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National Academies Committee Meets to Review COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events

By NVIC Staff
Published March 23, 2023 in Science

The National Academies of Science to review COVID-19 vaccine injury evidence...

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) announced late yesterday that a public comment session will be held next week relating to the committee charge of reviewing relevant literature regarding adverse events associated with COVID-19 vaccines and shoulder injury related to vaccine administration (SIRVA). The meeting will be live-streamed, and there is an opportunity for public comment.

The review of epidemiological, clinical, and biological evidence has been requested by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and appears to be in preparation for the addition of vaccine injuries to the federal vaccine injury table. According to the NASEM presentation given to the Advisory Commission for Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) in December 2022, the report and its findings are expected in March 2024.1

Injuries Under Review

DHHS has asked the NASEM committee to review the medical literature for the following vaccine adverse events to determine if the evidence indicates that COVID-19 vaccines are causally associated:

  • Guillain-Barrè Syndrome (GBS)
  • chronic inflammatory demyelinating
  • polyneuropathy (CIDP)
  • transverse myelitis (TM)
  • Bell’s palsy
  • hearing loss
  • chronic headaches
  • infertility
  • sudden death
  • myocarditis/pericarditis
  • thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS)
  • immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)
  • thromboembolic events (e.g., cerebrovascular accident (CVA), myocardial infarction (MI), pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • capillary leak syndrome

The review of literature for SIRVA will be the second review by the NASEM, with the first review published in their last report in 2012.2 

Completing the Liability-Free Pathway for COVID-19 Vaccines to the VICP

As noted in a previous NVIC article about our 2021 correspondence with the U.S. Department of Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) on COVID-19 vaccine inclusion in the federal vaccine injury compensation program (VICP),3 DHHS is getting closer to completing a liability-free pathway to include COVID-19 vaccines into the VICP. Once the NASEM report is completed, the ACCV is likely to consider the report findings and potentially make recommendations to add any associated injuries to the vaccine injury table. The only step remaining after COVID-19 vaccines are added to the vaccine injury table will be for Congress to enact the excise tax that is used to fund compensation awards from the VICP.4

View the Meeting and Register to Make a Comment

The NASEM virtual public comment session on the committee’s charge will be held on Thursday, March 30, 2023, from 12-1:15 p.m. ET. The deadline for registration is Monday, March 27, 2023, with email verifications of obtaining a public comment slot going out Tuesday, March 28, 2023. Space is limited; however, public comment is also welcomed via email at [email protected]

The livestream event will be aired publicly on the NASEM event page and published after the event for additional viewing by the public.

To register for public comment, click here


1 Stratton K. Review of Relevant Literature Regarding Adverse Events Associated with Vaccines. U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration Dec. 2, 2022.

2 Institute of Medicine. Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality. The National Academies Press  2012.

3 Wrangham T. Injury Compensation Implications of Adding COVID-19 Vaccines to CDC Vaccination Schedule. National Vaccine Information Center Dec 14, 2022.

4 U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration. Email Correspondence - EUA Vaccines and VICP. National Vaccine Information Center Aug. 24-30, 2021.

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52 Responses to "National Academies Committee Meets to Review COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events"
Commenter Name
Nancy Russell
Posted: 3/23/2023 3:44:00 PM
I am interested in this conversation. About time.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/23/2023 4:53:11 PM
Commenter Name
Martha Hudson
Posted: 3/23/2023 5:24:19 PM
I had an immediate reaction and ongoing neurological and other symptoms. My vaccine injury was recognized by doctors and hospital. I also have a shoulder injury from administration. The one dose Moderna changed my life in a negative way.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/23/2023 6:12:43 PM
I am one of the vaccine injured. Vaccine administered in left deltoid. Immediate reaction and long term effects that restrict my range of motion in the left shoulder region. I am unable to sleep on my left side and unable to lift my arm past a certain point.
Commenter Name
Barbara Reynolds
Posted: 3/23/2023 6:13:17 PM
Don't forget to add blindness to the list.
Commenter Name
J reeves
Posted: 3/23/2023 6:55:40 PM
The vaccine has serious and deadly side effects, as a Pfizer whistleblower lawsuit details. https://rumble.com/v2c0cqc-brook-jackson-v.-pfizer-the-biggest-whistleblower-case-in-american-history-.html Plaintiff Atty Barnes explains the hearing on Pfizer motion to prevent deposition.
Commenter Name
Victor Lisiewski
Posted: 3/23/2023 7:57:27 PM
I have Small fiber neuropathy post second Covid vaccine and it is getting worse Help! Contacted NIH about it and they said they cannot help him.
Commenter Name
Dr. Laura Rosenberg
Posted: 3/23/2023 8:21:27 PM
I am a 38 year old physical therapist, wife, and mom of 3 kids. I had a Covid vaccine injury/reaction immediately after injection and ongoing multisystem issues. I have been unable to work for over 1.5 years with no end in sight. I would like to have the opportunity to comment during this session.
Commenter Name
Dee Em
Posted: 3/23/2023 8:49:49 PM
Maybe this will stop the push for vaccines. No other drug would be allowed on the shelves if this many injuries were documented during test phases. American public has been a forced and coerced test group threatened w their livelihoods at stake if they dare say no. These vaccines should be shelved.
Commenter Name
Philip McClung
Posted: 3/24/2023 2:17:41 AM
Thank you for what you're doing, tooo many have been injured by the vaccine!!!
Commenter Name
Andrea Pistole
Posted: 3/24/2023 4:57:25 AM
On 1/31/21 I had an immediate reaction to the Moderna vaccine which caused facial tingling, tachycardia, nausea and dizziness (VAERS ID: 1169511 updated to serious and permanent disability). My diagnosis so far are polyneuropathy and ulnar neuropathy (this is on my left arm which is the arm I got my injection, dysautonomia, PTSD, and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. I have always taken all my vaccines even the flu vaccine. I never experienced any reactions to them like I did with the Moderna vaccine. I never knew how challenging it would be if I had a reaction with permanent damage from a vaccine. It never crossed my mind since I was told it was safe and effective and I would only experience flu like symptoms. I took it as a part of my medical program for clinicals so that I would be able to help with the pandemic. I beg that a better system is put in place for people who develop severe reactions that are lifelong. I am over 2 years out from my reaction and have symptoms that impede on my daily life. I need resources like better access to healthcare to get my life back.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/24/2023 6:21:20 AM
I have a business associate, that told me he knows 7 people who died after their booster injection and a customer who knows seven friends have died in Spain from vaccines.
Commenter Name
Paige Red
Posted: 3/24/2023 7:02:42 AM
Looking forward to this.
Commenter Name
Vicki M
Posted: 3/24/2023 8:37:37 AM
You may want to check www.realnotrare.com. I’ve read horrible experiences from Covid vaccine. I also have talked with those who got injured from the shot. I’ve heard enough. I cant trust the science of Covid vaccine.
Commenter Name
Diane M Waterman
Posted: 3/24/2023 8:55:46 AM
What about eye problems similar to Covid Eye and gastro problems? I have had more gastro problems since receiving the Pfizer vaccine resulting in weight loss and diarrhea since the 3rd shot.
Commenter Name
Deanna Hamby
Posted: 3/24/2023 11:12:47 AM
Extremely interested in this. Please keep me updated on all fronts. I am vaccine Injured with multiple symptoms.
Commenter Name
Dr. Peter A. McCullough
Posted: 3/24/2023 12:28:12 PM
Dear Committee On December 7, 2022 in the US Senate I called for all COVID-19 vaccines to be removed from the market for excess mortality. The Pfizer 90 day post marketing data recorded 1223 deaths shortly after injection. The Moderna, JNJ, and Novavax 90 day post-release data has not been disclosed to the public. VAERS has recorded >17000 US/Domestic deaths within a few days of the shot. With an under-reporting factor of 30, this means >500,000 Americans may have died due to COVID-19 vaccine injury syndromes. There are >1700 papers published in the peer reviewed literature on fatal and non-fatal vaccine injury syndromes. Please support me in calling for all COVID-19 vaccines to be immediately withdrawn from the market. This is the only way lives can be saved. More will die with continued vaccination. Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Dallas TX USA
Commenter Name
Nicole Rackmill
Posted: 3/24/2023 9:57:18 PM
As a result of Jannsen vaccine I have been diagnosed with POTS, dysautonomia, poly neuropathy , small fiber neuropathy and ME/CFS, visual disturbance ( convergence disorder) none present before vaccination. Please add these conditions for consideration.
Commenter Name
Joel Goodell
Posted: 3/25/2023 1:43:35 AM
I’ve been having problems after given the Pfizer Covid vaccine. Joint pain and high blood pressure. I have spent a small fortune on therapies like Hyperbaric? oxygen. I am slowly getting better but still very frustrated.
Commenter Name
Nancy Valen
Posted: 3/25/2023 3:33:45 AM
I got small fiber neuropathy after COVID vaccine. I know many who have. Please consider adding it. I also developed orthostatic hypotension.
Commenter Name
marice nelson
Posted: 3/25/2023 7:49:35 AM
just looked back over my vaers case report, and the date of the symptom onset was entered as one month after the shot instead of one day, they started the next day. i had looked over my report shortly after i made it and found some edits, but didnt notice the date error at that time. i sent an email asking that they correct the dates. i still am experiencing weakness and diminished stamina 2 years after the janssen vaccine.
Commenter Name
clare gales
Posted: 3/25/2023 10:44:53 AM
Include me. I have been injured since the day of my vax. Now with POTS
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/25/2023 1:13:55 PM
I am 65 years old & healthy for my age. I received the J & J vaccine on the 23rd of March 21 & within a week I developed allot of unusual symptoms. They look like neurological issues. I had brain fog, dizziness, fatigue, loss of balance, loss of words blurred vision, tremors, the list goes on. I have been to 10 health professionals and doctors trying to figure out what is wrong. I have had many tests with no results. When I went was sent to a neurologist, I had to use a cane to walk, he thought I had a stroke. I was extremely I’ll for months & my family thought I was going to die. I had been researching for months. I found a group of others that were ill after the vaccine. I found a Dr. in the U.K. I went on her treatment of antihistamines & low histamine diet. I am diagnosed with MCAS. My immunologist said it was triggered by the vaccine. I am on a low histamine diet from the Czech Republic. I am trying to learn how to manage this condition. I talked to Janet Woodcock in February of 2022. Asked her to put bulletin out regarding this situation. I have been in contact with people all over the world that have had a bad reaction to the vaccines. It is time to end the cover up as people are suffering all over the world & they could be helped like I was helped. It is difficult as many doctors don’t know about MCAS, POTS, etc. so they don’t the symptoms, diagnosis or treatment. This is an extremely complicated Syndrome. Even to be tested I have to have my blood & urine taken at local hospital, specimens frozen & sent to Mayo Clinic Lab. This journey has been extremely difficult, exhausting & cost me a lot of money. I will never be the same as this shot has ruined my body.
Commenter Name
Christina Boling
Posted: 3/25/2023 2:34:45 PM
December 15, 2021 was my last normal day. I received a COVID vaccine (Pfizer booster) at 8pm that night. In the following months, I was diagnosed with pericarditis and POTS, admitted to the emergency room eleven times, and had constant testing and doctor’s appointments as they tried to find what was wrong with my body. I suffered immensely and my suffering consistently fell on deaf ears as my pleas for help were repeatedly met with “but the vaccines are safe and effective”. They may have been safe for some, but they were not safe for me. It is March 25, 2023. I still experience daily chest pain. My EKG is “markedly worse” this year than it was last year. I have struggled to win even an iota of respect and attention from doctors who believe that my condition couldn’t be real because the government refused to recognize it. I lost my livelihood, my income, and my personal sense of safety. I was out of work for over a year and now can only work in low stress, low energy jobs where I only have to stand every few hours for a few minutes at a time. I went from being a veterinary technician and practice manager to a receptionist because I can’t walk due to lingering exercise intolerance. I have tens of thousands of dollars of medical debt. I will never buy a house or live a “normal” life. My fiancé and I live in our car now and it is unlikely we will ever be able to move to a normal living situation because my health issues continue to cost us thousands of dollars a year. If my reaction had been handled appropriately at the time that it happened, I would still be willing to tell my friends and family that the vaccines are safe and effective. But now I don’t know how I could ever even accept a tetanus vaccine again. My sense of safety has been completely destroyed. My trust in the government and science obliterated. Nobody wants to be accountable for what happened to my body. I am relegated to existing inside a body that has been permanently broken by something I was told was safe. I did my part- my country did not do theirs.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/25/2023 3:38:11 PM
I am Pfizer booster injured.
Commenter Name
Nick f
Posted: 3/25/2023 4:44:29 PM
Please add small fiber neuropathy. Small fiber neuropathy has been proven in a very large number of vaccine injured and is medically documented many times over. I am suffering from this disease post COVID vaccine and have lost my house due to the medical financial burden. I've been struggling with this disease for 2 years now
Commenter Name
Debra Lachowetz
Posted: 3/25/2023 4:57:07 PM
I was vaccine injured 3/26/2021 ten days after my 2nd Moderna. First side effect was bilateral tinnitus followed by fatigue, body aches, sore throat and peripheral neuropathy. Two years later I still have all side effects although all but tinnitus will come and go at random. Recent diagnosis of SVT. Prior to vaccine on no meds and no chronic or other conditions. Life changing !
Commenter Name
Barbara Nicco
Posted: 3/25/2023 6:25:59 PM
I had chronic inflammation injury in my left arm 5 hours after I was unable to feel my arm but it was also tingling and burning at the same time. This lasted for 9 months until I had a pain management doctor do an injection to kill that nerve. My 23 year old son developed 4 blood clots. It’s absolutely outrageous that a 23 year old has to deal with this. Safe it is not!
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/25/2023 6:39:27 PM
I began having chronic headaches after the Covid shot (just one Moderna shot). My primary medical doctor noted down I also have brain dysfunction and vision dysfunction. My doctor also noted down that the cause is the Covid-19 shot. A neurologist acknowledges I have migraines and has prescribed me a migraine headache preventer medicine. It’s difficult to get proper medical care because neurologist doesn’t acknowledge does not acknowledge my reaction is from the shot. If headaches do not get better then we’ll find the next steps if medicine doesn’t work. I feel like I want to do more tests to find a diagnosis and get proper treatment. :) My condition got worse over time after the shot and some doctors hoped I would get better over time. Brief description of headaches: They are every day, constantly. The intensity lessens after three months. What triggers headaches seems to be mental stimulation, light, and sound. Although I am not sure what triggers the headaches so I’m always on alert. I cannot drive, work, or function due to headaches caused by the Covid shot. Severe head pressure, stabbing pain, electrical zaps in head and spine. Before the shot I was working full time, renting an apartment and living on my own. The morning after the shot I was incapacitated and could no longer work. I no longer had income coming in and still don’t. I receive food stamps now and my mother received $1,000 roughly per month by the government to take care of me in her home. My mom is elderly (72 years old) and I’m in my thirties. I should be independent. Compensation would help me pay my bills and greatly take off the burden. I’m not able to pay at all since I cannot function. It would also help me to get the health care that I need. Other diagnosis I’ve been given post Covid shot include: Cardiomyopathy Ventricular Tachycardia Pre-existing asthma (previously minor) has been significantly worsened (it became “different” as the nurse practitioner said) I am pushing to do further tests for autoimmunity after a blood test that showed elevated antibodies
Commenter Name
Pam Stansberry
Posted: 3/25/2023 9:11:04 PM
Hello, thank you for finally considering adding vaccine injuries to the VICP. I was severely injured by the Johnson and Johnson on 3/27/21. I had just survived a near death experience from a pulmonary embolism, while in the hospital as the news broke that the CDC was halting the J&J for infact clots. Then soon after, news about Guillain Barré Syndrome broke. At the time I was in the ER, I went numb from my feet to legs to thighs to waist, then my arms. Yet, I was never checked for GBS.. When I asked the ER dr why I couldn't feel my legs, he told me my body was responding to it feeling bad and didn't like it. In my town I couldn't get into a neurologist until 6 months after this event. Although I had a difficult time walking, extremely weak muscles, bowel and urine issues, falling, double vision, and migraines and horrible brain fog, all signs of GBS, I was never tested. This particular neurologist did however admit that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was causing all of my issues.. I'm almost two years to the date and still suffering. I've been diagnosed with so many new illnesses and conditions it's difficult to remember them all. On top of the stroke high blood pressure that was near 225/150, I will just list my diagnoses. Whether or not my caring functional Dr has written in blood all of these terms, we have talked in depth about what's going on and what the vaccine caused including ones that I know I have but got tired of being tested plus needing to travel hours for testing. I have REACTIVATED EBS (not on your list) my numbers are off the charts for almost 2 yrs. THE NP RECENTLY TOLD ME I'M CAEBV CYTOMEGALOVIRUS HHV6 POTS DYSAUTONOMIA MCAS INTERNAL TREMORS EXTERNAL TREMORS (ON VIDEO) MUSCLE TWITCHES(ON VIDEO) NUMBNESS EVERYWHERE ELECTRIC SHOCKS BRAIN FOG WORD SEACH ISSUES (SEVERE) DOUBLE VISION TO BLURRED VISION SNF SYMPTOMS Burning, pins and needles, sharp pain, itching had to use a walker or two canes for weeks at a time. VERY STIFF LIMBS AND JOINTS SEVERE GI SYMPTOMS that I cannot control UNCONTROLLED HIGH /LOW BLOOD PRESSURE EXTREME SWEATING AT NIGHT AND COLD SWEATS IN DAY PEM TINNITUS Hearing loss (undiagnosed yet) DEBILITATING FATIGUE (ruining my life) SEVERAL NEW HEART BEATS Have to be on medicine) PE(life time on Eliquis) RASHES(treated for shingles) DAILY Headaches ADRENALINE DUMPS NUMEROUS, NUMEROUS TIMES PASSED OUT OR NEAR DEBILITATING INSOMNIA DEPRESSION AT TIMES SORE LEFT SHOULDER BLUE OR WHITE TOES EXREME DRY MOUTH LEFT AND RIGHT QUADRANT ABDOMEN PAIN OFTEN HEMANGIOMAS ALL OVER MY BODY ATYPICAL MS NEWLY FOUND HEMANGIOMAS IN MY SPINE WHITE MATTER DISEASE I'm on so many new meds and supplements, that I have had to wait to pay for because they are so expensive. I've had to be on a very restricted diet no gluten, no dairy, low histamine, and no sugar. I have had numerous Dr visits, MRI'S, CTs, xrays, heart testing, blood draws, etc. I cannot believe our government is ignoring and not setting up vaccine injured clinics but provide relief for long Covid.. . By the way, I had all of these symptoms before I ever had Covid. Infact FLCCN the Patterson group diagnosed me with long haulers due to poor blood work before I ever had Covid.. Thank the Lord there are a few brave Dr's willing to acknowledge and listen and try to help us.. PLEASE , PLEASE step into my shoes and switch me your life just for a day if you think this is not real.. I quit my part time job due to Covid and hoped one day I could return, but that is impossible. Nor can I watch and play with my baby grands like I want too. I have a new little one coming soon and not sure at times if I will even get to hold her. For instance today, my heart is beating so irregular, I almost went to ER. This is a common theme now and I personally do not like going to the Dr. I have to be very very sick.. I've been more in the past two years than my entire life. Again, walk in my shoes for a day....bless people who have life threatening illnesses. This may not be cancer yet, this may not be a brain tumor yet, this may not be MS yet, but it's HELL everyday. Thank you for any and all help... Listening is huge!
Commenter Name
Marlene Welz
Posted: 3/25/2023 10:29:39 PM
I have been suffering with tinnitus since my first Pfizer covid vaccine and got NO help with anything but talking to people like me. I’m angry that this injury is being left out of research or concern and putting it at the bottom, in this case LEFT OFF . The vaccine did something negative to my body along with many others. It is a serious life changing event that has continued for over 2 years . I know there are a lot of serious affects but I’m sick of being totally overlooked.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/26/2023 7:25:48 AM
I watched as a single Pfizer Shot slowly destroyed the gut microbiome and nervous system of my husband. Suffering from long covid myself, I declined the shot but sadly saw all my symptoms repeating themselves in my husband after his shot plus more! He is a shell of the person he was and while I recover, he is getting worse and is now on long term disability while I have had to quit my job ... we need help but cant get it!
Commenter Name
Melissa Kinney
Posted: 3/26/2023 12:44:24 PM
I have been very sick from the Pfizer vaccine since I was vaccinated 21 months ago. I am still having problems throughout my body. My Dr. has not been so helpful and tries to blow me off because she doesn’t understand what is happening inside me. My Dr. is not bothering to even look up the information available to everyone. Why haven’t ALL Drs. been given the adverse events information after it was released? My stepdad died after he received the new untested booster, stroke. Right after he passed the CDC admitted that the booster has a marker for stroke. The vaccine murdered my stepdad. Covering up the truth killed him. Today I am still having issues throughout my body. I am finally getting some imaging done on my legs tomorrow. Hoping I do not have blood clots in my legs. It certainly feels like it. I can’t stand for long or my legs swell and start burning again. I do not have any diagnosis to tell you about today. My doctor has not been so helpful. I did get a couple of steroid shots in the beginning when my whole body was swelling up. First the vaccine made me sick to my stomach, like poison, for months. Then, as soon as it moved into my intestines, I woke up with my arms swollen and my elbows felt like they were in a vice. My hands felt like they were stuck in cement (steroid shot #1). A couple months later I woke up and my legs were swollen, and it was increasing (steroid shot #2). I could hardly walk; my left leg was wanting to go from under me and still today. The pain that I have been through was unimaginable. The thought of a child going through that pain makes me very mad. Unbelievable and downright evil! Long story short. Everything stopped 21 months ago, EVERYTHING! . My body will never be the same at this point. Will I be dying soon? I don’t know.
Commenter Name
Jessica Krogmeier
Posted: 3/26/2023 1:44:02 PM
Hello, I am a 40 year old BSN RN RRT. I have been injured by one Pfizer covid vaccine. I had dizziness before leaving the pharmacy and it progressed to paresthesias, numbness, tingling, nightmares, night sweats, head/ear pressure, sensitivity to sound/touch/light. I have had a low grade temp for the last 18 months. I have experienced burning skin, loss of sweating, and the dizziness has been intermittent for 18 months (now worse during menstrual cycle). I have also had abdominal cramping, period pain (not ever had before), light periods (never had period issues before), massive increase immediately after the shot in breast milk production for months post shot (without changing the baby feeding), POTS like symptoms, tachycardia with any activity, trigeminal nerve pain, and sudden onset of lipomas in all extremities. I also experience dry eyes and numb arms while sleeping at night. I have also had intermittent joint pain and a positive ANA blood test. I have sought treatment with just about every specialist and been all over the country. No one can help injured. I have been diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy, post vaccine inflammatory syndrome, long covid, possible autoimmune sensory and autonomic ganglionopathy post vaccine. I believe POTS, menstrual and hormonal issues are left off of the list. They need to explore post vaccine SFN as well as asthma. Any inflammatory or autoimmune condition may likely be caused by these shots.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/26/2023 1:50:16 PM
I want to emphasize that it is time to speak freely about vaccine injuries. We need to do research to have better understanding about what is causing these injuries and to better know how to help us who are injured.
Commenter Name
Craig Evans
Posted: 3/26/2023 3:02:11 PM
Thank you for the opportunity to get this information. I am a retired family physician.
Commenter Name
Julia Marks
Posted: 3/26/2023 6:37:58 PM
For every myocarditis case, I know of 99 vaccine injury cases with chronic neurological sequelae. I have double vision, left arm weakness (shot arm), tremors, parastesias, electrical shocks and internal vibrations. I am 25 months out from my Moderna shot. I was not told this was a possible side effect.
Commenter Name
Martina Luksch
Posted: 3/27/2023 2:26:58 PM
I got the Covid vaccine April 2021. The consequences from the injection are not listed on your page. MRI shows Tendinitis, Bursitis thickness of the capsule. Winging and a tear. One question are they going to screw us because this has happened in 2021 there are so many of us that got hurt from getting the Covid vaccine. Please go on the Facebook SIRVA vaccine page see for yourself how many people need answers and have no place to turn. Thank you!
Commenter Name
Natalia Zaitseva
Posted: 3/27/2023 4:19:58 PM
My lot number is: EW0186, I took the Covid shot at a health facility in Durham NC and was badly injured by the shot. For 1 year and 10 months I am suffering from multiple side effects of Pfizer Covid vaccine. I reported it to VAERS in 2021. My family physician dismissed all 33 symptoms I suffered from the vaccine. I know personally several of my friends and relatives who have been injured and had to have emergency surgeries after taking Covid vaccines. I spent 8 months in bed suffering from palpitations, pain, arthritis, loss of energy, fibromyalgia, tinnitus and several more symptoms. Thank you for trying to help all the Covid vaccine injured people!
Commenter Name
Mike A Borrello
Posted: 3/27/2023 5:25:47 PM
The NA proposed list shown above is shamefully incomplete addressing mostly adverse events that are not as serious as others that have been positively identified as signals such as death, other cardiomyopathies and hypertension which can lead to secondary complications like stroke. These signals have been determined by a CDC Proportional Reporting Ratio analysis that was forced to be revealed by the Epoch Times through FOIA request. This list of identified signals contain literally HUNDREDS, many of which can lead to death or permanent disability. There's neither a national nor local registry for COVID-19 vaccine injury, VAERS is critically underreported, and medical examiners are not investigating deaths that are plausibly vaccine related and running tissue assays for spike and nucleocapsid proteins to see if the death was infection or vaccine derived. The evidence of injury is however clear by the ranks of individuals who have volunteered their tragic stories on either RealNotRare.com and React19.org. Everyday is a living hell for many of these victims that were coerced to take the vaccine to remain employed. MANY are RN's, some doctors. I can offer to NVIC or the NA a 318 page vaccine injury report I authored as an exhibit in a Grand Jury Complaint I filed on Dec 7, 2022 against the HHSA of San Diego County and the Board of Supervisors alleging they violated California's HHSC by promoting, encouraging and facilitating human experimentation without informed consent. Of course our Grand Jury had no courage to investigate the case and so after a short review, refused it in January this year. I turned around and submitted the same complaint to the US Attorney's Office, Southern District of California, but they still have not responded. All documents and supporting material is here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12rabfFu-B5kQ_prS5c7vc7DebiRybF1s . You are welcome to reach me by email, in the report if you have any questions.
Commenter Name
Dawn Singleton
Posted: 3/27/2023 5:36:36 PM
Against all vaccinations
Commenter Name
Jamie Shepard
Posted: 3/28/2023 10:20:24 AM
This has been needed for years now so this is very good news, something is starting to happen here. I do think listing some of the conditions isn't enough to cover it all with how complicated each case is, everyone needs to be looked as an individual with what they went through and we all need help.
Commenter Name
Debbie Murray
Posted: 3/28/2023 10:50:50 AM
Small fiber neuropathy, abnormal emg, positive skin biopsy, fatty liver, elevated liver enzymes 2 years, downbeating nystagmus, ataxia, central pathology, sensory disorder, moderate fall risk, swollen left arm, eye, rectal bleeding, moderate, fall risk, torn meniscus, hip contusion, scars,burns on arms, breast from heating pads and bumping into things. abnormal ekgs. Severe motility issues, muscles and nerves not working in esophagus, tortured colon, black stools a year, colonscopy aggressive fast growing polyp, normal in 2020. Sensory problems, sound, vision. memory problems, brain drain. Extreme daily pain even with eating. Left atrial inflammation, possible infarct, superventicular tachycardia with extra string of beats. Unable to drive, visit mom, be around husband. Bladder pain.vaccine has destroyed my life and left me homebound. I worked out M-F 4-7A.M to stay in shape at 58. Went to festivals/concerts/dancing. Loved gardening, nature, doing yardwork, hanging out with friends. This has destroyed my life that I worked so hard for. I regret getting this 💯% I have been gaslit even with test results. Treaded horribly. I thought if something happened, there would be immediate help. I am past 2 years. Constant motion sickness and nausea. Spinal vibrations. Twitching with anything adrenaline. I am assuming this vaccine already has shortened my life, if not eventually kill me from the effects from it.
Commenter Name
Tracy Thompson
Posted: 3/28/2023 8:00:43 PM
Injured by Pfizer on 3/21 one shot! POTS, Heart Arrhythmia, chronic headache, joint pain, SFN, further hearing loss and tinnitus. I have submitted CICP but keep being told to submit medical records, again. I have spent so much money on that FREE shot to find my health. I am at the end of my rope wondering if my life will ever return to me. Thank you for having this meeting.
Commenter Name
Posted: 3/28/2023 9:10:16 PM
Hi there! I am a recipient of the J&J covid vaccine, Apr 2021, and J&J booster, Oct 2021. I had life threatening events inclusive of a stroke in one eye with a bleed, and a severe ITP flareup, that did NOT want to go away. I have had ITP, since Oct of 2009, and I was in remission somewhat due to a special med. After taking the booster, my platelets dropped very fast, like in 9 weeks to serious, then critical, at 6,000. I was hospitalized in 3 different hospitals, all of which did NOT ... know what to do with me. I finally researched over all the US and found an injection, namely NPLATE, that I am given weekly, to survive this horrific situation. I am a MIRACLE, and I am grateful to say God, prayers, natural meds, and my strong will, along with MY diligent research SAVED me! The medical society seemed quite uninformed and non concerned! I sure hope there is assistance for ALL of the vaccine sufferers.
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Kerry Tait
Posted: 3/29/2023 10:05:14 AM
My daughter was injured by one shot of Pfizer in Canada and has a medical exemption. She developed pericarditis two day post them blood clots in her lungs so I am interested in this.
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alice farber
Posted: 3/29/2023 3:11:00 PM
I would like the vax companies to be held accountable ( our health organizations, the CDC, WHO, Fauci the architect of the lies, and the Defense Dept. ,Big Pharma etc. for pushing only 1 narrative and excluding the FLCCC, and doctors with early treatments, who believe in first do no harm. They bravely worked to find safer remedies for covid 19. The truth must come out to the public. Too many have died or have serious injuries.
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Joy Gertz
Posted: 3/29/2023 4:39:16 PM
I have had non stop tinnitus for 2 years since the vaccines.
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Mike Ullman
Posted: 3/29/2023 9:48:38 PM
The vaccine manufacturers must be held accountable and liable for injuries otherwise they lose incentive for safety. The rush job on the Covid vaccine was inexcuseable and it should never have been approved. It admittedly did not provide immunity or reduce transmission. They made billions and caused millions of injuries without consequence to themselves. Also, add to your list the magnetic effect that I personnaly witnessed in several close friends. It started immediately after receiving the vaccine and eventually wore off. They took pictures if anyone is interested.
Commenter Name
Amy Stone
Posted: 3/30/2023 11:38:15 AM
I was injured by an improperly placed vaccine and developed SIRVA, which was later diagnosed to be an Axillary Nerve Injury, Cervical Dystonia, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome and Depression. It has been over 2 years and I have been unable to work as a Physical Therapist. My injury was explored and determined to be causally associated as an adverse event. I would like to learn more, and assist in the research endeavor.
Commenter Name
Ann Lee
Posted: 3/30/2023 6:06:05 PM
I have irregular heart beats since Covid Jab! I had no heart problems before along with stiff joints and no energy. I had Moderna vaccine.
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Dan Brickhouse
Posted: 4/8/2023 7:02:42 AM
I was perfectly fine until February 9, 2022 when I received the 2nd covid injection. This injection has caused physical and mental issues. For a year I have been dealing with the effects caused by the injection which has included a diagnosis of PTS (Parsonage-turner syndrome). SIRVA

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