International Memorial for Vaccine Victims

Honoring those whose lives have been lost or forever changed by vaccination
Story Details
  • Name: Braylen Segundo
  • Birth Date: 11/14/2011
  • Birth State: Texas
  • Birth Country: USA
  • Vaccination Age: 2
"A happy little boy now forever changed by vaccine damage"
  • Suspected Vaccine:
  • Primary Reaction: seizure disorder
  • Secondary Reaction: autism spectrum
  • Other Reaction: attention deficit disorder
  • Current Health Problems: Has many outbursts behind on alot of milestones,doesnt speak only repeats,cannot eat properly for his age.walks on toes,has repetative movements,Many GI problems.Does not respond to name and doesnt follow direction.
  • Reaction Description: My son was vaccinated at 2 i decided not to vaccinate when he was younger because i didnt agree with what was in them.His doctor talked me into getting his shots.A week later he had a seizure and passed out.He now suffers from autism and adhd and GI problems because of his autism.

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