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Protect Life: Witness a Vaccine Reaction

Post a Video Report on NVIC's International Memorial for Vaccine Victims

Today, everybody knows somebody who was healthy, got vaccinated and was never healthy again. Because every life is important, reporting vaccine reactions, injuries and deaths is important, too.

Barbara Loe Fisher introduces the International Vaccine Victim Memorial Video Collection and invites the public's participation.

NVIC has operated a Vaccine Reaction Registry since 1982, including providing one-on-one counseling for those reporting vaccine reactions. In 2006, NVIC launched an online searchable International Memorial for Vaccine Victims featuring photos and descriptions of what happened after vaccination from people whose lives were profoundly changed by serious vaccine reactions. Visit NVIC's International Memorial for Vaccine Victims or the International Memorial for Vaccine Victims Video Collection.

Protect Life: Witness a Vaccine Reaction by Video

In 1986 the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 was enacted and vaccine injuries and deaths were acknowledged as real and compensable. In November 2016, NVIC added a video vaccine reaction reporting feature to the International Memorial for Vaccine Victims to underscore the very real nature of vaccine injuries and their impact to families and society. You can now share your personal experience and publicly witness what happened after vaccination on by posting a two to six minute video.

Your story will help people understand that vaccine injuries and deaths are real and must be acknowledged in order to protect life and prevent more vaccine injuries and deaths from occurring. You will be contributing to greater public awareness of the life changing health consequence of serious vaccine reactions.

How to Post a Video Reaction Report


  • Center your self in camera shot - portrait style;
  • 8x10 framed picture of victim, if not you, in front of you as you tell your story;
  • Keep background noise minimal and speak clearly;
  • Try to be complete with your story and keep video length between 2 and 6 minutes;


  • No profanity or offensive language;
  • No names of doctors, health care providers, hospitals, etc. involved with story.

Making your video is easy and can be done on your desk top or laptop computer and even from your cell phone. For your vaccine reaction video to be included on the Memorial, please follow the video instructions below.

  • Begin by stating your first and last name, and the state or country you currently live in;
  • If you are reporting a reaction for a loved one, please have a framed picture of them in front of you and their first name and your relationship to them;
  • State your (their) age, the year and what city and state (country) the vaccine reaction occurred in;
  • Briefly describe what life was like previous to the injury (e.g. "My child was a healthy baby and met typical milestone, or was an honor student, enjoyed sports, etc. and now....)
  • Briefly describe the vaccine reaction as it unfolded (e.g. “My child broke out in hives, ran a high fever for two days, wouldn’t eat, then had seizures, etc. and after the reaction ended – name – was deaf.”);
  • Optional - If you applied to the federal vaccine injury compensation program (VICP), please state if you received compensation, or were denied compensation; and
  • End by saying “I am witnessing this vaccine reaction to protect life and prevent vaccine injuries and deaths.”

Video Compatibility Requirements

Your video must be in a YouTube compatible format (.MOV, .MPEG4, .MP4, .AVI, .WMV.), and not exceed 200MB. If your video file size exceeds 200MB, there are free third party video compression tools you may use to decrease file size. If you don't have an Android or iPhone device, consider looking for free apps for use with your device or desktop computer. The links below will take you directly to Google Play or iTunes for more information on downloading and installing each app.*

ANDROID: Video Compressor app or Video Converter Android app

IPHONE: Video Compressor app or iPhone Video Compressor app

*NVIC is in no way affiliated with the recommended mobile video compression apps, nor is NVIC responsible for the app content or effectiveness. Please review the app information provided by its creator for complete details prior to download.

The name of your video file should be first initial, last name, your email provider and date of submission to the memorial, see John Smith example below:

Example: John Smith submitted his video memorial and VICP documentation from his gmail account on October 15, 2016 and his video file name is:

  • Video file name: jsmith_gmail_10152016.mp4
  • VICP award document: jsmith_vicpaward_10152016.pdf; or
  • VICP dismissal: jsmith_vicpdeny_10152016.pdf

Remember, video length must between 2 and 6 minutes in length. Memorial videos that don’t follow the above requirements are subject to rejection.

Have Questions About Your Video Submission?

If you have any questions relating to your video submission, please contact us using this dedicated support form for video-related inquiries.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before continuing, please make sure you have your video file and any VICP documents ready to submit before continuing to the next step. As a reminder, video requirements to follow are listed above. Once you have your video ready, continue via the button below.

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