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Gardasil Vaccine & the Damage Done

Christina Tarsell and Emily, her mother
Updated August 28, 2022

Emily Tarsell in front of a photo of Chris with her Dad
Emily Tarsell in front of a photo of Chris with her Dad
Emily Tarsell in front of a photo of Chris with her Dad
Christina Tarsell, 21 years old
Emily Tarsell in front of a photo of Chris with her Dad
Painting by Chris 2007


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Christina Tarsell was a 21-year-old college student majoring in studio arts at Bard College when she received a series of three Gardasil shots. A talented athlete, artist and honor roll student, she died suddenly and without explanation shortly after the third shot in June 2008. Her mother Emily Tarsell, who is gathering information on Gardasil vaccine reactions as NVIC’s Director of Gardasil Network Development, writes on the website she has created for Christina (www.Gardasilandunexplaineddeaths.com):

“When Chris wasn't in the studio painting, constructing or writing, or at the gallery working, Chris liked to hang out with her friends. Chris would have been a senior in studio arts at Bard College, a community she loved. She liked exchanging ideas, observing nature, listening to music, debating, dancing, cooking, and laughing with her companions.

Frequently, she and friends would take excursions to New York City where she did an internship. They explored museums, galleries, and neighborhoods like Chinatown, Brooklyn and Williamsburg. It was all so exciting and the future looked rich with possibilities. But it all came to an abrupt end when Chris was found dead on June 23 at home in Tivoli, NY in a house she shared with several other college students. Chris was 21.

Born and reared in Sparks, Maryland, Chris was an honor student, a member of NHS, Amnesty International, The Towson Unitarian Universalist Church, and Girl Scout Troop 589 who presented her with a Gold Award. An avid and accomplished athlete, Chris played baseball on the boy’s team in middle school, varsity softball in high school and tennis in college. She was art editor of two literary magazines, Brillig and Verse Noire, in high school and college, respectively.

Her passion was art and she won several juried art honors. She loved texture, light and color and was just embarking on a serious and challenging senior project integrating sculpture and painting when her life tragically ended. Sweet, spirited, questioning, generous and caring, she is deeply missed. We love you Chris.”

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