffer psychological problems? And we can go on and on.
Commenter Name
Posted: 9/14/2015 5:34:57 AM
Don't think homeschooling is a permanent solution. You can be rest assured government at all levels desperately wants to eliminate homeschooling and is working on it constantly.
Commenter Name
J. Lee
Posted: 9/16/2015 11:15:39 PM
Theater of the Absurd! The Anti-Vaxer's & Pro Choice Best Case; Facts, Reason and Health Concerns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQdqmIcSnWE
Commenter Name
Sara Conway
Posted: 9/21/2015 4:45:44 PM
I worry everyday about my 7 & 3 year old children. We have not & will not vaccinate them, but I am also a nurse at a very high profile hospital. I have been vocal in my community to educate yourself before vaccinating children, but am now in fear of losing my job. I can not longer speak up about my medical knowledge & fear of the vaccine holocaust that is happening around me. Big Pharma & the CDC has silenced me, & how many more of my medical professional counterparts are in the same boat. It is impossible to stand up & fight when we can't even talk about our beliefs without losing our jobs. We will continue in public school (yes, we too are very concerned about WI-FI, but keep our home free of cell phones & such.) I can't even believe we are witness to this vaccine overload in our "free" country. It makes it hard to be hopeful about the future of my children's health, with the food supply being assaulted everyday also. It leaves my family of 4 on a single income having to pay 40% of our income to buy organic foods. Doesn't leave any money for us to donate to help the cause...I have nightmares about the Feds coming & dragging my children out in the front lawn & giving them their 49 doses of their 14 vaccines that Big Pharma/CDC states is safe. God or something help us all. Is it any better in other countries? Because we will seriously move if there is any safe place. I am so scared for my children, because it is so apparent that money is more important than our children.
Commenter Name
Posted: 9/25/2015 10:48:09 PM
Commenter Name
Posted: 10/1/2015 12:44:32 AM
Hello, \I live in Canada and it is getting bad here as well for the pressure. My daughter is in grade 6 and the school is vaccinating the children in grade 6 on site with public health nurses. We have the option to decline which we did but it is very frustrating to have my daughter distraught about being made to feel pressured, left out or like there is something wrong with her if she doesn't get vaccinated. She is confused and angry at me for not vaccinating her. I am so angry with the irony that I am being made to look like a bad parent for not vaccinating. I have met people who have been vaccine injured and it is the main reason \I chose not too. We have rights as parents to say no to the pharmaceutical industry using our children for toxic experiments or dumping grounds.
Commenter Name
Sieglinde Joyce
Posted: 10/29/2015 7:15:38 AM
It would be enlightening to see statistics on vaccinated vs un vaccinated children's sick days.... and also list of health issues for each category... maybe this would be a good tool for people to look at both sides of the coin. Maybe on the world news.. We all want what is best for our kids. Maybe what the government wants isn't best. There is no superior race, it's the human race!!
Commenter Name
Sieglinde Joyce
Posted: 10/29/2015 7:16:57 AM
Putting stars on schools, reminds me of Hitler. Lets give the people all the info from both sides shall we??
Commenter Name
Posted: 5/18/2016 10:44:32 PM
My daughter developed allergies and is frequently sick. We got the pnuemococcal titres and she did not have antibodies for 6 strains out of the 7 of the prevnar 7 she had as a baby. She has had pnuemonia twice whenever there is an outbreak during winter since past 2 years. Her titres show she has adequate antibodies for 4 out of 6 additional strains that are in prevnar13. I prefer to strengthen her immunity rather than vaccinate her. I read doctor Mercola's comment on a news article and learnt how more virulent 19a strain got more prevalent after prevnar 7 came. My daughter has immunity to 19a. They are pushing strongly and scaring me into getting my daughter a booster dose. I do not want to vaccinate her anymore after knowing the risks and the constant inflammation of nostrils and occasional wheezing she experiences. In many respects now I feel now that India is better in many respects though there are drawbacks of the third world. Infringement of basic human rights here is putting third world countries in a better light. Suddenly I'm missing home. Feel like running from here. Probably will have to homeschool. When I came across the below news was disgusted. http://ahrp.org/report-blasts-unethical-hpv-vaccine-trial-in-india/. Long ago when
Commenter Name
Posted: 5/30/2016 12:09:57 PM
Interesting article. Thanks for that. There's one part I really didn't understand though: how does posting detailed vaccination and PBE rates for schools equals to violating medical privacy? Do statistics on diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes and HIV violate anyone's privacy? I would argue that such impersonal data is what we use to make any decisions about anything. I might have missed something, but I do not think that the personal information of the children is shared with anyone.
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