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Welcome to the Video Vaccine Reaction Reporting Collection of the International Memorial for Vaccine Victims. NVIC has operated a Vaccine Reaction Registry and provided one-on-one counseling for those reporting vaccine reactions since 1982. In 2006, NVIC launched the online International Memorial for Vaccine Victims, which is a searchable database of photos and descriptions of vaccine reactions posted on

In November 2016, NVIC added a video vaccine reaction reporting feature to the Memorial entitled Protect Life: Witness a Vaccine Reaction at This video collection offers another way for people to publicly witness and describe how a vaccine reaction profoundly changed their lives.

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U.S. Government Acknowledges Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Are Real

The International Memorial for Vaccine Victims is dedicated to honoring the lives of those harmed by vaccines in order to prevent vaccine reactions, injuries and deaths and to highlight the importance of securing informed consent protections in vaccine policies and laws. November 15, 2016 marked the 30th Anniversary of the enactment of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, historic legislation in which the U.S. government acknowledged that vaccine injuries and deaths are real. Even though more than $3.5 billion has been paid to those who have suffered life-changing reactions to government licensed, recommended and mandated vaccines over the past three decades, many vaccine injuries and deaths are never identified or reported and too often the vaccine injured are denied compensation in the federal vaccine injury compensation program (VICP) created under the 1986 law.

The video vaccine reaction reporting feature on the Memorial for Vaccine Victims provides a forum for people who have had serious vaccine reactions, including those who have been denied or awarded vaccine injury compensation, to verbally share their experiences online with others.

How to Make a Video Vaccine Reaction Report on the Memorial for Vaccine Victims

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