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La Privacidad es Fútil en la Recopilación Federal de Datos Sobre la Vacunación

Por Theresa Wrangham, Directora Ejecutiva del NVIC...

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NVIC Tracking 103 Vaccine Bills in 30 States

Two months into 2017 and NVIC is already tracking 103 Vaccine Bills in 30 states that threaten the human right to freedom of vaccine choice.

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Forced Vaccination Bill in VA Moving Fast

The most oppressive vaccine mandate legislation has been introduced in Virginia. Act today to protect voluntary vaccine decision-making!

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The Stand Against Forced Vaccination Across the States and the NVIC Advocacy Portal

NVIC expects many more vaccine related bills to be filed in 2016. Read this article, get involved and find out which bills NVIC recommends supporting and opposing.

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