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Getting A Flu Shot: No Guarantee It Will Work

Public health officials admit that influenza vaccines fail to prevent influenza more than half the time. Continue reading to learn more common misconceptions about influenza and the influenza vaccine.

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CDC Admits Flu Shots Fail Half the Time

How many times has someone told you: “The year I got a flu shot is the only year I got sick” or maybe you learned that the hard way yourself after getting vaccinated. This year the CDC admits flu shots are only effective half the time, as doctors lobby for more of them.

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National Vaccine Information Center Calls for Expanded Monitoring of Pandemic H1N1 Vaccine Reactions

U.S. and Australia Report Vaccine Safety Signals...

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H1N1: Fact or Fiction?

It’s been about six months since the Department of Health and Human Services and the Secretary of H...

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