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Video - Flu Vaccine Reaction Leaves Former Nurse a Quadriplegic

By Barbara Loe Fisher
Published October 31, 2011 in Science

This is the heartbreaking story of a former professor of nursing at a Connecticut university. She and her daughter, Katie, talk about what happened to their lives after a Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS) complication of a routine flu shot led to strokes and ended in complete paralysis for this once active, vibrant mother and grandmother.

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25 Responses to "Video - Flu Vaccine Reaction Leaves Former Nurse a Quadriplegic"
Commenter Name
cia parker
Posted: 11/1/2011 9:54:03 AM
This happened to both of my parents. They started getting the seasonal flu shot at the local mall in the 1980s. In November 1998, shortly after his flu shot, my father gradually became paralyzed. When he fell on the bathroom floor in February, he was hospitalized, then put in a nursing home, and he never walked again. He grieved profoundly at the loss of his active life, and being sent away from his home in Jefferson City to a nursing home in Wichita. He died in June 2003, his life ruined by a flu shot. It was my mother's idea for them to get the flu shots. She thought she was being responsible because of the media onslaught promoting the vaccine and stirring up terror of getting the flu. She started losing her memory in the summer of 1998, and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. She's lived in a nursing home for many years, she's still alive, but can't walk or talk. Her memory is completely gone. My parents had saved a lot of money, but it has been depleted by the expense of paying for her care. Alzheimer's is twenty times more common now in the U.S. than it was in 1980, and I'm sure it's because the practice of getting a yearly flu vaccine began then. I have M.S. which I think was caused by vaccines. Both my arms were paralyzed for two days by a tetanus booster when I was 19, and I later developed M.S. Both my brother and I reacted to the DTP with days of inconsolable screaming, and he beat his head against the crib. We both have Asperger's syndrome. His older son is autistic. My daughter reacted to the hep-B at birth (which I had said I didn't want her to get), with four days and nights of inconsolable screaming (encephalitis) and was later diagnosed with autism. She had developed two words by the time she was eighteen months old, uh for up at the slide at the playground, and uff for dog. After she got the fourth DTaP shot at eighteen months, she never said those two words again, or any others until she was thirty-five months old. Of course she still has autism. Obviously we will never get another vaccine. I hope others will take note of what happened to us, and balance the benefits and risks very carefully before getting a vaccine. Every vaccine has a history of killing or disabling many of its recipients. I think the DTaP, MMR, and hep-B are the most dangerous, but none is guaranteed to be safe, and obvious reactions are fairly common.
Commenter Name
Katie Beecher
Posted: 11/1/2011 11:23:14 AM
Cia, I am so, so sorry. Thank you for sharing your stories. Experiences like yours are exactly why my mother and I wanted to share ours. We are determined to educate people about the real dangers of vaccines. They are drugs, not candy distributed so freely like you mentioned at malls and drug stores. No one is told of the side effects and the government does not even admit the true side effects, not that I have to tell you that. Even though they have known that Guillain Barre has been a side effect of the flu shot since the 1950's, the CDC still denies it to this day. People deserve to be informed and no one should be forced to get any vaccines, especially to keep a job or keep a child in school.
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/1/2011 6:48:11 PM
Thank you for sharing your story. I'm saddend to hear of your injury to the vaccine and the loss of quality of life. My ex got GBS when he was 10 from a Tetanus shot, this is the first i have heard of GBS occuring over a period of time (1 month) versus a day or so. I can only offer my condolences and send you all happy loving thoughts, and share with my friends some sage advice, but most will do it just because, and only after an injury do they give it thought. xx.
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/1/2011 8:29:53 PM
I am happy that you are sharing your story, Katie, and I appreciate it. I have had a similar experience with being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 15 months, right after receiving some routine vaccines. I started doing research on my own as an adult (and elementary school teacher) because I have always wondered why I was the only one in my family with this disease. Doctors always told me it was hereditary. But why did no one in my family have it? The CDC will always hide everything, and I really want to help people understand the dangerous side effects of vaccines. But it is so difficult when the majority of society is brainwashed. The media hides stories like ours. A good book to read is by Tim O'Shea entited "Vaccination is not Immunization." The bottom line is that vaccines are a multi billion dollar BUSINESS. We need to start getting people joined together to fight for our rights. Kids do NOT have to be immunized to go to school- which so many people misunderstand. There is an exemption you can receive. My son is now 15 months old and has never been touched with a vaccine. I don't willingly share this information with people because they look at me cross-eyed like quite frankly I'm some kind of idiot. But why would I want him to go through what I have all of my life from getting a vaccine? One last thing to think about- Why are we seeing so many children these days with ADHD, Autism, Diabetes, Asthma, etc.? If you look at the mandated vaccine schedule from years past until today, the number of vaccines a child is required to receive has dramatically increased. Isn't it funny that while the number of vaccines have increased so has ADHD, Autism, and all sorts of funny disorders? All I can say is- think about it.
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/4/2011 4:57:52 PM
Katie, Thanks for sharing! My daughter experienced the same type of things (although not nearly as severe) after receiving the Gardasil vaccine. She spent 5 days in the hospital with GBS sypmtoms. I wish everyone could get the word out about some of these vaccinations!
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/4/2011 10:15:57 PM
Hello, I am middle aged and vaccine free. I enjoy excellent health. I travel the world and have been exposed to many sick people. It is rare that I get a cold. Even during "flu season". My mother as a young girl had poor health due to a poor family life. My Mother was given to an older wise women who was a naturepath doctor to be raised. She taught my mother how to deal with sickness from an holistic viewpoint. My mother had cripped feet. Her foster mother would make an herbal mud and message it into her feet every night before bed, for 1 year. My mother was an excellent dancer when I was a young. She is now 80 and has out lived 3 husbands. My mother refused to have me vaccinated. She always said God gave us an immune system, not Vaccines!. Man can either support the immune system or fight against it. Vaccines do not support the immune system, they try to boss it around. If you support the immune system it will be a 1000 times more intelligent than any vaccine. And, with no side effects. Man is so arrogant that he acctually believes that he can live any old way he wants to and then go get a pill or vaccine to try and nullify bad living. The gardisal vaccine is a prime example of man thinking that he can nullify God's condemnation for fornication. Oh, man has been able to invent drugs and vaccines to mask the symtoms, but it will just morf into some other sickness or disease, thus making it much harder to discover the cause. The law of the harvest cannot be broken. My heart breaks for those who have been damaged by vaccines. I am not saying that for every disease or sickness some one sinned. But mankind is in a state of denial about sin and it's consequence, so many innocent people get hurt in the process. Many poeple who live good clean lives have been damaged by vaccines because they have been taught by the established medical system that vaccines are good. There is another voice of reason that has been calling out, but no one seems to have the time nor interest to hear and learn. As an example: My mother married her 3rd husband, who had diabetes and a bad heart. This man decided that if he lived through World War II that when he returned home he would treat himself to a bowl of icecream every night. Well, by the time he was 60 his health was gone. He hated his life on a kidney machine. And insulin shots. My mother took all his sweets away, no more alcohol. Made him walk everyday. Lots of kissing. FOCUS on getting his blood clean. This was accomlished by diet, herbs and tinctures. She made cheyenne pepper tinctures that he had to take tree times a day. After two years of actively cleaning his blood through natural means he one day said he felt like a new man. The clinic doctor said that one of his kidneys was starting to work. Some months later he no longer needed to be on dialysis. The head clinic doctor said to my mother that no older patient of his has ever been able to stop dialysis once started. The doctor never asked my mother how she did it. My mother got her husand off of dialysis, heart and blood meds, and insulan. They enjoyed the last few years happy and free of the kidney machine. She's now on her 4th hubby, who also neglected his health but that's for another story. What I am saying is that you are living in a world of miss information. Don't you find it puzzling that the AMA is on record of saying that "disease has nothing to do with diet" and Paul Offit saying " the immune system can handle thousands of vaccines" . I pray that none of his loved ones are damaged by his extreme arrogant ignorance. Well I love you all and wish that you all can heal from the vaccine damage. I pray that the evil vaccine companies and the CDC will one day be found to be the liars that they really are. May God speed that day. So long for now.
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/6/2011 11:37:31 AM
I am so sorry!! Thank you for taking the time to share such a painful, personal story. Blessings to you and your Mom!
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/6/2011 11:57:41 AM
Thank you for sharing your story. I,too, am a vaccine-injured person, I got a (milder but damaging) case of polio from the 1958 vaccine. My mother told me repeatedly as I grew up that she had asked my doctor "Why did she get it, she had the vaccine?" His response was along the lines of "1 in 10,000 get it anyway." It wasn't until anecdotal stories began to be more widely shared, and a few courageous doctors wrote books, that I heard of vaccine injury. A friend opened the door to my education in this area, and finally I put 2&2 together. I didn't get polio "anyway" I got it "because" of the vaccine! I later found a book, "What Every Parent Should Know About Childhood Immunizations" which contained statistics from the Michigan Dept. of Health regarding polio vaccine morbidity. Those were MY statistics, MY experience. I got chills when I read it. For I was post-diagnosed at Detroit Children's at age 4 as having had the polio at age 2. I had the vaccine at 2 followed by an upper-respiratory infection subsequent to which I lost bowel and bladder control and became severely constipated to the point of impaction so bad that my doctor had to regularly remove it. ICK! Suffeering? Yes. I've also had shortness of breath due to a weakened diaphragm. I slowly regained bladder control, but it took many, many years of suffering with constipation until I finally at age 24 reached a state of relative normalcy in that area. I have heard that chronic fatigue is also associated with polio. Although I do not have diagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome, I have tired easily throughout my life, and never been "high" energy. My eldest child (b.1980) was fully vaxed. My middle (b.1992)vaxed until age 4, when I had my awakening. My youngest (b.1997) vax-free. Vaccines are BIG BUSINESS, camouflaged as being for the public good. Buyer Beware!
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/10/2011 12:28:43 PM
Bonnie, And can you tell the difference between your 3 children? I bet the vax free child is the healthiest, right?
Commenter Name
Shirley Gekler
Posted: 11/16/2011 10:49:48 PM
Thanks to all who have written these very painful histories of their families. It is very eye opening. This information should be more readily available,so we the people could actually make informed decisions. In the past, I have had the prescribed vaccinations without any known reprecucusions. However, a few years ago I became aware of a natural product which destroys viruses, bacteria and fungal problems and actually carries a recent patent and numerous third party testings verifying all the claims. Since that time I have not had any vaccines or anti-biotics. I believe, in being proactive and working with our doctors as a team in our health care. With good quality supplementation, and proper diet, our bodies have amazing capabilities to heal ourselves. There definitely is a place for pharmaceutical drugs, but this should be a balance.
Commenter Name
Dr Kogut chiropractor
Posted: 11/18/2011 8:40:56 AM
My wife wants to go to school to be a LPN but required vaccine We dont want a vaccine What can we do Any doctors out there give lighter doses without mercury etc How can I find out? Dr Kogut chiropractor
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/26/2011 10:36:12 PM
The Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet, GAPS for short, restores the digestive and immune systems, and can heal damage done by vaccines, antibiotics, toxic exposure, etc. I encourage people to look into it -- it's helping people all around the world.
Commenter Name
Elaine Lewis
Posted: 11/26/2011 11:42:30 PM
I'm surprised that so few people know about HOMEOPATHY! All of you people who are suffering from vaccine damage, try to find a homeopath. Go to the website of The National Center for Homeopathy and check their directory. I believe it's www.NationalCenterForHomeopathy.org Homeopathy works on the "like cures like" principle; so, for example, if you're injured by the flu vaccine, the remedy is homeopathic flu vaccine! Go to their website and familiarize yourselves with homeopathy, it often works miracles!
Commenter Name
Alice Brenner
Posted: 11/30/2011 4:19:36 PM
Try Cesium chloride and or Cannabis oil for the pain.
Commenter Name
Posted: 12/6/2011 4:19:18 PM
Help! Our daughter is in a college nursing program in PA and is "required" to get the flu vaccine or she will not recieve her grades, nor graduate from the nursing program there! What can she do?????
Commenter Name
Paul Arthur
Posted: 12/6/2011 6:04:20 PM
Dear Jen, was your daughter told of these requirements upon entry to the program and chose not to get the vaccines or was she accepted into the program using Pennsylvania’s vaccine exemption or was she accepted into the program under her current vaccination status and the vaccine requirement was added after she was accepted?
Commenter Name
Posted: 9/19/2012 7:52:30 PM
This is so heartbreaking! I am so sorry to you & your family, especially your mother, for having to go through such an unnecessary devastating trauma. I know first-hand how frustrating it is to have to deal with such an event that could have been prevented if only you were better educated about the harmful affects of vaccine injuries. I have been severely affected by the toxic effects of mold exposure that has affected every system of my body: immune, hormonal, reproductive, lymphatic, CNS, etc., also my lungs, brain & I can relate to the excruciating amounts of pain your mother has been in that Demerol or Morphine can't touch... I, along with my daughter, were injured by the air we were breathing in our apartment. I have since been diagnosed with Mycotoxicosis, ME/CFS amongst other things but the point I am making by sharing my story is that this too could have been provented if only I knew just how dangerous IAQ & toxic molds such as Stachybotrys, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Chaetomium and the off gassing can be. Just like your mother had we known the harmful affects this could have been prevented! Thank you for sharing your story! Best to you, your mother and your entire family!
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/17/2012 4:24:54 AM
My friend's 10 month old dauhgter contracted measles. After a long hospital stay, she will be fine except for scarring and near-blindness in one eye. Measles often affects the eyes of young victims. She was too young to get the vaccine and they have no real proof of where she got the virus except they had been to soccer tournaments and a large festival. Funnily enough, many of my friends counterparts who had been refusing or delaying the MMR vaccine rushed to get it after seeing what measles can actually do to a small child. These diseases have been off the public radar for so long that people have lost the fear.
Commenter Name
Posted: 5/31/2013 4:58:42 PM
Katie - My uncle got Guillain Barre Syndrome 4 years ago and had a good result (almost completely recovered from the paralysis) with 5 treatments every other day of plasma pheresis.It took about a month for him to see all of the positive results. Recently he had a relapse (4 years later) and took the treatment again. This time it is taking him longer to recover, but he is making good progress. The other treatment that his homeopathic Doctors recommended was IVIG Drip Treatment, but my uncle chose the other (he had the choice of one or the other). Has your mother tried either of these treatments?
Commenter Name
Posted: 6/17/2014 4:58:31 AM
Does any one remember the wonderful work that was done using Homoeopathic system of medicine at the end of the 19th century and beginning of 20th century. All the epidemics showed 3 times more efficacy than the other groups. Ref wholehealthnow: Between 1968 and 1970 a survey of the effectiveness of homoeopathic nosodes as compared with an allopathic vaccine for influenza was carried out and the result proved the nosode Influenzium to be more effective. 19.7% of the allopathic group contracted influenza as opposed to 6.5% of the homoeopathic group, and the number of working days lost by the allopathic group was 8 ½ times greater than those lost by the homoeopathic group. What a wonderful addition to wholistic approaches this would make in prevention as well as cure.
Commenter Name
Posted: 2/3/2015 5:12:24 AM
There was a story about the Sarah Behie and the after affect of the flu vaccine. She was affected by a vaccine injury that led her to become paralyzed. But the horror story now changed that the organization is ready to give her $11.6 million.
Commenter Name
Posted: 7/5/2015 4:45:21 PM
My son had a bad reaction to dtp as a baby, screaming for days afterward. For the next series, the doctor recommended 1/2 dose. This did not make a difference. He never slept through the night afterwards until years later. Then when he was a young teenager, he went for a sports physical and the nurse had given him a booster- without asking permission! He had a bad reaction and walked like an old man for a week. Because I had a tick bite in the summer of 2000, I received a tetanus booster shot. Less than 2 years later I had developed cataracts (at age 47), loss of hearing and a small skin cancer. I've never been seriously ill before this. Not sure the shot caused this cascade of effects, but it sure is a coincidence. I have learned about detoxing and staying away from most screenings e.g mammograms, and routine anything, especially vaccines. Do not take "routine" drugs such as statins. I don't trust doctors, the medical profession and especially Big Pharma. For people that think we are all ignorant, I received a BSN, bachelors in nursing with a 4.0 gpa.
Commenter Name
Posted: 11/7/2015 8:10:06 PM
I was fully vaccinated on the recommended schedule between 1988-2007. In 2007 I received my college shot, MMR, but additionally was coerced into menigococcal, gardasil, and a hepatitis shot. This was the last day I received shots. Within the week was my graduation day and I had strange sensation, likened to a "panic attack" general weakness, restlessness, something was amiss, couldn't focus. I had never had that feeling before and asked my mother if I should go to the ER. We decided to just go to graduation. I felt a little vacant all night. Panic attacks increased in severity and I had IBS symptoms for months. At this time I had also had a scholarship to study abroad in Japan, where I had studied abroad a year prior. But it was the most frightening experience of my life this second time I had dizzy spells, facial tingling, sensations down arms and legs, insomnia, low-ish blood pressure and high heart rate, during the worst periods 120 bpm. When I returned 6 weeks later I began to go to multiple specialists and MDs regarding my condition. Meds were prescribed and I picked up new sx: palpitations, more dizzy spells. When on SSRIs (I never saw myself as "blue" or "unmotivated") had 1 or 2 night sweat episodes. Drenching. Had poor health throughout first 2 years of college, like my immune system was not there. Long bout of mono, and more ibs, removal of gallbladder. Only serious relapse of the panic attacks/dizziness/instability/insomnia 1 time in 2010 after taking an immune stimulating herb for recurrent swelling of cervical lymph nodes. I always wanted to become a functional MD, to balance medicine and have a practice where I listen to patients and help them. Because I have been in great health since my last relapse. (2011-present) But all these programs require vaccinations. Perhaps I could prove titers for the viral illnesses (MMR, varicella, etc.) but probably would need my 10 year TDAP booster. But I really worry about having a relapse of those symptoms. I am enjoying my life symptom free, infection free, and healthy and don't want to jeopardize it. Forget the autism argument, the vaccine injuries are horrifying, no matter how "small" the risk. Risk statistics (1:1,000,000) cannot be accurate because MDs do not believe in shades of injury beyond GBS, encephalitis, etc.And even with the obvious injuries they fail to be recognized and reported. Perhaps the rates are still low, but they still exist.
Commenter Name
is rushessay good
Posted: 2/18/2016 10:52:34 PM
It is such a tragic incident. Vaccines are very important, but they have to be ensured of sterility. One could understand the sadness of the family, but the future actions have to be strong so that such things won't repeat themselves. It is a brave gesture of the woman to come out and speak of the tragedy as it can illuminate the masses of such occurrences and they will be careful in the future.
Commenter Name
Sheila Shanklin
Posted: 1/31/2019 6:45:36 PM
I’m an Er nurse of 25 years. I’m a mother,grandmother and recently a great grandmother. My mandatory flu shot in 2017 left me with a frozen shoulder for 4 months. In the fall of 2018 I began to have horrible hip pain. Could not get out of mandatory flu 2018. Fast forward. Off work for 3 months, Every joint in my body became affected after the 2nd flu vaccine. I have weakness in my legs and diffiulty doing everyday things due to the crippling pain. They are not listening. I’m sorry this happened to you and I know they didn’t listen to you either. I’m perplexed as to why a 59 year old women had minors aches and pains. In a few short months every joint in my body is affected. Again I’m sorry for you. We work hard and spend our lives taking care of others and now we are in crisis and no one is listening.
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