International Memorial for Vaccine Victims

Honoring those whose lives have been lost or forever changed by vaccination
Story Details
  • Name: Aiden Ellsworth
  • Birth Date: 7/10/2008
  • Birth State: California
  • Birth Country: USA
  • Vaccination Age: 3
"Bouncing off the walls to unable to walk."
  • Suspected Vaccine:
  • Primary Reaction: anaphylaxis
  • Secondary Reaction: fever
  • Other Reaction: swelling at injection site
  • Current Health Problems: Mild SPD (sensory processing disorder - high needs). Eczema & asthma.
  • Reaction Description: After the vaccine, Aiden was irritable and refused to eat dinner (injection was about 2pm). He slept in our bed for comfort but woke several times crying. IN the morning his leg was red, hot, and slightly swollen and he had a fever. We have him Motrin and sent him to daycare. When we picked him up at 4pm his entire leg was doubled in size, red, rashy, hot, and he would no longer walk on it. He cried when he tried to put his weight on that leg. We took him tot he nurses station and they said it was the vaccine, but weren't sure what exactly happened, so they put him on Keflex (sp?) for 10 days. That seemed to take down the swelling over about 5 days and he started walking again. His SPD flared though soon after and continued to be aggravated for a few months.

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