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Ask 8 Vaccine Information Kiosk

Welcome to NVIC’s information kiosk! This section of our website will direct you to referenced information and a variety of materials designed to educate you about vaccines, diseases and how to make informed vaccination choices. You can download posters and brochures to share with others or send an ecard to family and friends. You can also post or read personal vaccination experiences on this website. Click on the links and images below to learn to start your journey!

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We hope you will explore our Ask 8 Questions webpage, which is a good first step in the vaccine decision-making process. As you begin to ask these questions, please continue to empower yourself by visiting Diseases and Vaccines and Know the Risks & Failures webpages.


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Find free downloadable podcast audio recordings of NVIC's most popular commentaries and articles in the newest addition to the Ask 8 Kiosk. Listen and download directly from NVIC's website, or head to Soundcloud or iTunes and follow us to receive our latest tracks as they are released.


Educational Handouts

Educational Handouts

Find easy-to-understand handouts to share with friends and family that help to understand your individual right to informed consent.

Brochures & Pamphlets

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Downloadable Posters

Find downloadable posters to share, and help empower your friends and family.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Get answers to the most common vaccine questions.


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Report Your Vaccine Experience

If you have suffered a vaccine reaction or failure or have been  harassed for making a vaccine choice, please visit our reporting pages to:

Explore the information above and throughout our website, which is the oldest and largest consumer-operated website on the Internet dedicated to providing vaccine information to the public!

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